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Best Mobile Apps For Women Safety

10 BEST Mobile Apps for Women Safety (2022)

In today’s globe, women have more autonomy than at any other time in history. Nevertheless, accidents continue to occur, and women are frequently the targets of criminal acts. Since a large number of other...

What Are Ras And Ias Servers

What are RAS and IAS servers?

RAS (REMOTE ACCESS SERVICE) SERVER RAS stands for Remote Access Service. The RAS server serves as a gateway that allows client networks to connect to the host server over a modem link. To connect...

How Many Keys Are On The Keyboard

How Many Keys Are On The Keyboard?

Whether you are simply typing out a text or calculating numerical data, your keyboard is the primary medium used to enter information into your computer. As such, learning a few basic keyboard shortcuts/commands can...

What A Mechanical Mouse Is Explained

What’s a Mechanical Mouse?

As most people are already well acquainted with, a mouse is a small computer hardware input device operated by the hand. A mechanical mouse is a computer mouse that uses internal hardware to detect...

What Is Paypal Email Address And Id

What is PayPal Email Address and ID?

PayPal is an online banking system that provides an easier and faster means of sending and receiving money using a secured internet account. PayPal provides adequate security services to hide financial information such as...

Windows Title Bar Explained

Windows Title Bar Explained

The title bar is a small, horizontal strip that extends across the top of a window in a graphical user interface. When you open a window on the desktop, the title bar displays the...

Dip Switch Jargon Explained

DIP Switch Jargon Explained

A DIP switch is a small manual electric switch usually packaged with other electrical components. In electronics, the acronym DIP stands for “Dual In-line Package” and the term DIP switch could either refer to...