Gutter Margin in Microsoft Word Explained

Gutter Margin Microsoft Word

A margin is a typography term used to describe the space at the side of a page. It helps show where a line of text begins and ends. We have the top margin, left margin, right margin, and bottom margin. As their name implies, they are positioned at the top, left, right, and bottom sides of a facing page.

What is gutter margin in Word?

You may now wonder how margins are relevant to Microsoft word; Word is a word processing software program that allows users (us) to type, process, and save texts as documents.

Margin is employed in all sorts of typographical work, so it’s important in the application’s usage.

  What is gutter margin?

When you have two facing pages (two-page spread), the space between them is referred to as a gutter margin. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in between the pages – it could also be at the top. It only depends on the part of the text you choose to bind them together, even if it is the top side. YourYour gutter margin ensures that your document doesn’t get stapled or bonded over.

How to Setup Gutter Margin for Documents in Word

  1. You open the Microsoft word document.
  2. Go to your Microsoft word application and click on the document of choice.
  3. Click the page layout tab.
  4. Take your cursor and click on the page layout tab. It shows a table of different page writing styles.
  5. Click the margins drop-down list and click custom margins.
  6. Once you do this, the page set up dialog box will pop up.
  7. You then click on the gutter spin box.
  8. When you click, various sizes will come on display. Select the appropriate size.
  9. From the gutter position, drop-down list and click on the appropriate option
  10. You either click on the left or top option—whichever one of choice.
  11. You then click ‘ok.’
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After all these steps have been followed properly when you start typing, you observe that these settings will take form in your document layout when you are done typing.

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