VR Store Mobile App Sketch concept

Vr Store Mobile App Sketch Concept

This project will sketch an idea for a VR store for mobile phones.

In this project, we will describe the process of designing an interface with a focus on using the power of digital design to create a high-end experience.

We will also discuss why virtual reality is an emerging industry that is worth investing in.
With the recent advancement of virtual reality headsets, VR has become a new frontier in the world of technology.

However, the fact that these headsets are expensive and require a lot of setups makes it hard for people to explore this new and exciting technology.

In order to make VR accessible to more people, the designer came up with the idea of creating a mobile app that lets users explore VR content without having to spend money on buying gadgets. The app wears a simple and clean interface.

No doubt to designers; the Sketch web app helps you create amazing designs for your next project or idea. We caught up with this concept called “VR Store” which will let people explore all sorts of VR gadgets and expensive equipment like headsets and controllers.

You can engage the designer for any collaboration ideas here. Cool Job from Nasyiyaulfa.


  Virtual Reality Store Web Concept( Sketch)

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