Free Real Estate Mobile App UI design (Xd)

Free Real Estate Mobile App UI design for Adobe XD

Mobile apps are no longer just for games or social media. The latest trend is to use them as a marketing tool to sell homes. With the growing number of people who use their mobile phone as their only computer, it makes sense that they would want to search for properties on their phones.

The design of the app needs to be user-friendly and give potential buyers everything they need in an easy format. It should also provide a way for agents to upload all the necessary information about the property and send it directly to potential buyers while they are on the go.

Here is a free real estate mobile app UI design by Kristine Carrie, it is a great way to be inspired and hone your design and come up with an effective problem-solving application prototype needed in the real world. This Kit is built for Adobe XD, which is free and comes with all the components and elements needed to repurpose this to the perfect designs.