Microsoft Excel Components Explained

Microsoft Excel Components Explained

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet. Electronic spreadsheets are application programs capable of analyzing, organizing, and storing data in a tabular form.

The application can provide a digital simulation of paper accounting worksheets. Examples of electronic spreadsheets include Google sheets, iWork numbers, Apple office suite, etc.

The most popular or widely used electronic spreadsheet is Microsoft excel. The Microsoft Excel software program is a part of the Microsoft Office suite that allows users to organize, format, and calculate data with formulas using a spreadsheet system.

It is widely used because it offers a lot of features that make it different from its counterparts. These specific features are what make up its components. Microsoft Excel has various components to make calculating, analyzing, and displaying data more efficient these components includes;

It is the smallest and most basic part of the spreadsheet. They are in the form of little boxes arranged in rows and columns. You can enter data into cells by typing or copy-paste. It could be a figure, text, or date.

Every cell is identified by its cell address – its row number and column number. If a cell is on the 12th row and column AB, then the cell address is AB12. An active cell is a cell that is currently selected, i.e.; it has already been clicked and about to be edited. To edit a cell, you double-click on it.


Rows and Columns in Excel Rows and columns make the software that is called excel. A column is a vertical arrangement of cells. You should note that every column contains its alphabet for identification, from A to XFD. You can select a column by clicking on its header. Rows are just like columns, but they are arranged horizontally.

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There are a total of 1048576 rows that are currently available in Microsoft Excel.  Each row has its own number for identification, starting from number 1 to 1048576. You can select a row by clicking on the row number.


Worksheets are made up of individual cells. It contains data in the form of text, figures, dates, etc.  A workbook is simply a collection of multiple worksheets. It could also be a single worksheet. Within a workbook, you could hide your worksheet, you could add a new worksheet, and you could also delete the worksheet from your workbook.


One thing that makes Microsoft Excel so popular is its efficient ways of creating charts and graphs. One can easily create charts and graphs ranging from bar and column charts to scatter charts and even stock graphs.

There are different types of excel charts used for different purposes; some of these charts include column charts, bar charts, pie charts, etc. It is also very easy to change the charts in excel; all one has to do is click twice, and the chart is changed without adjusting the underlying data.

Another interesting component of Microsoft Excel is the in-built formulas. A formula is an expression that calculates the value of a cell. These formulas are readily available, ranging from simple calculations to statistical formulas to complex engineering calculations. The use of formulas in Excel worksheets makes it easy to calculate results from the worksheet’s data. They also save time that would have been used in calculations.


The ability to easily gather data from a different source in a short period is another component of Microsoft Excel. It gathers data from various sources to help improve whatever data is being acted upon. It gathers information like measurement of distance, weight, length, time, etc.

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Other components of Microsoft Excel include;  address bar, title bar, file menu, etc. Microsoft Excel comes with a lot of unique components and a lot of advantages. If you are looking for an electronic spreadsheet to make your work easier, Microsoft Excel is the thing for you.


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