Pixel Bootstrap 5 UI Kit (free)

Pixel - Free Bootstrap 5 UI KIT

Pixel is an open-source user interface kit based on Bootstrap 5 that includes more than 80 fully code-developed UI components and sample pages to help you come up with the ideal website for your next work.

In comparison to previous Bootstrap 4-based projects, Pixel is a lot lighter since Bootstrap 5 no longer relies on jQuery as a requirement.

The project’s Sass files make it simple to alter the look and feel by changing things like fonts, colors, and more. The gulp commands make it simple to manage the project and produce code optimized for production.

Pixel was created by a team of skilled web developers that put an emphasis on writing clean, well-organized code. We’ve already spent the time and energy required to convert design files into functional web components, freeing you up to concentrate on creating amazing new features instead of tedious coding tasks.

Expert designers created Pixel to combine a polished look with a smooth, intuitive interface. Since we place a premium on our users’ satisfaction, the layout is uncluttered and easy to navigate.

Incorporates more than eighty of Bootstrap 5’s most popular widgets. Pixel is an addition to the Bootstrap 5 CSS framework that allows for more extensive stylistic modification as well as the addition of features not included by default in the framework, such as new cards, date pickers, timeline elements, and the sample sites we’ve developed. If you’re interested in the parts, you can learn more about them here.

In this case, we have 5 sample pages. To help you get started with a basic website and to demonstrate the capabilities of the elements included in this UI Kit, we’ve created a handful of sample pages. Landing page, About page, Contact page, and Login/Signup pages are all included.

Given the significance of documentation, we spent additional effort writing extensive documentation for the Pixel UI library. Get more information about the project’s setup, the functionality of its many parts, and the extent to which its Sass may be personalized.

Add some Sass to it. Pixel utilizes the Sass variables and mixins, but we’ve also included a custom variables file so you may modify the presets that come with Bootstrap and Themesberg if you so want.

Pixel is built on a Gulp and BrowserSync process that compiles and reflects the changes made to the Sass source files, where you can work with variables and mixins to quickly alter the attributes of the components, such as the colors, fonts, spacings, and many others.

Pixel is designed with accessibility in mind; as a result, we took special attention in choosing a color palette that provides enough contrast between the various interface components.

Pixel is Designed and Shared by Themesberg