Book Cover with Business Card Mockups

Book Cover With Business Card Mockups

Have you recently looked for a design that will work well with your company? We have what you’re looking for!

This high-quality book cover is perfect not only for books but also for your business’s marketing materials. And unlike most other items on the market, this one doesn’t require you to do any editing before the design provides the best result.

To create a book cover that’s professionally designed and marketable, you need to know how to use the right tools.

This is why we created this very practical and easy-to-follow DIY guide on designing your own premium quality book cover for print books.

We’ve also created business card mock-ups design so you can put your design skills into practice and show off your work at its best.


Book Cover with Business Card Mock-up PSD

Book Cover With Business Card Mock Ups Psd Free Download

The cover of your book is the first thing potential readers see. It needs to be creative, eye-catching, and most importantly–it must convey the theme, genre, and tone of your book.

For authors, book cover design is crucial for sales. That is why we created Book Covers with Business Card Mock-ups. It’s an e-reader stand that includes a space to insert your contact information or business card, so readers can easily visit your website, buy your book if they enjoy it, and follow you on social media. 



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