How to Convert PMD Files to PDFs

How to Convert PMD Files to PDFs

PMD files or PageMaker files are documents created using Adobe PageMaker. They are used for creating professional-standard documents such as publications, newsletters, brochures. This is because of their functionality, being able to import images, texts and other elements from local storage or other Adobe programs.

However, with all these functionalities, there’s a catch; transferring PMD files is quite complicated, and not easily accessible, especially if the receiver device doesn’t have the PageMaker program installed. Much of its reason being the fact that it’s an old desktop publishing program. Well, this brings us to the essence of this article; we will show you how to convert PMD files to PDFs, making it much easier to transfer documents across platforms and accessible by all operating systems.

Two Easy Ways to Convert PMD Files to PDFs

There are basically two ways to convert these file types; either by using the Adobe PageMaker software or with an online file converter tool. The former being much easier and straight forward than the latter, we will go ahead to explain it first.


How to Convert PMD Files to PDFs with Adobe PageMaker

Step 1

Download and install Acrobat Distiller and Adobe PostScript from the Adobe website. These add-ons will be required by the operating system to convert the PMDs to PDFs. If you don’t already have Adobe PageMaker, you should also get it installed.

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Step 2

Launch the Adobe PageMaker program. Click on “File”, then “Open”. Search for the PMD file you wish to convert, then Double-click on it.

Step 3

While on the page, click on “file”, then “Export’. Choose the PDF option, and a new window will pop up, and you will choose between the type of PDF you need; either “Print” or “Onscreen”. If you intend on printing right away, choose the print option, but if you plan to share the file on the internet or to another desktop or a mobile phone, choose the onscreen option. Using the print option generates a larger file which takes up more storage space, and not suitable for sharing.

Step 4

Make some extra touches to the file where necessary. You can embed hyperlinks, Doc info, and even add some security protocols to the PDF file. When done, click on “Export”, then choose a location to save the document on your computer.


Now let’s check out how all these can be done online:

How to Convert PMD Files to PDFs Online

With the help of codes, pretty much any computing task can be done online these days — converting PMDs is surely not left out.

You can convert your PMD files online by using the online file converter tool at AConvert. Visit the PMD to PDF section here. You should expect to see a couple of ads on the page — the reason why people don’t really depend on online file converting tools in the first place.

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