Free Predesigned Hero Image for UX Designers

UX Designer Hero Image

A hero image is a term used in web design to refer to the first visual that is presented to a visitor when they land on a webpage.

This image can be used as a way of telling the user what the site or webpage is about and act as an introduction. Sometimes these images are animated, or even interactive and allow users to explore the website by clicking on different areas of the image.

This freebie is a free Hero image predesigned for UX designers and comes in dark and light versions.

If you’re having trouble envisioning a hero picture to represent your polished portfolio, this freebie could help. Having a modern hero section that entices the audience to read on and learn more about your work is crucial in today’s competitive environment.

Your home page or individual website may grow out of this design. Stick to a single aesthetic and maintain it throughout. Put us to the test and we’ll gladly provide our opinion. In the meanwhile, try to chill down and appreciate it.

Kudos to Premium UI kits for this awesome freebie.

UX Designer Hero Image 1
Dark version

Compatible with Figma, Sketch, and Xd.