45+ Elegant Responsive Prestashop CMS Templates (2022)

Madina Prestashop Cms Template

Prestashop is a free, open-source e-commerce platform that can be customized to suit the needs of any business. It has a wide range of features, including SEO optimization, responsive design, and multilingual capabilities.

Prestashop was created in 2007 by two French developers who wanted to create an open-source alternative to Magento. PrestaShop has been downloaded over 100 million times and currently powers over 300,000 online stores worldwide.

Why Use Prestashop?


  • Self Hosted eCommerce Solution
  • If you want an e-commerce solution with all the features you need to create an online store and grow your business, then this CMS is for you.
  • Intuitive Inventory management
  • Over 300K merchants are using the Prestashop CMS to power their businesses.
  • A vast community to get help consisting of over 1m members, 1000 contributors, and more than 250 agencies across the globe.
  • Explore thousands of addons and Themes to enhance your solution

BEST Premium Prestashop Templates

Download Prestashop Themes

Download 100+ Premium Prestashop Ecommerce Templates

Prestashop CMS templates are a great way to get started with your own online store. They are easy to install and customize, so you can start selling your products right away. We went all out to look for the best collection of Premium Prestashop templates suitable for any online store use case.

Elomus Prestashop CMS Template

Elomus Prestashop CMS template

Elomus is a multipurpose Prestashop theme that is perfect for selling any type of product. It comes with 8 different homepage layouts, a responsive design, and a clean and modern look. It’s perfect for any type of store, from fashion to electronics. The theme comes with over 8 prebuilt inner pages to make designing each page seamlessly easy. Other perks are; a versatile theme control panel, multilanguage and multicurrency, Ajax quick view, Instagram, integration and many more.


Abelo Prestashop CMS Template

Abelo Prestashop CMS template

This Prestashop theme is a great way to make your online store stand out. With its simple, yet elegant design features you can easily sell anything from digital products like accessories or high-tech items! The layout has been created with beginners in mind – no matter what kind of experience they have under their belt handling themes on Shopify1the user will find something easy-going about using this one for themselves without any technical expertise needed at all which makes owning an own business easier than ever before possible2therefore giving everyone equal opportunity3to succeed

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Boria Prestashop CMS Template

Boria Prestashop CMS template

Boria Multipurpose Prestashop theme is the latest style and impresses with an eye-catching layout. This beautiful eCommerce platform can be used for any online store: electronics warehouse, cosmetic beauty salon, or furniture showroom! The sleek design will make your business stand out from all of its competitors who use old-school templates that are boring compared to ours look more modern. You’ll get access not only through our custom-built website builder but also via easy installation guides so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Plantmore Prestashop CMS Template

Plantmore Prestashop CMS template

Plantmore is a responsive and mobile-friendly Prestashop theme designed specifically for plant stores, flower shops or ornamental plants retailers. This sleek-looking site comes with white background color and black text style which makes it perfect to display products in an elegant way from all angles!


Amera Prestashop CMS Template

Amera Prestashop CMS template

Amera is a modern and responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme for ecommerce websites. The theme has been designed with a clean and minimalist style, making it perfect for online stores of all kinds. With Amera, you can create a professional and stylish ecommerce website in minutes, without having to write a single line of code.


Boxstore Prestashop CMS Template

BoxStore Prestashop CMS template

BoxStore is an elegantly designed Prestashop Theme that is perfect for digital stores, construction tools, online organics shops and other. This theme uses multiple product sliders along with smooth effect hover animations to showcase your products in the best way possible. It also comes with a variety of CMS blocks to highlight your featured items and services. Additionally, BoxStore supports AJAX Quickview so customers can view product details without having to leave the page.


Rubix Prestashop CMS Template

Rubix Prestashop CMS template

Looking for a fast and responsive Prestashop theme that is also highly customizable? Look no further than Rubix. With 6 prebuilt homepages to choose from and tens of inner pages, you can create the website you’ve always wanted, quickly and easily. And thanks to the vast array of customization options available, you can make it look exactly how you want. So if you’re looking for a great-looking theme that is both easy to use and highly customizable, be sure to try Rubix today!


Kuteshop Prestashop CMS Template

Kuteshop Prestashop CMS template

KuteShop is a Fashion, Electronics & Marketplace Prestashop CMS theme. It has a versatile layout format with seven different style options and is fully responsive to work perfectly on any device. Additionally, it’s cross-browser compatible and includes font awesome icons for an integrated look and feel. Quick View lets you view product details in a popup window without leaving the current page while Ajax Add to Cart allows you to add products directly to your cart without having to leave the current page. The Ajax layered navigation and toolbar make filtering by price, product type, or attributes easy and convenient.


Rozer Prestashop CMS Template

Rozer Prestashop CMS template

Looking for a sleek and easy-to-use ecommerce store to sell your products? Rozer Prestashop is the perfect solution! Our theme is designed with both you and your customers in mind, making it simple to install and customize. It has 4 homepages with useful modules and excellent design. Plus, thanks to our two types of menu – vertical and horizontal megamenu – you can showcase an abundance of product categories without feeling cluttered. And with header design that’s airy and compact, your logo will be front-and-center. So why wait? Start building your dream ecommerce store today with Rozer Prestashop!

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Alula Prestashop CMS Template

Alula Prestashop CMS template

Alula is a great theme for sites of all types! Plant stores, furniture stores, and garden tool stores will love the professional design and clean code Alula offers. Mega Menus make navigating your products a breeze, while Extensions support showcases products like never before. Brand Logos are eye-catching and informative, and Blogs/Instagram provide another avenue of communication with customers.


