700+ Pre-made Instagram Figma Templates (2022)

Figma Instagram Template Download (22)

There are a lot of different ways that you can use Instagram to market your business. One great way is to create an account specifically for your business, and then use Figma templates to create engaging posts that will grab people’s attention.

Figma is a great platform for creating marketing materials because it’s so user-friendly and easy to use. Plus, there are tons of different templates available that you can customize to fit your specific needs.

Here are just a few examples of the kind of marketing templates you can find on Figma:

  • An infographic template that can be customized with your own branding and statistics
  • A template for an announcement or sale post
  • A variety of different posts to use for promoting your products or services

Using Figma templates is a great way to make your Instagram account more visually appealing and engaging, which will ultimately help you to attract more followers and grow your business.

Instagram Figma Templates Envato Elements

In this post we have collected hundreds of Instagram Story templates and other templates that you can use to market your product and services on Instagram. You can download all 700+ Instagram Templates and edit with your Favorite editing tool Figma.


What is Figma?

Figma is a vector-based design tool that lets you create complex illustrations and user interfaces. It’s similar to Adobe Illustrator, but it’s much more user-friendly and has a lot of features that make it perfect for designing web and app interfaces.

One of the coolest things about Figma is that it’s collaborative. You can work on designs with other people in real time, which makes it perfect for team projects. Plus, everything is stored in the cloud, so you can access your work from anywhere.

How to Edit an Envato Element templates on Figma?

1) Launch Figma and create a new file.

2) Import the template file you downloaded from Envato Elements. To do this, go to File > Open… and select the template file.

3) Once the file is imported, double-click on one of the editable layers to begin editing it. For example, if you’re editing a website template, you might double-click on the header layer to edit the header text.

4) Make your changes and then click File > Save to save your changes. That’s it!

Instagram Figma Templates


Xmas Instagram Story figma Template

Are you looking for a fabulous Xmas Instagram Story template? Look no further than figma! With figma, you can easily create beautiful, festive Instagram stories that will wow your followers.

To use the Xmas Instagram Story template, simply open figma and sign in or create an account. Then, click on the template icon and select the Xmas Instagram Story template from the list of available templates. Once the template is open, you can start customizing it to suit your needs. Change the background color, add text and images, and add your own personal touch to make it truly unique. When you’re done, simply export your story as an image or video file and share it with your followers!

Figma Instagram Template Download (43)


Sports Social Media Template Instagram Figma

Here’s a social media template for sports teams that you can use on Instagram and Figma. The template includes a grid layout, posts, and stories.

The grid layout is perfect for showcasing your team’s latest photos and videos. The posts section includes templates for promoting upcoming games, player spotlights, and other team news. And the stories section includes templates for highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

Feel free to customize the template to fit your team’s needs.

Figma Instagram Template Download (42)


Instagram Story Template for Sketch, PSD, Xd, Figma

There’s no doubt that Instagram Stories are a powerful tool for engaging with your audience. But creating high-quality, attention-grabbing stories can be time-consuming and require design skills that not everyone has.

Fortunately, there are now plenty of great resources that offer templates and other tools to help you create stunning Instagram Stories quickly and easily, even if you’re not a designer. In this roundup, we’ll share some of our favorite Instagram Story templates for Sketch, PSD, Xd, and Figma.

Figma Instagram Template Download (41)


Classic Liquid Instagram Story Template for Ai, PSD, Sketch & Figma

Hi there! If you’re looking for a stylish and modern liquid Instagram story template, you’ve come to the right place. This template is easy to use and customize, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to create an eye-catching story.

Figma Instagram Template Download (40)


Beauty Business Instagram Story Post Template for Figma

If you’re looking for a beautiful and stylish Instagram story template for Figma, you’ll love this collection! These templates are perfect for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle businesses, and will help you create stunning stories that your followers will love.

There are a variety of different designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect template for your brand. Each template is fully customizable, so you can easily change colors, fonts, and other details to match your brand aesthetic. And best of all, these templates are all free to use!

So if you’re ready to take your Instagram stories to the next level, check out these beautiful templates for Figma. You won’t be disappointed!

Figma Instagram Template Download (39)


Medical theme Instagram Template for Figma, PSD

If you’re looking for a medical theme Instagram template for Figma or PSD, there are plenty of great options out there. Here are a few of our favorites: 

This collection of social media templates features a clean and modern design with ample space for photos, text, and plenty of room to add your own branding. The blue and white color scheme is perfect for a medical-themed account, and the sleek lines give the whole thing a very professional look.

Over 20 different pages are included in this professionally designed Medical Template Kits For Photoshop & Figma.

Figma Instagram Template Download (38)


Fun Memphis Shape Story Template

Figma Instagram Template Download (37)


Instagram Story Template for Xd, Figma, PSD & Sketch

Figma Instagram Template Download (36)


Abstract Shape Instagram Story Templates for Ai, PSD, Figma, And Sketch

Figma Instagram Template Download (35)


Interior Decor Instagram Post Story Pack

Figma Instagram Template Download (34)


Elyot Social Media Pack Instgaram Story for Figma & PSD

Figma Instagram Template Download (33)


Insta Sotry Figma Template

Figma Instagram Template Download (32)


Instagram Story for Sketch, Figma, PSD, XD

Figma Instagram Template Download (31)


Instagram Stories Template for Figma App

Figma Instagram Template Download (30)


Food Restaurant Instagram Stories Template

Figma Instagram Template Download (29)


Travel Instagram Story Template Figma

Figma Instagram Template Download (28)


Spa Instagram Figma Template

Figma Instagram Template Download (27)


Deals Instagram Figma Template

Figma Instagram Template Download (26)




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