20 Best WordPress Themes for Makeup Artists [Free & Paid 2022]

20 Best Wordpress Themes For Makeup Artists In 2022

Creating a website for a product or service is not the only option. In the world of beauty, it is an essential requirement. We have made a roundup of some of the best WordPress themes for makeup artists and what you can likely expect in each of these free and premium themes.

These themes are designed with a clear focus on beauty and makeup artists in mind. They are all customizable using drag-and-drop technology, without touching any code whatsoever. They all come with super-impressive and powerful features out of the box such as high resolution retina display images, smooth scrolling effects and beautiful animations built for mobile devices in mind, built-in SEO optimization, mobile friendly, apoointment bookings and lots more features that you might want to integrate into your makeup website design.


Ekko Multi Purpose WordPress Theme With Page Builder

Make a website or ecommerce store in minutes with Ekko Multi Purpose WordPress Theme With Page Builder. With live page editor, create any layout you want with 50 premade full websites. Our simple drag-and-drop page builder helps you customize your website to your taste. This all-inclusive theme includes unlimited layouts, color schemes, fonts & backgrounds, so you can create anything without code.


Spa Lab Beauty Salon Theme

Spa Lab Beauty Salon Theme

Spa Lab is the only WordPress theme designed for beauty salons, spas, wellness centers, yoga studios, and wellness businesses. The Spa Lab theme shows off your products in style with clean lines and beautiful typography.


Jacqueline Spa & Massage Salon Beauty WordPress Theme

Jacqueline Spa Massage Salon Beauty WordPress Theme

If you’re running a spa or massage salon and looking for a beautiful website that will grow with your business, Jacqueline Spa & Massage is the perfect WordPress theme for you. It has tons of customization options so you can create a site that’s uniquely yours. Plus, it’s designed to be mobile-friendly so your customers can always find what they’re looking for.


Curly – A Stylish Theme for Hairdressers and Hair Salons

Curly A Stylish Theme For Hairdressers And Hair Salons

Curly is a stylish, modern theme for hair salons that is built with the best technology to create the perfect atmosphere for your customers. From easy & elegant reservation forms to modern layouts, this theme will give your salon a fresh new look! This innovative, responsive theme is perfect for beauty salons and hairdressers, with a beautiful reservation form and a modern layout that will make a great first impression.


Coiffeur – Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Coiffeur Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Coiffeur is a premium WordPress theme for hair salons and hair stylists. It’s designed to provide the best user experience for customers to find and book an appointment with your salon. It includes 300+ hair salon font icons, customizable announcements popup boxes, WPML & WooCommerce support and more. Coiffeur will make your website stand out from the crowd.


Dream Spa – WordPress Beauty Salon

Dream Spa WordPress Beauty Salon

Dream Spa is the premiere WordPress spa theme that comes included with everything you’ll need to create your perfect space for relaxation, healing, or just to get your nails done! Overcome the thirst for aesthetically appealing websites & start building a brand with our SEO-friendly and mobile-ready site. With customizable appointment settings and integrations, you can find success with this theme. a well designed WordPress theme that can be used for beauty salon, massage therapy wellness center & beauty spa, pa Theme, Massage Therapy, Wellness Center & Beauty Spa, Yoga Meditation & Alternative Health Services.


Hair Salon – Hairdresser WordPress

Hair Salon Hairdresser WordPress

Beauty salons and hair dressers, the time has come to update your online presence with a modern, sleek & responsive WordPress theme. A WordPress 5.8-compatible theme for Hari Salon and makeup businresses, it comes with great looking inner page designs that are ready-made for you. With over 50000+ satisfied customers, they prove a thing about quality. The theme is super-optimised for search engine ranking and provides necessary business services. You’ll never have to worry about compatibility or updates. Create your website using the easy-to-use WordPress theme. Easily manage your salon with all the features you need on the back end, including appointment scheduling, posting galleries, and more. Start attracting new customers today!

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Spa Treats – Health and Wellness WordPress

Spa Treats Health And Wellness WordPress

This is a WordPress theme that can be used by all beauty business establishments. Whether you are running a spa, gym establishment, massage parlor or makeup store, this theme will provide you with an elegant and sophisticated presence on the web. The theme’s design is meant to reflect the calmness, serenity and balance of your establishment. It features an attractive layout with inviting color schemes, slick icons and illustrations that can help create a unique viewing experience for your guests.


