Online Suit Size Calculator HTML

Online Suit Size Calculator Html

The Online Suit Size Calculator, which will be helpful to the e-commerce industry.
A new calculator app called Suit Size Calculator made using HTML, CSS and JS. This app was designed to help people determine their suit size.

The process of finding a suit that fits properly is tedious and can result in buying an expensive suit only to realize that it doesn’t fit properly. To solve this problem, we decided to create the Suit Size Calculator app.

The algorithm behind the Suit Size Calculator app is simple: If you input your height, weight, shoe size and jacket size, the calculator will determine your suit size automatically.

The first iteration of this tool gave suggestions based on two measurements: chest and waist. It is now expanding into more dimensions like sleeve length, collar size, and hat size. It also has some additional features like detailed body shape selection and ability to keep track of the measurements over time.
This free-to-use tool is made available in the pen below.

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