Four free PSD identification mockups

Four free PSD identification mockups

A brand identification mockup can help you to see how your logo might look when it is applied to different materials like paper, textiles, glass, or metal.

Brand identification mockups are used to create a visual representation of a company’s logo, colors, and fonts. These mockups are used to give the client an idea of what their branding will look like on everything from social media profiles to letterhead.

Brand identification mockups can be created using any type of design programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. The only requirement is that the brand colors and fonts should be included in the project file.

Free brand identity Mockup Template

This identification mockup template is a free PSD file that you can use to create your own brand identity. It contains the essential elements that are needed to create a professional and high-quality design.

With this mockup template, you can create your logo, business card, letterhead or other stationary items. You can also use this template to create an identity for a new company or product.

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