10 SEO tips for Real Estate, Construction, and Realtor Businesses

Seo Tips For Realtors And Construction Businesses (1)

National Associations of Realtors has claimed that 95% of the buyers are now targeting online platforms to buy homes. Do I need to say anything else to make you understand the importance of an effective online presence?

I think I don’t need to say anything else. So, let’s go and find some useful tips on how to position your real estate website for organic traffic on search engines.

Begin with an SEO Audit

If you already have a website, then an SEO audit is going to give an overview of the current condition of your real estate website. Before starting anything, it is important to know what you need to do. You will find some of the pages which are doing fantastic in terms of SEO and some others that need to use a hand.

On the other hand, there will be some posts and pages where optimization is necessary. But the problem is with the time SEO audit takes to produce a full report. Anyway, check whether your website ranks locally or not which is crucial to get organic traffic.

Identify Targeted Keywords

Identifying the potential keywords and working with them to rank on search engines is the key to success, especially in the real estate, construction, and realtor industry. After identification, it is now time to ensure quality content for those keywords to attract customers. You need to create a lot of value pages with content to start attracting a more targeted audience to your website.

Be sure to give exact information about the targeted topic because you are to impress the customers to make them buy your services. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, proper writing is very important. When the article is high-quality and it appears in the first few searches, it capably boost your chances of getting more contracts or business.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Responsive Business Website Across Multiple Types Of Screen

Nowadays, it is mandatory to create responsive websites, more specifically, the websites must be mobile-friendly. Because the majority of people use smartphones to browse the internet and buy products or services.

So, if you are unable to represent your real estate website to the clients properly, the business growth will decrease. Your website is not just optimized for mobile but created for all types of users and platforms in mind, it must be compatible with multiple platforms and responsive across several types of screens such as PC, TV, Mobile, tablet, and more for the best user experience.

A recent report shows that more than 52% of the traffic comes from small devices and the rate is increasing. So, don’t let your customers go anywhere else by creating a responsive website.

Embed Google Maps

I always appreciate embedding Google Maps in web pages. When it comes to a matter of real estate business, it becomes obligatory to add Maps. Because that is how you can show your business areas to your clients.

But the question is how can Google Maps be beneficial for SEO? Google Map is owned by Google and you are trying to rank web pages to Google search engine. So, it is not hard to think that Google will defiantly give priority to those web pages which contain its property.

Focus on Review & Velocity

The review is a vital part of modern business to grow big and it really matters to the new customers before buying a product or service. I am just showing a statistic to make it clearer.

A search engine has found that 90% of the consumers have a look at the reviews and 72% of them make decisions to buy the product only after seeing positive reviews.

Importantly, reviews play a significant role in Search Engine Optimization. It helps the post or page to be ranked. So, it will ensure organic traffic and help you grow your business.

Use Keyword Synonyms & Supportive Phrases

The content of a website must be SEO-friendly to be ranked. In terms of real estate and construction businesses, you may find it difficult to distribute the keywords and their synonyms properly within the text. But this must be done perfectly because Google uses the keywords to get search results.

The more organized and natural the keyword distribution will be, the more the chance will be to appear within the top few results. The distribution of the supportive phrases also plays a crucial role. So, you need to be aware of them.

Google My Business Directory

Google My Business Directory Unclaimed And Claimed Listings

This is a very important SEO tip for real estate, construction, and realtor businesses. Because Google My Business Directory plays a huge part in Search Engine Optimization. Google considers over 200 factors for getting the search results.

When Google finds that a website is linked to so many directories or websites, it gives a positive message and shows that website high. So, you need to understand that to get your real estate website listed in Google My Business and other directories.

Create Video Content

Yes, it is true that you can get written content by investing a little amount of money. But when there is the capability to produce video content, don’t waste time doing that. Just look at the competitors to understand what direction they are coming from and going.

Try to be different from them, and to be different, you can create video content that will attract customers. Most of the time, the competitors are not doing this, But you can’t use the videos directly and as a tool to break free of the competition in a lesser time.

You can make great videos with tools such as Canva, Streamable, InVideo, and more.

First, upload the videos on YouTube then embed them on your website. Google considers those websites with YouTube videos as it is also a part of Google.

Add Schema Markup

It is a process of structuring your website’s code to give a clear message to the Google-search engine bot about the format. Suppose that you have used a table in the text to describe something specifically. In this case, you can use Schema Markup to make the table friendly to Google.

Thus, it will help you to appear in the first few results of Google Search Engine. This process might seem new to you, but you can help from google or YouTube about how you can use it perfectly. It will certainly work for you in terms of SEO.

We have different types of schema, from profile to, food, directories, FAQ, QA, etc. Due diligence on the subject matter will help you uncover how to leverage this to boost your business website’s visibility.

Optimize On-Page Elements

Optimize On Page Elements

This is a very important SEO tip for the real estate and construction business. So, do it carefully to get the best result. Before working on anything, you must look at the NAP of your website. NAP means Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Another important on-page element is the optimization of each page for different keywords, you also want to use the LSI-Latent Semantic Index to attract more keywords your potential clients or customers may be looking for to your website.

Make sure that you have used the same NAP in the local listing and within the website. If Google finds that the NAP is different in local listing and website, your website will be penalized or won’t appear within the first few results. So, double-check those things to get good SEO results.

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