17 Apps & Sites Like Pinterest [2022 BEST Alternatives]

20 Best Apps And Websites Like Pinterest Best Alternatives

Pinterest is a wonderful platform to search for inspiration and attract visitors, even so there are other websites and apps like Pinterest where you can drive social media traffic and achieve your online business goals. In this post, we have collected the BEST Pinterest alternatives for 2022.

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social networking site where users can post images of things they like and share them with others. Users can create boards on different topics, and pins (images) can be added to these boards. Other users can then “repin” pins they like to their own boards.

Pinterest is a great site for finding inspiration for projects, recipes, fashion, etc. You can also find helpful tutorials and articles on a variety of topics.

Pinterest is more of a visual bookmarking site where users can create and share collections of images and other visual content.

The platform has seen considerable success and especially popular with women and has been growing in popularity since it launched in 2010. In addition to being a social networking site, Pinterest is also a useful tool for marketing and product discovery. Businesses can use Pinterest to showcase their products, while individuals can use it to find new products and ideas.

BEST Pinterest Alternatives (apps like Pinterest)

1. Instagram

Site Link Pinterest 1 Instagram

Instagram is a free photo-sharing app available on iOS and Android that allows users to take photos, apply filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, including Instagram’s own network, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. As of June 2017, Instagram had over 700 million active users.

Instagram is a great Pinterest alternative because it lets you share photos and videos with your followers. You can also use hashtags to find new content, and follow other users who interest you.

One interesting similarity about both Instagram and Pinterest is that you can use almost the same contents on both platforms, you can even integrate the platforms into one another for a seamless content publishing.

2. Twitter

Websites Like Pinterest Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to post short, 280-character messages called “tweets”. Users can follow other users, and tweets from those they follow will appear in their timeline. Users can also retweet, or share, tweets from other users with their followers.

Twitter has become a popular platform for sharing news and information, and it has also been used as a way to spread misinformation or hoaxes. Twitter has also been used as a tool for political campaigning and activism.

Twitter and Pinterest have some similarities, but they are also quite different. Both platforms enable users to share images and links, and both platforms have a strong focus on visuals. However, Twitter is more focused on news and current events, while Pinterest is more focused on lifestyle topics and hobbies.

Twitter also has a much stronger emphasis on conversation and engagement, while Pinterest is more of a one-way platform where users can browse pins without necessarily interacting with other users. Finally, Twitter’s audience is much larger than Pinterest’s audience.

3. Behance

Behance is a platform for creative professionals to showcase their work, connect with other creatives, and get hired. With over 18 million members worldwide, behance is the leading online platform for discovering and connecting with creative talent. Members of behance can upload images of their work, create portfolios, and search for job opportunities.

Artists, designers, photographers, and other creative professionals to showcase their work and connect with peers and opportunities on the digital platform which is one similarity this platform share with Pinterest.

It is similar to Pinterest in that it allows users to curate and organize their work into projects, which can be public or private, and Follow specific users or Projects. Additionally, both platforms enable users to discover new content through recommendations based on what they have already liked or pinned.

However, Behance takes a more professional focus compared to Pinterest’s general interest approach. It is also owned by Adobe Systems Incorporated while Pinterest is an independent company.

4. Dribbble

Dribbble, like Behance is also an online community for sharing and discovering design work. It’s made up of designers from all over the world who upload small shots and snippets (dribbbles) of their work as a way to get feedback and show off their skills.

Designers can also follow other designers, give feedback, and be followed in return. This makes it easy to find new designers to follow and learn from, as well as discover new design trends.

Both Dribble and Pinterest allow users to share and discover images and links. However, Dribble is geared more towards graphic designers and professionals whereas Pinterest can be used by anyone. Dribble has a stronger focus on design, whereas Pinterest is more of a visual discovery tool.

5. We Heart It

Weheartit is a social media platform where users can share and discover photos, videos, and articles they love. It’s a place where people can come to find inspiration and connect with others who share their interests. Weheartit has over 25 million registered users and reaches over 1 billion hearts (likes) per month.

We Heart It is very similar to Pinterest in that it allows users to post and share images on a virtual bulletin board. And like Instagram, the site offers you a “Love Button” which allows other users to heart your posts and show their appreciation.

Additionally, We Heart It has a feature that allows you to read articles directly on their website. This can be helpful if you come across an interesting article online but don’t have time to read it immediately. You can simply save it for later on We Heart It.

6. Flipboard

Flipboard is a social media aggregator and news reader application. It originally launched in 2010 as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, but has since expanded to include a web version and an app for Windows 10.

The app allows users to compile ” magazines” full of articles from various online sources, which can be personalized according to the user’s interests. It also includes features that allow users to follow other users and join public “magazines” on topics of interest. In addition to reading content, Flipboard can also be used as a platform for publishing original content.

One similarity between Flipboard and Pinterest is that they are both visual bookmarking tools. This means that you can “pin” or save articles, images, and videos to boards on Flipboard and Pinterest, which you can then access later. Another similarity is that both platforms allow you to follow other users, so you can see the pins or articles they’ve saved.

However, there are a few key differences between Flipboard and Pinterest. For starters, Flipboard has a magazine-like layout that makes it easier to read articles and watch videos. Additionally, Flipboard integrates with other social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, so you can share pins or articles directly from those networks and drive traffic back to your websites or blog(s).

7. DudePins

Dude Pin Site Like Pinterest

DudePins is a website and app that allows you to connect with other people who have similar interests. You can create and join groups, share pins, and Message other members. DudePins is also a great way to find and follow friends. You can even save friends’ pins to your own boards for easy access later. Plus, there are no ads! DudePins is totally free to use.

