10+ Plastic Texture Wrapping Mockup (PNG,JPG)

Plastic Wrap Texture Mockup

The use of plastics in our daily life is increasing day by day. Along with this, the industry has introduced plastic wraps to improve the packaging and process of food.

These wraps are mainly used for storing products at low temperatures and humidity levels. However, it is very difficult to handle the long-term safety of these wraps in a proper manner. The technology that was used to make these wraps were not suitable for long-term use and thus there was a need for finding a better solution.

Some companies have designed their own version of plastic wrap that they can use on their products instead of buying them from the market.

This way they can save them from wastage, price increase, and loss of profit due to packaging failures and increase shelf life considerably.
Some companies even came up with prototypes for such wraps that were designed by industry experts.

There are many uses for plastic wrap in graphic design and illustration and you’re just about to find about how it’s been used.

If you’re already know this and just need to download the collection of Plastic wraps PNG for your project you can proceed to below to see the collection; we’ve made sure they are the best so you don’t have to take hours or days even scouring the internet searching for any of these.

Free Plastic Texture Wrapping (PNG,JPG)

Recently, I’ve been trying out plastic wrap for the first time. It’s a great invention that has saved me several times from spills and other household mishaps. I think people don’t know how amazing this product is.

The Plastic Wrapping Set is a modern designer’s tool. The plastic wrapping set is a must-have for any designer who wants to create designs in different formats. Thanks to ArtistMef for sharing this cool freebie.

The plastic wrap collection is made up of about 15 plastic textures and 10 plastic shapes that are hand-crafted, giving it an original look and feel.
You can make your book covers look professional and feel more real with the help of our book cover textures. With these textures, you can create professional-looking book covers and magazines.

Plastic Texture Wrapping 2


Free Plastic Textures (PNG)

Plastic is everywhere. A wide variety of uses and applications has made it the most widely used material in the world. It’s also one of the most damaging materials in our environment, with its use leading to pollution and global warming.

Whatever product packaging you are designing, you will eventually need to make use of this crinkly and shiny plastic texture pack from

In the manufacturing industry, it is called ‘crisp pack’, which is an easy food packaging material. It is completely synthetic and totally free of any harmful chemicals or toxins.

Product designers and experts that work with packaging designs often see a need to use this in their works which is why we have collected some of the finest and super-realistic ones for your design needs. This Plastic wrap texture was designed and shared by Limitless Graphics. Kudos to them for this.

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Plastic Textures

Plastic Textures 2


Free PSD Plastic Wrap Texture Mockup

Today, Plastics wrap is becoming popular among consumers & is used for all kinds of products. With the technology to make plastics look nice. Is it possible to make plastic wrap that is transparent and invisible? Very well!
Plastic Wrap Texture mockup is a free PSD mockup that can be used to create a realistic plastic wrap texture. It’s easy to use use as a background design for your PSD files.

Plastic Wrap Texture Mockup


Wrinkled plastic wrap texture

Wrinkled Plastic Wrap Texture


Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap


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