How to Calibrate G Sensor on an Android Phone

How to Calibrate G Sensor on an Android Phone

A G Sensor (Gyroscope) is a device used to maintain balance and reference direction in navigation. For smartphones, it helps to sense angular position and direction. Its application allows smartphones to watch 360-degree videos, and it’s important for playing gesture-oriented games.

Unfortunately, G sensors on some smartphones come uncelebrated or dysfunctional; in this article, we will show you how to fix it. While some device manufacturers provide native apps for calibrating the G sensors, others don’t. Whichever the case, we’ve written on how the G Sensor in the android phone can be calibrated in both cases.

Let’s get to it!

How to Calibrate G Sensor from Settings

These steps are for smartphones that have the calibration utility integrated alongside the G Sensor Hardware

Step #1

Navigate to “Settings” on your Android device. Find the “Display” option in the menu.

Step #2

This step isn’t quite the same on all devices, but you should be looking for the “Display,” “Motion,” or “Motion and Gestures” option. Some devices will first require you to click on “Advanced Settings,” so keep an eye for that.

Step #3

On the next page, look for the “G-Sensor” or “G-Sensor Calibration” option. Once found, you can move over to Step #4.

Step #4

Place your phone on a horizontal surface, laying it flat, then select “Calibrate.” Make sure your phone doesn’t move till this process is finished.

There! You’re all done. Of course, we know some phones can’t use this method because the calibration tool isn’t integrated. We’ve also added a way to do it with safe third-party apps.

How to Calibrate G-Sensor with Bubble Level App

This procedure is quite simple as most of the procedures are automated by the app.

Step #1

Download and Install the Bubble Level app from the App Store

Step #2

Launch it, then tap the “Menu” button — the button with the three dots buy the side. Select “Calibrate,” at this point, your phone should be displaying the “Calibrate Your Phone” pop-up.

Step #3

Place your android phone on a flat surface and let the app do its thing. You’ll know the process is done when the app displays zeros in the two G-Sensor value boxes at the bottom of the screen

Please Note

Some android phone models, especially the Samsung variant, have a fast and hidden menu for handling stuff like this. To access the quick menu, dial “*#*#.” You can use it for calibration when you click on “System.”

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