Top 30+ Best Figma UI Kits [FREE & PREMIUM] 2022

Top 30+ Best Figma Ui Kits [free 7 Premium] 2022

We have collected the best Figma UI kits and interestingly thet are free to download, use and distribute for personal or commercial purposes. They are created by the most talented designers in the design community. These kits are free to use without any restrictions.

With these UI kits, you can save time on designing your interface screens with high-quality mockups that already have all the elements you need.

UI kits are sets of design patterns, elements or other resources that can be used, or combined together to build a user interface. The UI kit often includes all the necessary bits and pieces for creating an app’s design elements, such as buttons, typography styles, icons and more.

Figma UI kits are a collection of Figma files that can be downloaded and edited to create a user interface for any project. They are completely customizable and work on both personal and commercial projects.

Figma UI kits make it easy for web designers, designers, or any project owner to create a prototype of a website or app design in minutes.

Best Free Figma UI Kits in 2022

Below are the collection of the best Figma UI Kits, feel free to explore anyone for your next project:

1. Sketch & Figma Mobile Wireframe Kit (Free)

Sketch Figma Mobile Wireframe Kit

Designers, digital creatives, and innovators! Today we’re excited to share this impressive Figma Mobile Wireframe Kit with you. The designer have done all the heavy-lifting so you can create beautiful, responsive, and pixel-perfect wireframes on your mobile device.Don’t waste time sketching or prototyping in a low fidelity software – use Figma Mobile Wireframe Kit to create a UI that’s sure to impress.


2. Dash – Free Dashboard UI Figma

Dash Free Dashboard Ui Figma

Dash is a dashboard UI kit that will help you to speed up your design process. It’s a freebie available only on Figma. We have been working on Dash from the day we started with Figma so it was a natural move to share it with the design community. A free dashboard UI pack designed to give you a quick and easy way to get more done. Credits to Team at Fikri Studio made this available for other designers.


3. Web Service – Free Figma UI Kit

Web Service Free Figma Ui Kit By Alex Herzog On Dribbble

Create engaging and interactive prototypes and make your design process more efficient and brighter with Web service Figma UI Kit. It’s perfect for companies looking to showcase their product or service. It’s also beneficial for users who are designing new products. With the ability to edit pages, design quickly with multiple devices in mind, and use with Figma prototypes, you’ll be ready to go out of the gate. It has more than 30+ pages and 100+ templates. You can open it on your mobile devices even offline. With no design experience, you can quickly prototype and share your work with your team and stakeholders.


4. Ecommerce Dashboard Figma UI Kit

Ecommerce Dashboard Ui

The Dashboard Figma UI Kit is perfect for any of your next eCommerce project. The kit has all the components you need, including navigation, product images, cart, payment methods and more. Give your new Dashboard Figma UI Kit project the attention it deserves with this easy-to-use toolkit. Create an interactive and user-friendly dashboard in no time.


5. Core Design System Free Download Figma File

Core Design System Free Download Figma File Kit

The Figma System Design File provides a set of vector-based UI components and design patterns to be used in the Figma design environment. It is a toolkit for sketchers, designers, and web developers who want to create interactive visualizations for web and mobile applications.

  Opus Landing Page UI Kit for Webflow


6. Freebie – Figma Wireframe Kit

Figma Wireframe Kit

Wireframing is tough, but not with this super-imoressive free Figma’s wireframe kit. Use this easy-to-use wireframe kit to create your next wireframe. You’ll have more time to concentrate on what really matters. We’ve included some of the most commonly used elements in wireframing, so you know you’re up to speed with the latest design trends.


7. Shiba UI Kit – 500+ Free Onboarding screens

Shiba Ui Kit 500+ Free Onboarding Screens By Piqo Design On Dribbble

Sketch fast and design better to stay competitive in the world of digital design. Shiba Figma UI Kit is a collection of UI tools, commonly used in wireframing. Designers can sketch faster and more collaboratively with the UI components from this kit.

Shiba Figma UI Kit is a library of screens and interactions that we’ve used on our own apps. It’s an insightful and useful resource for those who’re building an app or just want to mock up a new one.

