Free Communal Payment App UI Kit

Free Communal Payment App Ui

Designing a communal payment app prototype — The idea of the communal payment app is to provide a platform where people can share and exchange items and services, with the help of digital currency. This is an idea that could be applied in many different ways, such as in the sharing economy or for people who want to barter for goods.

In order to design this prototype, you are going to need to do research on how it would work in a variety of situations and what security features It would need to include if it was being used for banking purposes.

We stumbled on this brilliant communal payment app project by Namina Aghayeva. A good prototype should be able to demonstrate how the app works and what it can do. It should also be able to show how the app will look on different devices, no doubt the designer has put a whole lot of effort into putting this together with an end result of up to 40 screens.

Great Stuff!