7 Free Dust and Noise Overlay Textures

Free Dust And Noise Overlay Textures Graphic Images

Free Dust And Noise Overlay Textures Free Dust And Noise Overlay Textures Graphic Images

Overlay textures, also known as Image Overlays, are a great way to add a nice finishing touch to your designs. They can be used for highlighting an important element or adding a sense of depth and texture to a flat design. There are two types of overlay textures: Solid and Transparent.

With Solid textures you can use any color that you want with no transparency, this is useful for backgrounds where you want the texture to completely cover the background color. With Transparent textures, you can put it on top of an image or icon and see through the texture. This is useful if the icon is sitting on top of another background with a different color.

Free dust and noise overlay textures are really helpful when you need to add something special on top of your final render.

The free dust and noise overlays on are perfect for adding some depth, detail, and character on top of your already completed renders.

Free textures that you can overlay onto your footage to make it look more realistic. There are many different types of textures you can use. A good combination of textures is a mixture of particles, atmospheric dust and noise overlays.

Dust and Noise Overlay Textures: A good example of a texture that has a lot of dust and noise in it is the “City” texture pack as seen on Graphicsburger. It’s designed to overlay on top of time lapse video footage with moving cars, people walking around etc. This pack has been designed so well so as to not interfere with those elements but be able to blend in seamlessly with the footage over time as the camera moves closer or further away from them.

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Shiny dust on black background, overlay layer

Shiny Dust On Black Background, Overlay Layer

I am not sure what you are going for with your design, but I think this would have been more successful if you had shown a dress of some sort on a dark background with some shiny specks sprinkled about. It appears to me that there is no context to why these specks are there and I am not sure what I should be looking at or thinking of when viewing your design.

We don’t know what the shiny dust is, but it’s something that is in front of the black background. We can only see it in this photo because of the overlay layer.

The meaning of “shiny dust” is not clear in this image.

It may be an object that has been lit up by a light source, or just some particles on a surface that are reflective to light. However, you can have enough of these graphic design resources.


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