Ensome Free Figma Responsive Website Template


Ensome is a clean and modern website template targeting a wide variety of use cases for cloud technology, startups, IT business, machine learning, data science businesses, and so on.

It comes packed with 55 pages of predesigned templates and screens, you will find all the components elements, and symbols needed to create your own unique design for your next Project. 

It is specially made for designer developers managers website owners and anyone who would want to build a friendly customizable website template.

The project also includes several user flows that were built and scenarios for different business variations

one of the most interesting parts of this project is the visual style for the digital product, although it looks a little bit different inside of the template it is important to achieve much the same style but with different versions in between.

As you might have known, the calling card of every prototyping project like this one is the details and depth of the graphical elements used.

Great job by the team at HWSPACE.