How to watch Private Vídeos on YouTube without permission

How To Watch Private Vídeos On Youtube Without Permission

YouTube is one of the most prominent sources of entertainment for most social media users. Videos are shared and viewed with friends, families, and with people all over the world.

These videos are usually public, but at times, YouTube videos can only be viewed by the person who uploaded the video and people who are given permission to view it, which can be really annoying.

But do you know that it’s pretty easy to watch private videos on YouTube, only if you know the tricks, though? Below are some ways you can easily watch private videos on YouTube;

Suppose you want to watch a video so bad, and unfortunately, you weren’t permitted to view the video. In that case, you could either ask the channel owner to give you access to the video or ask your friends that were given access to the video to share the link with you.

Many people want to know how to watch private videos on YouTube without permission.

This is a question that many have asked themselves, but the answer is not always easy to find.

There are some simple steps that you can take in order to avoid violating someone’s privacy and still be able to enjoy your favorite content on YouTube.

You might have seen videos on YouTube that you can’t watch because they are private. This article will show you how to watch private vídeos without permission. There are many people who want to know this information, so we’re going to give it away for free!

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If you’re not a YouTuber or someone with access to the video, then it’s impossible for you to get the link and watch the video. However, there are ways around this! So if you want to know more about them, read on!

If you don’t want to ask for permission to watch the channel or ask your friends for the link, you could;

  • Visit the private video.
  • Delete watch from its URL.
  • It will then look like https//
  • Click enter key, and then the video is unlocked.

It may not work for everyone, though, but it is worth a try.

Another method is to use a third-party downloader. You need to paste the link to the downloader’s video and watch the video later from your pc or phone.


When you previously viewed a video on your computer that was later marked private, you have to use a Video Cache View to get the video that was downloaded to your cache.

After using all the methods listed above, suppose you still can’t get permission to access the video. In that case, you could either browse the web for more tricks to access the video or move on to a video you are granted access to.

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