How to Disable Microsoft Team from Starting Automatically on Windows 10

How to Disable Microsoft Team from Starting Automatically on Windows 10

You can disable the Microsoft team from starting automatically on Windows 10 and here is how to.  I recently enrolled in an online program that allows me to have access to Microsoft 365 Subscription for free, actually, the organization paid for the software on behalf of their students.

In the course of installing Microsoft 365 on my device, I also got the Microsoft team installed alongside, but to me, it’s kind of annoying to see the Microsoft Team boot automatically with my device at every new start, so i decided it was best for me to disable the Microsft Team from booting every time I power on my Windows 10 PC.

If you’re in the same shoe and would like to also disable the Microsoft Team application on your Windows 10, here is how to approach things. To have Team disabled is not far-fetched, you need not sign or have an account to disable the startup app.

1. Disable via Notification area in Taskbar

First, proceed to the notification area on your PC (as seen in the image below), find the Microsoft Teams icon in the system tray

Right-click on the purple Team icon and select Settings > Do Not Auto-Start Teams from the option.

Next, right-click on the icon again and then select “Quit.”

disable microsoft team from auto start at boot

That should make the Microsoft Team app go away until you choose to launch it.

Sometimes the icon is not readily available on the System to try around the notification area, if this is the case for you, click on the up arrow (as seen in the image below) located to the left on your taskbar to see if the Team icon can be found in the list of additional icons displayed if you have the Microsoft Team running, the icon should be visible in the list of additional icons.

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2. Disable Via Startup Apps in System Settings

Navigate to Settings > Apps > Startup on your Windows PC, the easier way can be pressing the Windows START button on your Keyboard, when the screen pops up, type in “Startup” in the search bar, you should see the “Startup App” icon under System Settings.

Microsoft Teams Disable Via Startup Apps In System Settings

On the Startup Apps screen you can see a list of all the apps running on your PC and the default configuration, in most cases most of the apps are configured to start when you log in, you can just use the toggle to set your preference. On this page, you simply want to find the Team app and then press the toggle button to stop the Microsoft team app from starting automatcially whenever you login to your Windows 10.

3. Disable Via Task Manager

Another method to disable Team app is via the Task Manager in Windows 10, this is done in Widows startup program options in its Task Manager. You can launch the Task Manager by right-clicking the Windows taskbar and select “Task Manager.” You can also press Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Even so, you can well use the Windows Button and then search for “Task Manager” in the search box.

Once you launch the Task Manager, click on “More Details”Disable Mirosoft Team From Starting Automatcially In Windows 10 Via Task Manager

On the Next Screen, find “Startup” in the tabs,

Stop Microsoft Team From Auto Start

Locate the Microsoft Team app on the list of apps, right click to see option to disabled.

Yet another option might be to uninstall the Microsft Team app completely from your PC.

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