How to Open DWG File (without AutoCAD)

How To Open Dwg File Without Autocad Software To Open

Many people have trouble opening a DWG file with the correct software. There are many different brands and models of computers that come preloaded with various types of programs, so it can be difficult to know which one is compatible with your computer.

Some of the most popular programs used to open a DWG file include AutoCAD, SketchUp Pro 2017, and Google Earth Pro, Autodesk Design Review or Autodesk Inventor Studio (if your computer system supports these programs).

If you have a DWG file and need to open it, we offer some helpful tips. A DWG file is an AutoCAD drawing that has been saved in the .dwg format.

DWG document contains text information, graphical data, and design details for construction projects.

The DWG file extension is a complicated one. It’s not the most common of extensions for everyday use, but if you’re in the fields of design or engineering then it would be familiar to you. Sometimes these files can open easily and other times there might be some issues with them – that’s where AutoCAD and other tools comes in!

DWG file formats are not as popular for sharing files on the internet but with these 4 programs you can have a DWG file opened easily.

DWG files are a crucial component of the design process and as such, they must be handled with care.

You should not edit or make any changes to these very important documents since this could corrupt them in some way that will prevent you from opening them on your Autodesk software again.

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If you do find yourself forced to open one of your DWGs into another program because the original file was corrupted, save copies along the way so there is no risk at all for losing data when switching programs!

What Is A DWG File?

Design drawings for a project are created with AutoCAD software. The drawing or design document is saved in DWG format by the CAD program when it’s saved as an Autocad Design Review File (.dwg) or Autodesk Inventor Studio (.ipt).

The DWG file extension can be thought of as being a sort of “translation” to a common format that many other programs can use.

What Can You Do With A DWG File?

If you’re using AutoCAD or other CAD software, then the file is being used and opened for editing while it’s in this specific type of program. If you are having trouble opening your DWG Files, then you might need to check the program’s compatibility or additional settings.

To open a DWG file with AutoCAD, simply go into CAD and find your desired drawing(s) on the screen. This is usually in “Drawings” as well as other folders within this folder such as an Autocad Design Review File (.dwg) or Autodesk Inventor Studio (.ipt).

If you are on a Mac, then find your DWG file in the Finder. Double click it to open and view its content.

Software to Open DWG Files

What kind of awesome tools can you use to open a DWG file? Check out AutoCAD, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Illustrator and A360 Viewer.

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AutoCAD is a leading CAD program that has been around since 1982. It is the number one go-to in industrial design, mechanical engineering and architecture industries worldwide. AutoCAD allows you to create DWG files as well as other types of vector drawings such as DXF (from Autocad), HPGL from Hewlett Packard, and SVG.

If you need to open a dwg file, download and install AutoCAD. The free software is compatible with Windows 7 or higher operating systems so there’s no excuse for not being able to work on your drawings!

Microsoft Visio

For a general overview of your design or for creating flowcharts, run charts or other diagrams Microsoft Visio is one of the best tools to use. You can import DWG files into it as well as export them in that format by exporting all drawings from an AutoCAD file.

Adobe Illustrator

A great tool for creating vector drawings, illustrations, and graphics Adobe is also useful to import DWG files into it as well as export them in that format by exporting all drawings from an AutoCAD file.

A360 Viewer

This new service from Autodesk combines collaboration with unlimited online storage and access to apps and services from Autodesk, Inc. With this service anyone can view and share any DWG file anytime, anywhere on any device with an internet connection.


If you’ve reached this point, then it means that you are in need of a solution to open DWG files. We have found the perfect program for your needs and we hope it helps! After reading our guide on how to open dwg files, please feel free to contact us if any questions arise

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