Free Windows 95 UI Kit

Windows 95 free UI Kit by Themesberg is a wistful throwback.

Utilize our Windows 95 UI Kit to relive the fantastic design trends of the 1990s. It includes the notorious Windows 95 icons among more than 50 other distinctive Bootstrap 4 components.

All of the components in the window cards have been meticulously replicated in the three primary colors grey, teal, and blue.

Components list:

  • Standard Buttons
  • Bordered Buttons  with Different Colors
  • Input controls
  • Checkboxes in Windows 95
  • Radio Buttons for Windows 95
  • First-generation Windows Cards with a range of colors
  • The bootstrap bar for Windows 95 4 Navigation Bar Tabs
  • Simple Typography

It also comes with exclusive documentation and readily available code samples. In order to manage our dependencies and add a little bit of magic, we used NPM and jQuery.

Simply download the zip file and launch the index.html page from your folder to start the project.

Themesberg Designed and Shared it.