Proton Mail New Product Icons Pack (Sketch)

Proton Mail New Product Icons Pack for Sketch

Our updated product icons serve as gateways to the enhanced web experience we’ve been working toward.

Developing a familial resemblance is crucial in unifying the Proton product icons. Our previous icons did not meet the requirement that they all be the same size, weight, and style. The historical connection to our previous icons was also preserved by retaining certain components. Originally meant to represent the three nations where Secure Core servers are located, Proton VPN’s icon remains a triangle shape. Similarly, the new Proton Mail icon is based on the lower part of the old padlock icon.


Our efforts at creating a cohesive brand identity have also been aided by our frequent usage of the Proton purple color scheme, which stands for our privacy-centric multiverse. However, Proton items from the past also shown unique qualities. The green of Proton VPN, for instance, has become instantly recognizable. Therefore, we have maintained distinct accent colors for each product, as they each have their own communities, target demographics, and interests.