DailyFit Fitness Activity figma App UI Kit (Free)

DailyFit — Fitness Activity App Free UI Kit

Fitness apps are popular for helping people to keep fit and healthy. They come in forms such as mobile apps, wearable apps, and web apps, and they are used by millions of people all over the world to track their fitness goals and progress.

Designing a fitness mobile app is not an easy task. It consists of many different components and has to have the right design to attract users. The main challenge is to make a fitness app that stands out from the crowd, which means that it needs to be unique and engaging.

A good fitness app concept we stumbled upon today is the Dailyfit UI kit, which has a lot of fitness app ideas.

DailyFit Figma UI Kit is a clean and minimal user interface kit created for fitness activity apps. The package includes 20+ well-crafted screens to get you started. I hope you find this UI kit useful!

This free UI Kit was designed by the team at Symu.co. 


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