20 Best Sites to Download Free Lightroom Presets in 2022

20 Websites To Download Free Lightroom Presets

If you are a photographer, one of the best ways to up your game in terms of photo editing is to use Lightroom presets. There are a lot of different presets out there, and you can find some great ones for free. In this roundup, we have listed some of the best websites that keep an immensely cool collection of the best lightroom presets.

Download Premium Lightroom Presets On Envato Element

Download 8545 Lightroom Presets Items

You can find the best presets for your photos in one place! These premium Lightroom actions will make professional-looking images with a quickness.


4000+ Lightroom Presets on GraphicRiver

Lightroom Presets Graphics, Designs & Templates

Graphicriver is the perfect place to find all of your custom photography and graphic design needs. With over 4,000+ high-quality WordPress themes in different colors or with an elegantly textured finish that won’t look amateur – you’re sure to be able to create beautiful websites on any device without worry!


Hootsuite Instagram Presets

Hootsuite’s social media marketing service is a free way to schedule and publish photos on popular platforms. The Hoot suite offers 10 different presets from “sepia” styles all the way up through neon colors, so you’ll have no problem achieving that perfect Instagram post!

To use them just pick one or two of your favorite options before starting – there really isn’t an easier platform out there than this if what we do takes some time each day but want it done fast without having to plan anything ahead yet still get results quickly when needed most (like during promotional campaigns).


If you’re looking for a great way to enhance your photos and give them that professional touch, then Vadelaydesigns.com has 40+ beautiful free lightroom presets just waiting!
Maven – This is my favorite from this pack because it layers bluish tones over whatever scene or person I’m trying capture in perfect balance with nature’s colors


ShutterSweets is a one-stop destination for photographers looking to spice up their shots. With its free presets and incredible lifetime membership, Shutter Sweets has everything any professional photographer could need!

They’ve got freebies that can be downloaded, including lightroom, presets, and video tutorials! One thing I love about them? Their Unlimited Membership; gives you lifetime access to everything on the entire site both now or in future years once signed up–and there are no pesky recurring payments required. Other sites offer similar options but typically require annual subscriptions each year (or sometimes monthly).


On Niyitech.com, We have collected over 500 brilliant Lightroom presets that are easy to use and help you give your pictures the professional touch they need. Start adding a touch of dynamic style to your photos in just one click with one of our professional presets. Select from a variety of unique, beautiful styles and have fun editing the images you share online.


The Speckyboy collection of Lightroom presets is a great way to speed up your workflow and create professional-looking photos.


Phototraces is a website that has been specifically designed to help you with your editing process. It not only offers free lightroom presets, but also tutorials and resources for the best possible effects from photos no matter what kind of camera or phone they are taken on!

Phototraces has a huge database of lightroom presets that you can download for free. There are tens available, and many have been proven to work well with difficult photographs like landscapes or architecture shots- they’re great if you want your images taken off the rack looking professional!


One of the newest and best photography sites has a wide variety to choose from. They have free Lightroom presets, as well as an affordable bundle that gives you access to everything on their site!

Pretty Presets

The Pretty Presets has a large selection of presets. The majority of the presets are designed for wedding, engagement, or portrait photography, but they may be used in other settings as well! You won’t want to miss out on this deal because with their extensive library of various styles and themes you’re sure to find something that will fit your needs perfectly – at an affordable price too!.


On1 has a vast library of free downloadable presets to help you create the perfect landscape, winter or film-realistic effects.

BeArt Presets

If you’re looking for some free Lightroom presets to liven up your photos, then be sure and take a look at this collection by BeArt. They have 20 different styles in all which will help make them pop even more!


Photonify is a marketplace for digital products that help photographers improve their work and make more money. Their freebies section has great presets to change the look of your photos in just about any style or genre, without spending extra time on post-production!

New Layer

New Layer is a small but growing collection of presets, among other professional-grade resources for creators. They do not offer any freebies with the purchase (a rarity in this industry!), and show off their outstanding work by providing you an idea of what to expect before buying it – thankfully!

You can find something similar elsewhere on your own if needed, though having everything all together at one place makes paying them slightly worthwhile too: they’ve done enough hard work collecting these goodies that we deserve some good use out of em’ right?


Photoblog has over 100 free Lightroom presets that will help you create beautiful photos like the Pros. It’s easy for a beginner to make great-looking images with these amazing effects. You just have find your perfect look, adjust some settings and click “render.” These photoshop actions can be used as many times as needed on different projects or even shared individually online!


Theluxelens.com is a one-stop shop for all your photo editing needs! You can create beautiful and professional-looking images in seconds with just the push of a button on any device, including mobile or desktop computers as well Photoshop Express (PSE), Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Editions. A huge variety of filters make sure you find something suitable to suit every mood imaginable while creating an edit has never been easier – simply choose from dozens of available options before guiding them through uploading desired graphics into LuxeLens’s easy editing mode where they get their very own custom masterpiece made right at this moment!!

Flourish Presets

Flourish Presets Best Seller Lightroom Presets – Professional 1 Click Lightroom Presets By Flourish Presets

Flourish presets are quick and easy to use in Lightroom Mobile, Desktop versions of ProoderRAW alike. These beautiful photo edits will create the perfect look for your images within seconds!


PresetLove is the one-stop site for all your preset needs. Whether you’re looking to create a wintery landscape or an energetic sunrise, there’s sure to be a custom-made combination just waiting in Preset Love’s database!
A great way if making these presets more accessible would be by having them categorized according to different styles like summer sunsets and winter scapes so users can easily find what they need without scrolling through endless search results on Google.

Presets Heaven

Presets Heaven, though in blog format, provides plenty of before/after shots for any desired effect as well as popular hits from various other users’ submissions! (We’re all about sharing here at PCR.) Preset heaven provides both freebies they’ve created themselves or ones submitted by others just like us – we love this because there are always new options available if someone wants them badly enough but doesn’t want use up their bandwidth downloading collections straightaway!


Seimeffects is a website that has free-lightroom presets for your photos! They also offer blog posts and video tutorials on how to edit them in the program of your choice, so you can make sure they look perfect before sharing them with others

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