Antomi Multipurpose Prestashop CMS Template

1. Antomi Multipurpose Prestashop CMS template

Antomi is a multipurpose Prestashop theme that is perfect for any type of store. It has a clean and modern layout, with awesome animation effects that will grab your customer’s attention. The mega menu makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for, and the timer feature highlights products on sale.


Somine Prestashop CMS Template

Somine Prestashop CMS template

SNS Somine is a sleek, sophisticated Prestashop template design to set your store apart from the competition. With its easy customization options and powerful features, this theme is perfect for any business owner looking to make an impression selling online.


Ginza Prestashop CMS Template

Ginza Prestashop CMS template

Ginza is a responsive Prestashop theme that is suitable for furniture and interior stores. With a simple, clean design and fully responsive layout, Ginza will look great on any device or screen resolution. This theme comes with three home page layouts, a header Mega Menu, social icons, search icon, wishlist icon, compare icon, top cart icon and setting icons. The slideshow displays large images and advertising text with a nice transition effect.


Greenfarm Prestashop CMS Template

Greenfarm Prestashop CMS template

Greenfarm is a great Prestashop theme that is perfect for organic stores. You can sell healthy products, fresh and organic food with this responsive theme. The names of products are black and they stand out against the white background of each page. Titles of modules are white with green backgrounds, which makes them easy to see. Slideshow brings lively performances with beautiful images and smooth transition of advertising text. Creating potential customers is made easy with Newsletter; it helps draw more visitors to your website so they can register and build your mailing list immediately. Quickview feature allows customers to preview products without having to visit the page, making their shopping experience more convenient.


Gokko Prestashop CMS Template

Gokko Prestashop CMS template

Are you looking for a sleek, stylish, and responsive Prestashop 1.7 theme? Look no further than Gokko! This theme is perfect for online stores of all sizes, and its minimalist design is sure to impress your customers. Plus, Gokko is fully responsive so it looks great on any device. Comes with Ajax Live Search, 8 homepages and prebuilt inner pages, fonts, and unlimited colors. 


Junno Prestashop CMS Template

Junno Prestashop CMS template

Junno is a colorful and incredibly bright multipurpose Prestashop theme. With 4 homepage layouts and bright colors, Junno theme is a great choice for your online store.

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Junno theme has many features. Megamenu customer and Vertical Megamenu with drag and drop feature make you create item, categories, links, static blocks with nice images and useful text more easily. Slideshow are displayed very beautifully on both large screens and mobile screens. Featured categories with nice thumbnail images are displayed logically on slider and more interesting features to supercharge your online store.


Bonique Prestashop CMS Template

Bonique Prestashop CMS template

Bonique is a super-elegant Prestashop theme for online cosmetics shops, beauty hubs, and makeup stores. With its elegant design and flexible features, Bonique provides an easy-to-use platform for showcasing your products to the world. Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to set up your menu, while a host of customizable options (including font, color, and background) give you complete control over how your store looks. And with Megamenu displaying columns with many categories and image blocks in static popup at category view page, customers can quickly find what they’re looking for on your site. So why wait? Get started today with Bonique!


Urani Prestashop CMS Template

Urani Prestashop CMS template

Urani is a clear and clean Prestashop theme perfect for any kind of high-tech store. It has a fully responsive layout that works on all resolutions, making transactions easy for customers using PCs, tablets, or handheld devices. With its impressive high-tech style, Urani is sure to impress visitors!


Madina Prestashop CMS Template

Madina Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Puik Minimalist Ecommerce Prestashop CMS Template

Pink minimalist ecommerce Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Origine Prestashop CMS Template

Origine Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Eposi Prestashop CMS Template

Eposi Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Complex Prestashop CMS Template

Complex Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Jena Prestashop CMS Template

Jena Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Benito Prestashop CMS Template

Benito Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Amino Prestashop CMS Template

Amino Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Clima Prestashop CMS Template

Clima Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Petlove Prestashop CMS Template

petlove Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Circle Shop Prestashop CMS Template

Circle Shop Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Zonan Prestashop CMS Template

Zonan Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Corona Prestashop CMS Template

Corona Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Vasia Prestashop CMS Template

Vasia Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Esther Prestashop CMS Template

Esther Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Gluson Prestashop CMS Template

Gluson Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Mazlay Prestashop CMS Template

Mazlay Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Allup Prestashop CMS Template

Allup Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Argima Prestashop CMS Template

Argima Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Ecolife Prestashop CMS Template

Ecolife Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Elpis Prestashop CMS Template

Elpis Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Grano Prestashop CMS Template

Grano Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Vogue Prestashop CMS Template

Vogue Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Simen Prestashop CMS Template

Simen Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Sinrato Prestashop CMS Template

Sinrata Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Wooka Prestashop CMS Template

Wooka Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Mixy Prestashop CMS Template

Mixy Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Koller Prestashop CMS Template

Koller Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Techone Prestashop CMS Template

Techone Prestashop CMS template VIEW DEMO / DOWNLOAD

Armania Prestashop CMS Template

Armania Prestashop CMS template

This Armania Prestashop CMS Template is a clean Prestashop theme solution with a modern design approach suitable for just about any e-commerce idea. The Built with Bootstrap 3 and CSS3 +5 Different Layouts Flexible layout format comes with various styles to make it work like a charm on all devices or resolutions – retina & fully responsive! Works great across browsers as well so you don’t need worry about how many users are accessing your site right now (and if they’re using Chrome/Safari). The theme designer is also offering to lend a hand if you run into any issues trying to install the template.


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