Netflix Landing Page Clone design

Netflix Landing Page Concept Design

With its binge-watching culture, Netflix has become increasingly popular and in order to keep up with this growth, the company created a new concept called “Netflix Landing Page.”
The landing page concept is a social media website that has two main components: the first is a video player with one of Netflix’s latest shows playing and the other is a scrollable banner that showcases what’s new on Netflix at any given time.

The design of the landing page itself was changed from previous designs. The redesign also includes language in order to make it more relatable to millennials.
Netflix’s landing page is a great example of how a company can change their website with the latest trends in design to attract more users.

Netflix is known for their powerfully simple branding and how it affects people’s behavior. They have done this through different methods such as color schemes, font choices, layout choices, and more recently – content choices that are designed to be appealing to their target audience and make them want to subscribe or continue

Netflix is a company that has been constantly innovating to provide the best possible user experience. In order to make their website more engaging, they have employed a team of designers and developers to create the most beautiful landing pages with ease.

Netflix uses HTML, CSS and JS for designing its landing page. All these content elements are used together to build a single landing page layout using grid system which provides consistency even if there is large amount of content on the page.

Netflix has also made use of animations in their website design in order to keep users engaged and entertained while they wait for their movies or TV series to be streamed.
We caught with a Netflix Landing page concept and we thought it well to share with you.

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Netflix Landing Page Clone
by Brad Traversy (@bradtraversy)
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