Design beautiful, consistent, and sleek UIs for your next project with Shiba Figma. With this UI kit, you’ll have access to 500 screens with the most commonly used elements for building nd onboardings, various types of sliders, text styles, etc. any app. The kit includes high-quality assets like text styles, buttons, sliders, and more so you can design an interface that’s professional and sleek.


8. Free UI Figma Ecommerce Component

Free Ui Figma Ecommerce Component

BoHome is a free, easy-to-use eCommerce UI kit with a modern and beautiful design. It has everything you need to create an online store from scratch. It is free,100% customizable UI kit to create a beautiful and user-friendly interface for any eCommerce website. It includes multiple screens for product page, cart, checkout, blog post, and more to create a seamless shopping experience. You can create a personal and extraordinary home by visualizing the products you have on offer. BoHome also has tools for order tracking and data analysis for your business statistics. Great job from Olena Kychun.


9. Household energy monitor Figma Icon Sets

Household Energy Monitor Figma Icon Sets

The Figma UI Kit contains a complete set of beautifully designed, highly customizable icons for your next energy-related design project. With this easy-to-use UI figma icons, you will be able to quickly prototype your idea without Photoshop or Sketch skills. This is the perfect way for you to make your idea come to life in minutes! Figma Icon is built with visual icons to help you learn about energy consumption and it’s so easy to understand!


10. Nucleus UI – Free UI component library for Figma

Nucleus Ui – Free Ui Component Library For Figma

Stop wasting time and start designing! Nucleus is a free UI component library that provides you the building blocks you need to design your next mobile app. With more than 300 components and 50+ component categories, Nucleus becomes the only free solution you’ll need for your next project.


11. Figma Free Glass Icons

Figma Free Glass Icons

Figma is one of the world’s best tool for designing Web and Mobile User Interfaces. It has everything you need to make beautiful, responsive layouts like these. We caught up with this free Figma Free Glass Icons, we thought it cool to share with you so you can use it in future projects. They are easy-to-use, free icons, whether you’re working on a website, iOS app, or anything else, you’ll find these icons to be the perfect fit.


12. TimePad – Time Tracker UI Kit

Timepad Time Tracker Ui Kit

You’re probably tired of the time tracker apps that just don’t get you. Well, we caught up with an app UI Kit that will change your life and your company’s productivity. TimePad is a time tracker app for Figma. It has everything you need to start tracking your time, and it’s made specifically with creatives in mind. It’s customizable, accessible, and everything you could want from a time tracker app.

Whether you’re an app designer, developer, or project manager – TimePad – Time Tracker UI Kit is your perfect app UI kit. It’s fully customizable and comes with a bonus of dark mode for late night work environment. You can shape it to suite your needs! It’s powered by Figma and you don’t need to install anything, just open the file and start designing.


13. iPhone 11 Pro Freebie Mockup For Figma

Iphone 11 Pro Freebie Mockup For Figma

Get your hands on the latest iPhone 11 Pro Mockup for Figma with this beautiful freebie! This collection of 11 Pro mockups is for you to showcase your design in unparalleled quality. With these mockups, you get five different devices with diverse screen sizes and 12 different screen types, all in one place.


14. Atro Mobile Figma UI kit

Atro Mobile Ui Kit Figma Freebie By Adrian Chiran On Dribbble

You know that feeling when you see a really nice design and it sparks something? Awesome sketches that you wish you could use in your app? Ever wanted to download a free mobile UI kit and didn’t know where to start? Well, we’re here to help. Atro Mobile Figma UI kit will set you up for success in no time. We’ve curated the best of the best, including both iOS and Android designs, so you can be confident in your designs and reduce the time and money it takes to design and deploy these interfaces.

  Free Dashboard Interface Elements

What a great UI kit i Atro Mobile Figma UI kit, now available for free! It features 12 beautiful screens to inspire you. This UI kit is a great resource for anyone looking to design a product. It includes tons of elements that are ready to use and comes in the .Figma format, which is a powerful tool with infinite possibilities. Download today and start designing!


