Disadvantages of Students Using Mobile Phones in School

disadvantages of students using mobile phones

It all came as a surprise for me on my 13th year birthday. I got a mobile phone as a birthday gift from my uncle. I was so happy and eager to show my friends at school… I was in SS1, and I felt I was old enough to own a mobile phone as I have seen some of my friends holding theirs.

I do not know how to operate the phone as not familiar with mobile phone usage. The next day, I was up very early to prepare for school because of my new gift. I got to school and showed my friend my new mobile phone with just four contacts: my parents, uncle, and best friend.

I got more immersed in my mobile phone and lost concentration in class; whenever I hear the ringing of the bell signaling the break period, I immediately dashed out of the classroom to a hidden place to operate my phone, leaving my friend at school in the class. I became more familiar with the phone and started surfing the internet. I got exposed and learned many things that were not proper within a month.

Through the internet, I learned some good things and learned some bad things that I focused more on. I got to know how to sneak in my phone to the text hall to get answers directly from the internet. I became more knowledgeable in the things that are improper to know just with my mobile phone. My grades started dropping drastically from an excellent one to a worse grade.

12 disadvantages of students using mobile phones

Now, I will use the above story for fishing out the disadvantages of students using mobile phones in school below:

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√ It makes students mentally and socially affected: The health of a student can be affected due to the radiation coming out of the phone if glued to it too much…Socially, a student can begin to disassociate among his/her peers at school.

√ It makes a student engage in theft and stealing: A student who wants to know more will do more to learn more. A student who knows his/her way around the internet might start stealing money to get airtime to buy data for surfing the internet.

√ It causes distraction during a group class or for an individual.

√ It affects and causes a reduction in learning because the student’s mind will be on text messages, calls, and internet surfing for those who possess the latest model.

√ It makes a student cheat in text, quiz, and assignment, etc.

√ It causes enmity, envy, jealousy, and hatred amongst students.

√   Another disadvantage is that students can misuse the mobile phone by creating cyberbullying, leading to depression, fear, peer pressure, and low self-esteem.

√ It can cause a big rift between students and friends, which may lead to them sustaining injury.

√ Students can start portraying a rude, disobedient, and disrespectful attitude towards a teacher at school.

√ A student who owns a mobile phone might not enjoy the phone’s beauty if been damaged at school by friends.

√ Lastly, students can become wild and corrupt in behaviors when exposed to ungodly and improper things from the internet.


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