Free Vodka Bottle Mockup PSD

PSD Free Vodka Bottle Mockup

A vodka bottle is a container that holds vodka. Vodka bottles are usually made of glass and are cylindrical in shape. The most common type of vodka bottle is the straight sided bottle with a long neck, which is often called the “classic” or “standard” vodka bottle.

The Standard Vodka Bottle has a long neck and straight sides, The neck has a diameter that is much smaller than the body of the bottle and the neck is flared at the top to make it easier to pour from.

This free vodka bottle mockup PSD is a great tool for designers. It can be used to showcase the design of the label and packaging. It is available in Photoshop format and can be downloaded by anyone.

The PSD file contains a fully customizable vodka bottle mockup template with a glass in front of it. The design can be changed easily by modifying the layers in Photoshop, which are all well-labeled and organized.