Calinora Free Website Design System (Figma)

Calinora Free Website Design System (Figma)

Calinora is a free Figma design system created by Kirill Nesmelov, it is ideal for creating elegant websites using Figma, all of the elements and components are created based on atomic design methodologies and material design, and their responsive and highly customizable.

It is a design system that is attractive with design vector icons local styles auto layout components and up to 4,000 plus variations and user interface elements perfectly executed using a grid you can always create any design that you want for your project.

The components are organized into system components that you can optionally create a new interface that you want.

With the help of auto layout, all elements of the design system are created. There’s a massive library of local styles in which it is easy to find and quickly configure design components in a few clicks.

The vector icons come in vector format which will not lose quality when zoomed in.

This design system comes with 35 pages predesigned, 200 plus local styles, 2000 + variations, and more.

Hallelujah is clearly designed, well layered, and comes with free phones and icons, 11 70px bootstrap layout, logical structure, and nomenclature.

If you want to design smartly fast and more consistently then this is the design system for you.

How does it sound when you have to waste hundreds of hours to start a new project from scratch and have to rebuild each of the components? Which calendar are you have everything that you need to design a modern and beautiful UI for your next website projects?

Calinora is already set up with 200 plus super smart typography and effects styles needed to update your brand you can always change one style and apply changes to the entire library at once.

You need to leverage on the smart extensive and scalable topography system, an incredibly smart avatar image that is already set up, a practical and accessible color system with over 72 colors, and usefu shadow and blur effect styles already been set up.

This is a UI kit with limitless components, the layout as a large number of components that will meet all your needs. It is well and carefully documented I know that this is a beautiful design system to inspire forward-thinking designers.