How to Fix This page isn’t eligible to have a username on Facebook

how to fix This Page Isn’t Eligible To Have A Username On Facebook

I lost count on how many Facebook pages I gave up on because of this error message: This page isn’t eligible to have a username I tried everything possible and it seems nothing work until I came across a simple hack that helped me get past this error in the easiest way. If this is your situation now, you have come to the right page.

To start with, I can’t tell you what caused this error or how you can avoid it next time you create a new Facebook page, however, you need not worry about any of that since there’s a simple solution to resolve the issue.

UPDATE: I uncovered another online publication on the subject that gave clues on what originally caused the error, and here are some of the likely causes of this Facebook page set username error:

  • Your Facebook page does not meet the minimum requirement of 25-page likes
  • Page verifications issues.
  • Lack of administrative privileges
  • Incomplete page info

With this simple hack, I will be sharing below in the next few lines,  I am confident that you’d be able to set your desired Facebook page username again.

So wipe away your worries as you follow this step-by-step guide to get rid of This Page isn’t eligible to have a username error on Facebook.

In three cases, I have used this straightforward solution to resolve the error, and this is what I did. I got access to an alternative Facebook account that belongs to my partner, then I made him an admin of the page.  Here is a simple step to make another Facebook account manager of your FB page and then retry the step to create a custom URL for your Facebook page.

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How to add another Facebook account as Page Admin

1. Log in to your Facebook account and visit the page section

2. Navigate to Settings under the particular page

How To Fix The Page Is Not Eligible To Create Unsername On Facebook

3. Click on the Page Roles option

How To Fix The Page Is Not Eligible For Custom Username On Facebook

  1. Assign a new Page role, by searching for the name or email of the person you wish to add as admin of the page
  2. Select the profile once you find the correct one on the list of names
  3. Click on the Editor option to change the page manager role to Admin.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Next is to log in to the account of the person you just made admin, then check under notification in the top right of the page to accept the invite to manage page.
  6. Go to pages and select the new page on the list of pages on the account
  7. Click on Create a page @username
  8. Supply the username you wish to assign to your page
  9. And Voila! Your page’s username should now be set to the new name

Overcoming This Page isn’t eligible to have a username error on Facebook is just as simple as that. This happened to be the fastest method to approach things.

Invite Friends to Like your Page

1. Post a welcome message on your New Page.

2. The next thing to do is to play along with Facebook’s requirement of at least 24-page likes and at least one post on the page. You can get 24 page likes easily, especially if you are fairly popular on the platform and have many friends.

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Invite More Than 24 Facebook Friends Or All To Like Your Page

All you had to do is go ahead and use the invite all button to invite all your Facebook friends to like your new page, most people will generously just like your page since you are already their friend on Facebook, once you get up to 24 likes, you can then go ahead and create a custom username for your Facebook page.

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