20 Cement And Concrete Texture PNG

15 Gritty Concrete Textures

5 Set of Free Concrete Textures (PNG)

Concrete Texture 3

Textures are a great way to add depth to your designs. From adding some grit without going over the top with grunge, light scratches, and the like or a subtle pattern for a refined watercolor effect, textures have no limits in their use. Whatever texture you need, you can always find free textures on the web. Get your hands on these beautiful textures created by Vladimir Radetzki.

These textures were based on a concrete wall and were made to create an interesting background. However, they can’t be used just as a decorative background.

They are best used for simple notepad covers/postcards with only a subtle variation in shade, or when added to large posters & more. For larger-scale projects, they can be the perfect addition to any logos & texts as well.

The different colors allow you to present light or dark presentations and you can have contrasting designs and backgrounds.

These free resources are provided in PNG format with dimensions of 4096 x 4096 pixels at 72 dpi (horizontal and vertical options available).


10 Gritty Concrete Textures EPS/PNG

Gritty Concrete Textures Eps Png

Anyone who needs some really quality concrete textures will find these Gritty Concrete Textures to be perfect. You can never have enough old-fashioned grit apparently. You can use these to add some texture and interest to your designs for a more handmade feel.

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When you download the pack, there are a variety of textures ranging from soft to medium so you’re sure to find one that suits you.

The illustrations are available in .eps and .png formats, as well as a PDF with a series of tips, to help you figure out which one is for your needs.


15 Gritty Concrete Textures

15 Gritty Concrete Textures

High-quality resolution textures and backgrounds provide plenty of opportunities for your graphics designs to appear more elegant and unforgettable.

This pack contains 15 Vector EPS files and 15 high-resolution, transparent PNG files, suited for many purposes. Use it in your illustrations, photos, designs tutorials or website layouts. They have a resolution of 6000x4000px, 300 DPI.

Sometimes the project needs a different approach in design. But if you’re dealing with an urban- or tech-related project, concrete elements may be desirable. With this package, you can save hours of work and it’s fundamentally suitable for your project, too.


Concrete Neon – 3D Lettering

Concrete Neon 3d Lettering

Hi-resolution, realistic 3D lettering with a gritty, urban vibe. This is about 25k in size but the font size can be adjusted if you don’t want it so big. Perfect for headers, posters, etc. Here are the 5 views of the transparent PNG image (3000x3000px). Letters are a little bit smaller.


50 Super Hi-Res Concrete Textures PNG Collection

50 Super Hi Res Textures Collection

This is our second collection of textures and it is just as beneficial. They can be used for projects like large-format prints, posters, or exhibition graphics. We hope that this collection is just what you need to finish your project.

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Every texture has been created from real photographs and scans, and they measure 841 x 1,189mm (the A0 international paper size). This is equal to 33.1 x 46.8 in inches.

You can use them to create interesting backgrounds, combine them using different layer effects and colour edits in Adobe Photoshop or experiment montaging them with photographs or illustrations.


Vector Grunge Textures PNG

Vector Grunge Textures

Presenting a collection of grunge textures to make your text appear rough and aged. These textures were originally created with photos of real surfaces for that authentic look. The author took the images from his/her hometown after a trip to look for abstract and different textures.

The texture set includes 29 mostly individual textures in both vector and PNG formats. Vector files are for use on Adobe Illustrator CS4+ whereas PNG files are available for most other design software with transparency. Neither format have backgrounds or an isolated texture that gradients or repeats when enlarged.


Cement Grit Textures PNG

Cement Grit Textures

These high resolution textures are sourced from real surfaces and will give your visuals an authentic look. With various textures, you can choose the right one for your graphic design need


Grunge Wall Texture JPG, PNG

Grunge Wall Texture

Behind the stucco wall, stains show through in various intervals and a few marks match with the color.

These gray fractal wall backgrounds create a retro vibe that usually reflects the building foundation, cracks and other interesting structures. They can also be atmospheric assets for your next artwork.

It’s hard to compare web design with other artforms such as music or clothing, but in these graphics we use a roughy and worn look to show natural textures.

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These rock wallpapers have rustic motives, rough scratch marks and a gritty gesso overlay. Slap them on the walls of your home for a realistic ambiance.


Vintage Grit Textures EPS PNG

Vintage Grit Textures Eps Png

Presenting a hard-to-find collection of 10 finely detailed vintage grit textures. They offer a variety of range and the majority tend to be on the subtle grit side.

Don’t want something too heavy? No worries. These sheets come in a variety of paper textures, so pick one that works for you and use it to distress your designs by adding & layering some other textures.

All formats have transparent backgrounds and come with an isolated texture in dark gray. Multiple Formats Vector EPS, Illustrator AI, and PNG formats included.


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