Law By Design

Law By Design Ebook By Margaret Hagan

In this book, the author argued in favor of approaching legal innovation from a design-driven perspective. Design is the means through which one may produce potential ideas for how legal services might be improved, and then have those ideas realized in a manner that is both efficient and rapid.

This book lays forth an agenda for innovation in legal services, complete with methodologies that are practical, flexible, and user-centered, with the goal of making the legal system more understandable, efficient, useful, and friendlier. It examines the implications of adopting a problem-solving strategy more like to that of a designer for those working in the legal field.

In the field of law, there is an immediate need for innovation that is user-centered.

We, as legal professionals, need to be more creative and innovative in the way that we approach our job, the way that we connect with non-legal clients, and the way that we communicate with one another.

The practice of law desperately needs to be rethought and given a fresh start, complete with a culture that values design thinking, user research, and methodologies that are human-centered in design.

Author: Margaret Hagan


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