3 Best Twitter Proxies in 2022

Best Twitter Proxies Providers

One of the most feasible ways to scale through the hurdles of Twitter restrictions is to use a Twitter proxy. In this guide, I will highlight some of the best Twitter proxies (residential IPs) providers in 2022.

One of the interesting use of proxies is for people who manage multiple social media accounts; with a proxy, you can avoid a showdown from the social media networks, especially when you do a lot of automated activities.

Twitter is no double one of the biggest social media platform, it’s the second biggest social media network after Facebook with over 300 million active users monthly, 6000 tweets per second, 350,000 Tweets per 60 seconds, and 500 million tweets per day, in a calendar year, the platform has around 200 billion tweets in all. (Source:dsayce.com).

Anyone can use Twitter when you’re in a country that allows the use of the social media network, but you may be running out of luck when it comes to using Twitter If you live in regions or countries that do not allow the use of the social media platform. For example, Twitter still remains heavily censored in countries like North Korea, China, and Iran.

There used to be more countries on the list of countries censoring the use of Twitter, but recently countries including Turkey, Russia, Egypt, and the UAE lift the ban placed on the social media platform- Twitter in different years.

In countries where Twitter is allowed to be used, specific organizations such as educational institutions and religious bodies may limit the use of the social networking site for users in their proximity.

A ban on Twitter is surprising even when the platform is known for its strictness in policies, for example, Twitter allows one user to one account. With this kind of limitation, users are restricted to promoting their businesses in the best possible way on the platform.

One of the smart ways to scale through this restriction is with the use of a Twitter proxy and so we’ve scoured the internet to find the best Twitter proxies that you can use today. We came up with this list considering a few key factors such as success rate, connection speed, performance, pricing, customer support, and some other extra features.

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List of Best Twitter proxies 2022

Rotating proxies don’t deliver that much, you can still get banned anytime soon, the answer is in mobile or residential proxies. In simple terms, both residential and mobile proxies leverage real users’ IPs making it very difficult for Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms to block them.

both The page will exemplify the top-notch Twitter proxy providers and a bit of information about them that can help you in making the right decision before using the service.

Smart proxy

Smartproxy is the biggest solution provider when it comes to overcoming restrictions and website blocks. You can overcome those petty limitations as a result of a single IP. The company remains one of the top 5 largest providers of high-quality residential proxies in the market today, with over 1.2 million rotating residential proxies in the United States, for a reasonable price.

You can tap into Smart proxy’s pool of over 10 million unique residential IPs that have your request routed uniquely via desktop and mobile devices in over 8 cities and 195 locations, when surfing the web. The service is also known for its high uptime, tons of customization, low block rates, very fast, and super easy to setup. It’s no doubt a smart choice for anyone who needs to use an American proxy IP, you can target every state in the US.

Small-time web scrapers, social media managers, and Sneakers are have found their delight in this provider, you have access to two types of proxy, which are rotating residential and shared data center Ip addresses, it supports HTTPS and HTTP protocols, also there are no connection limits, you make over 600 connection all at once without any of limitation, which I think is cool.


First on our list of Twitter proxy providers is GeoSurf. The proxy provider knows its onions when it comes to offering such service and it currently prides itself as having the most advanced solution for days harvesting.

It’s a little bit pricey but remains one of the best you can get with over 2 million unique p2p residential IP addresses that cut across thousands of real devices in over 130 geo localities, making it possible for users to initiate limitless requests via millions of verified residential IPs.

The integration of GeoSurf is quick and simple and gives your bot unrestricted access. You also have access to great customer support via multiple channels such as emails, Skype cane phone.


Oxylab offers over 7 million rotating and static unique premium IPs spread across the United States. The pricing plans are flexible making it possible to use all IP addresses on any of the plans you choose. They are rated among the best providers of Proxies in the USA in the market today.

You are assigned a dedicated account manager to offer support in case you encounter any issues. Oxylab is a great option especially for large-scale tasks, the only downside of this proxy provider is the fact that it’s a little bit on the high side for someone who just needs to perform a small task or personal use. One of the best proxies to access geo-restricted contents, scrape websites, and do a lot more stuff online

Proxy FAQ

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What is a Proxy?” answer-0=”A different IP address made available to users when connected to a proxy server. Proxies are like a middleman, sending a request to a website to get data and make the data available for use on behalf of their users.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”What are advantages of Using proxies?” answer-1=”It helps you to hide your own IP address You can use proxies to manipulate your exact location or change to another location They are suitable for content unlocking, breaking geo-restrictions, market research, web automation, scraping, and more.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]


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