15. Food Delivery mobile UI kit

Food Delivery Mobile Ui Kit

Get ready for an amazing food delivery experience with the Food Delivery Figma UI kit. This kit includes everything you’ll need to deliver food, including our signature app with all components, icons, layouts, and ui elements. Designers can now sketch up their own food delivery experience with the Food Delivery Figma UI kit. While this is not free, we still feel it’s worth sharing because it’s really worth more than the $1 the designer is giving this out.


16. Gleek-Admin Dashboard (FIGMA) UI Kit (premium)

Gleek Admin Dashboard (figma) Ui Kit Multipurpose By Digitalheaps

Gleek-Admin Dashboard UI Kit is a multi-purpose, high-quality, beautifully designed UI kit that is available in FIGMA format and comes with 97 Figma files that are well-organized. You can use this product for any type of project that you need a beautiful interface. It’s modern, clean design, and multi-purpose.

Perfect for cryptocurrency, restaurant, fitness center, coffee shop, barber shop etc. With over 100 elements all in vector format with well-organized layers in groups and folders for easy customization. You can customize it in any way you want without worrying about the loss of quality.

Calling all designers and developers: the perfect dashboard UI kit for your next project is here! The designer went the extra mile to cover all the bases with this one, so you can save time. Whether you’re building a crypto currency trading website or just looking for a great way to showcase your product, this kit has got you covered.

With a stylish and functional design, this UI kit is perfect for crypto exchanges, fintech platforms, ICO landing pages, cryptocurrency payment gateways and any project you can imagine.


17. E-commerce Figma Ui Kits (premium)

E Commerce Figma Ui Kits

Here is yet another cool e-Commerce UI Kits. This product contains international file formats like Adobe XD, Sketch App, and Figma (all the basic of the UX/UI). You will get all these for request. You can use this to design your new website or application that is creative and unique!


18. Hero Header Figma UI Kit (Premium)

Hero Header Figma Ui Kit

Show your website visitors you’re not just another company who only cares about the bottom line. You are here, now, with this web page. Your future is what you make it. Hero Header is here to help. Never find yourself in a design rut ever again with these headers for all your needs. Designed cleanly on Figma, these headers are the future of your website or landing page. Intuitive and easy to use, they’ll be live-saving for all of your website needs.


19. Financial Investments App UI Kit (Premium)

Financial Investments App Ui Kit

Are you looking for a well-organized, professional UI kit for your finance app? Look no further—our Financial Investments UI Kit is the perfect solution. Our vector-based design is easy to customize and includes everything you need to make your own app in Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD or Photoshop. Moreover, our kit is pixel perfect and easy to use. You’ll get all the necessary screens in different colors and fonts with all the

The Financial Investments UI Kit is a beautifully crafted app interface kit with 20+ screens. All these elements are fully customizable and can be easily combined with each other. The kit will make your app look professional and modern.

Stop wasting time designing your own interface! The Financial Investments UI Kit has everything you’ll need to launch your own successful financial investment app.


20. Social Media Analytics Dashboard UI Kit

Social Media Analytics Dashboard Ui Kit

The Social Media Analytics Dashboard UI Kit is the best way to create a sleek & modern-looking app prototype. The kit comes with lots of features, clean design, and lots of UI elements to choose from. It’s pixel-perfect, easy to use, and can be customized for any kind of app. We designed this UI kit to be so easy for you to customize. And… it’s FOR FREE! You’ll receive all of our updates on new portions of the template as we release them.


21. Starter guide UI Kit

Starter Style Guide Ui Kit

Figma is a vector-based design tool for prototypes. This style guide UI kit is the perfect place to start for any designer to learn the basic Figma design principles, tools, and techniques. It’s packed with everything you need – from fonts, icons, and color palettes to key resources for the Figma newest interface. With this kit, getting started designing is easier than ever!

  Free Crypto App Ui kit

Get a grip of the best color, typography, shadow, and effects styles from Untitled UI in a lightweight style guide UI kit on Figma Community. This is a professional and modern design resource for designers and developers to use as a template or to incorporate into their own projects.


