Free Reddish Photoshop Text Effect

Reddish Photoshop Text Effect

This text effect is a fantastic way to achieve a good quality but also rustic feel in your designs. This tutorial will show you how to create this text effect with Photoshop.

Firstly, you will need to select the words that you want to have the effect applied. Type out your desired word or words in an Arial font size 24pt or whichever font size that you prefer and then highlight them by holding down shift and clicking on the text. Once they are all selected, go into edit>transform>warp and bend them into an arc shape until they resemble something like what I’ve done below:

Then, go into Edit>Transform again and resize it so that it covers the bottom half of your canvas.

It is hard to find the perfect logo design, one that looks good on any size, represents your brand well and is not too complicated. There are so many different logos to choose from, so you have to do it right the first time. One way that you can get a leg up on the competition is by using a free Photoshop text effect tool.

The free Reddish Photoshop Text Effect download is an easy-to-use tool for quickly creating beautiful logos with just a few clicks.

This article will show you how to use the Reddish Photoshop Text Effect download in order to make your logo design stand out among other brands.

A simple way to create a reddish text effect in Photoshop is to use a free resource like this.

First, open up a new document in Photoshop. Press CMD/CTRL + N or simply go to File > New and set the Width and Height to 150 pixel.

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Next, type the text that you want to add the effect on. I typed “Hello World” in white font color and Size 18pt for this example. You can change these settings according to your needs.

Then select the text layer by clicking the thumbnail of it at the Layers panel on left side of Photoshop interface. Choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set Radius: 10px and click OK to apply blur effect on selected text layer (see screenshot below).


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