DudePins is very similar to Pinterest, but it is geared more towards men. Both sites allow you to create boards of your favorite things and share them with others, but DudePins has a slightly different focus.

For example, DudePins has a section for “Manly Things” that includes topics like beard grooming, cars, and cigars. It also has a section for recipes that features manly dishes like steak and bacon-wrapped dates. So if you’re looking for a Pinterest site that’s geared more towards men, DudePins is definitely worth checking out.

8. Mix

Mix is a website and mobile app that lets users discover and share interesting articles, videos, and photos from around the web. It’s a great resource for finding content to share on social media, or for finding new things to read, watch, or look at.

The new home of StumbleUpon is now Mix. You can also follow other users to see the content they’re sharing, and even join in on the conversation. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start stumbling!

It’s a great place to find content from all over the web, and it’s user-friendly and easy to use. If you’re looking for something to keep you entertained, or if you need some content to share on social media, Mix is definitely worth checking out.

Just like Pinterest, if you invest considerable amount of effort into sharing contents on Mix, you can drive a good amount of traffic back to your websites.

9. Juxtapost

Web Apps Like Pinterest Juxtapost

Juxtapost is a Pinterest knockoff that lost some of its distinct features after Pinterest adopted some of the features.

Despite this, Juxtapost remains one of the most popular image sharing sites on the internet, and very similar to Pinterest in a lot of ways.

One of the things I love about Juxtapost is that you can just drag and drop pins right into the post, which makes it really easy to create collages.

The More Like This button in Juxtapost is one thing you will find interesting about the platform, You can click on the More Like This button to view even more delectable recipes if you’re browsing the home page and see a tempting recipe.

You may also add tags to your posts and categorize them in a variety of ways, allowing you to discover new stuff that piques your interest.

If you want to create a Pinterest-like site but with different aesthetics, go for Juxtapost.

10. Pixabay

Pixabay and Pinterest are both incredibly popular image sharing platforms with a vast library of user-generated content. However, there are some key differences between the two services.

While Pixabay is a completely free service, Pinterest requires users to sign up for a paid subscription in order to access certain features (such as saving images for future reference). In addition, Pixabay offers users the ability to download and use images for commercial purposes, while Pinterest does not.

Finally, while both sites offer a huge range of categories and topics to explore, Pixabay seems to be geared more towards static images like illustrations and photographs, while Pinterest is focused on dynamic images like GIFs and videos.

11. Pexels

Pexels and Pinterest are both platforms for sharing images. However, there are some key distinctions between the two.

Pinterest is more focused on lifestyle images and ideas, whereas Pexels is focused on providing free stock photos for users to use.

This makes Pinterest a better platform for promoting products or services, whereas Pexels is better for finding high-quality images to use in your own work. But both can be home to finding different types of inspirations.

12. Tumblr

Best Pinterest Alternative 2022 Tumblr

Though Tumblr and Pinterst are both visually-based social networking and microblogging websites, Tumblr and Pinterest actually have quite a few differences.

For starters, Tumblr allows users to follow other blogs as well as individual posts, whereas Pinterest only allows users to follow other users.

Additionally, pins on Pinterest are generally things that Users want to remember or save for later offline, such as recipes or ideas for home decoration.

In contrast, Tumblr posts are usually expressions of the User’s thoughts or feelings, similar to a blog post. Lastly, boards on Pinterest are better organized and contains fewer items than the mass of reblogs onTumblr.

So while they may look similar at a first glance, upon closer inspection it becomes clear that these two websites serve quite different purposes.

13. Deposit Photos

Apps Like Pinteresy Depositphotos

Both Pinterest and DepositPhotos allow users to upload and share photos. However, DepositPhotos is geared more towards professional photographers and designers who wish to sell their work, while Pinterest is more for everyday people who want to share photos with friends and family.

Pinterest has also been criticized for having low-quality images, while DepositPhotos has a reputation for having high-quality images. Finally, DepositPhotos charges users a fee to download high-resolution images, while Pinterest does not.

14. Foodgawker

Like Pinterest, Foodgawker is a website where users can upload and view photos of food. However, while Pinterest is focused on users sharing recipes and meal ideas, Foodgawker is focused on providing a gallery of photos for new food recipes. This makes Foodgawker a valuable resource for finding new and delicious recipes to try.

15. Designspiration

Designspiration is a platform for professional design lovers. It showcases innovative and inspiring work from around the world, and allows users to explore new trends and gather creative ideas. The site has a very different vibe than Pinterest – it’s more focused on high-quality design work, rather than everyday objects and inspirations. This makes it a great resource for designers, or anyone looking for creative inspiration.

16. Inspiration Grid

Inspiration Grid is a platform for creative fields graphic design, architecture, and other forms of visual art. It was created as a platform for creative talents around the world to showcase their projects and skills.

The platform allows users to share and discover inspiring images from around the web, create customizable galleries, and follow other users for inspiration. It has since become a popular resource among designers and architects, who use it to find new ideas and inspirations for their work.

17. Unsplash

There are a few key ways in which Unsplash is similar to Pinterest. Both platforms allow users to curate and share photos and images, and both have a strong focus on visual content. In addition, both Unsplash and Pinterest offer robust search functions, so users can easily find the content they’re looking for.

One key difference between the two platforms is that Unsplash offers high-quality, professional images while Pinterest is more focused on consumer-generated photos and DIY projects.

This difference reflects the overall mission of each site: Unsplash is geared toward helping professionals find beautiful stock photos, while Pinterest is more of a general interest platform with a wide range of content topics.

What Are Your Favorite Pinterest Alternatives?

If you’re looking for a break from Pinterest, here are some alternatives to check out. They have a lot of fresh material that you can sort through even more they can add some sort of value to your creativity.


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