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With the recent rise of GDPR, many brands are scrambling to comply with the data-privacy rules that come into effect on May 25th, 2018.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union regulation law for data protection and privacy covering all individuals within the European Union. It was passed on April 27, 2016, and will be enforced on May 25th of 2018. There are a lot of changes coming with the GDPR, most notably the requirement for companies to obtain consent from consumers before they can use their data or sell it to

The European Union is trying to implement a new regulation called General Data Protection Regulation for the protection of digital privacy. The purpose of this regulation is to protect people’s personal data from being misused by businesses and organizations.

GDPR was introduced on May 25th, 2016 and it will take effect on May 25th, 2018. Companies who are not compliant with the regulations may face fines or even be shut down by authorities.

GDPR Compliant Badge Made with Sketch App

GDPR compliance is a new responsibility for graphic and web designers. It is important to keep your audience protected from data breaches and sensitive information. That said, this badge can help reinforce that you are using GDPR compliant tools.

The GDPR Compliant Badge freebie for graphic and web designers can be customized with a company logo or other text. If you use the badge on your website, it will display the company name while your phone will display “GDPR Compliant” in a subtle style.

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Kudos to designed by Varun Mohapatra for making this freebie available to other designers.

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