22. Free Figma Music Player App

Fimga Music Player App Ui Kit

Land that impressive deal with this brilliant figma music player app. This app ui kit includes a bunch of interface controls, button icons, and other neat things that will help you build a great looking app interface for iOS devices.


23. MacOS 11‍ Big Sur Free UI Kit

Macos 11‍ Big Sur Free Ui Kit

“If you’re looking for a fresh take on designing your UI, our free OS X OS 11Big Sur Free UI Kit is the answer. It comes with pre-made OS X OS 11Big Sur UI components so you don’t have to spend time styling them. Our OS X OS 11Big Sur Free UI Kit is fully customizable and all elements are vector compatible so you can scale them to any size without loss in quality. And it includes

We’re the design team behind the original MacOS 11 UI, and we created this free UI kit to help you build web and desktop applications in the same style. It’s always been a dream of ours to make tools for designers and developers to kickstart their own projects, and we hope this UI kit will give you a good start!”


24. Freebie Pulse Illustration Kit

Freebie Pulse Illustration Kit

Freebie Pulse Illustration Figma UI Kit contains a set of UI kits that are made with Figma. Simply download this kit to start your next project. Freebie Pulse is a UI kit that offers a new experience in UI designing. The kit has been designed for Sketch and Figma. It includes everything needed to create a new UI from scratch. The kit includes 15 unique characters, 88 objects, and 5 brushes. With this kit you can create a variety of UIs for your website, app, or video game.


25. Tech Marketplace Figma UI Kit

Tech Marketplace Figma Ui Kit

Tech Marketplace Figma UI Kit is a marketplace UI design, composed of 21 screens in total. You can quickly find what you’re looking for. Tech Marketplace Figma UI Kit is a comprehensive design system that connects the world of UI design and technology with a modern, high-performance marketplace with dynamic interaction.


26. Free Shots Mockups for Dribbble and Instagram

Free Shots Mockups For Dribbble And Instagram

Create stunning mockups for your Dribbble shots and Instagram profile in seconds.


27. Restaurant Landing Page Design

Restaurant Landing Page Design

Restaurant Landing Page Design is a professional web design service for restaurant owners, managers, and staff to have a beautiful, functional, and affordable website. It includes everything you need to create a stunning site that will show your customers how amazing your restaurant is.


28. Sales insight dashboard UI

Sales Insight Dashboard Ui

Ever tried to create a sales dashboard on your own? It’s not easy. With this stylish and clean sales insight dashboard UI the designer have done all the heavy lifting for you, ready customizable UI kit, you can create a beautiful sales dashboard in no time, and it’ll be fully responsive too!


29. Neumorphism UI Kit

Free Neumorphism Ui Kit

Have you been looking for a free, beautiful UI Kit with great design? Look no further! Neumorphism’s UI Kit is perfect for your next app or website. It includes a variety of elements and styles to choose from, and comes in 3 different colors.

is a simple, modern and refreshing “flat” UI Kit that includes 9-icons and 3 sets of perfect colors. Download now and let’s get those creative juices flowing!


30. Free UI Kit for Figma-Online Courses Dashboard

Free Ui Kit For Figma Online Courses Dashboard

Figma is a sophisticated design tool, and Course UI Kit makes it easier for UX/UI designers to present a portfolio of their work. Creating a great dashboard design for courses can be difficult. To make your life easier, we share this free elegant UI kit for Figma-online courses dashboard. You can download it for free and make one of your own in minutes by following our step-by-step guide.The kit includes a dashboard layout, a signup flow, and more.


EXO KIT Design System

Exo Kit Design System

EXO KIT is a huge library for all of your UI needs. You can find typography, colors, buttons, cards, and fields to create a professional product. It’s perfect for designers and non-designers alike so you can easily create a project from scratch. Design has never been more fun and flexible than with EXO KIT! With 150+ high-quality interface elements and a super intuitive user interface, it’s never been easier to create your designs. No photoshop skills needed!


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