BeautySpot – Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Beautyspot Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a modern responsive WordPress theme for your beauty, wellness or spa or makeup business, you should stop by BeautySpot. A theme that is designed with great attention to detail and features 30+ pre-made layouts and will be automatically updated with the next version of WP. With BeautySpot, offer the best customer support and timely updates. With a focus on user experience and design, you’ll get everything you need to build your online presence without breaking the bank.


Beauty Wellness – Spa Massage

Beauty Wellness Spa Massage

Increase your customer base and profits with a beautiful looking and functionally strong and robust new website. With Beauty Wellness – Spa Massage WordPress Theme, create an attractive and professional website for any business related to beauty spa, massage and wellness. This theme comes with many demos to choose from as massage therapy, beauty salon, wellness center and more. With this unique theme as your starting point, you can set up your site in a few easy steps. Some impressive features are page builder to customize all aspects of your website, timetable and appointment tables for client scheduling, woocommerce ready, one-click demo import, Live customizer, 100% speed and more.


Spa Center WordPress Theme

Spa Center WordPress Theme

Spa Center is a modern, minimalistic spa WordPress theme. It has 35+ ready-to-use templates and unlimited color control for customizing your website’s appearance. Changing anything on the page requires just one click!

With its prominent feature, the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress makes it easy to book appointments with just one click. You can also showcase your services and update contact info on this website by using various predefined pages that are available in our design templates! The testimonial slider helps build trust among visitors which increases conversion rates even more than before.

You can easily install popular plugins like Contact Form 7, MailChimp and WPML in order to make your site fully functional for the intended purpose – creating a business or personal website! The developer has also thought about social media integration so you won’t miss any updates from YouTube videos posted online as well as posts on Facebook etcetera.. Other features include mega menu support which helps generate more traffic by providing instant access right where people are likely spending time scrolling through their feeds during breakfast hours; unlimited sidebars provide additional space outside of main content areas if desired without sacrificing key facts regarding the portrayal of the business’ image.


Makeup lite Free Cosmetics WordPress Theme

Makeup Lite Free Cosmetics WordPress Theme

This premium WordPress theme for beauty shops, salons and spas lets you create a stylish website to promote your business. It’s easy with this great looking template that can be customized in minutes!

The Beauty business theme is a free WordPress design that offers you the tools you need to present all of your company’s assets on one page. It includes a nice header with contact information and social media settings, as well as an appealing logo. full screen image slider to display products from beauty service providers or sellers in the area of fashion clothing accessories jewelry and more.

The theme comes with various features such as – cross-browser compatible, sticky header option, full width and boxed site layout. One of the most important features that attract people to our templates is their fully responsive behavior which means your website will be readable on any display device!

One can easily setup this theme by using page builder plugin where one could design their web pages in an unlimited number use color schemes or fonts; choose from many layouts like square ,fullwidth etc.; put up custom widgets for showing off promotions & events happening now and more.


Ele MakeUp Lite Free WP Theme

Ele Makeup

Ele MakeUp Lite is a user-friendly free beauty WordPress theme that will make your online shop look stunning on any device. Once you’ve imported some demo content from the import button in just one click–you’re ready for prime time! The template has everything necessary including SEO optimization which means shoppers can find what they need quickly and easily without having their browser windows filled with ads or annoying pop ups metaphorically speaking (because who wants those?) 

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LT MakeUp – Free Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Lt Makeup Free Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

A perfect theme for any beauty salon, the LT Makeup WordPress is a powerful and flexible tool which helps you promote your brand with ease. It has all features necessary in order to run an online business smoothly without spending too much money on web design or marketing campaigns!

Interested in how to make your cosmetic business stand out? This wordpress theme has everything you need, from responsive layouts that adapt on all kinds of devices to customizable features thanks Elementor Page Builder and WooCommerce. LT Makeup also offers pre-made templates with drag drop elements so it’s easier than ever before!


Cosmetista – Beauty & Makeup Theme

Cosmetista Makeup Beauty WordPress Theme

Cosmetista is a Makeup and cosmetics WordPress theme for anyone who wants to start their own blog about beauty and makeup. If you are looking at publishing lots of content related with these topics on your website, this could be the right one! Thanks its selection templates that support text photo or video posts in almost any format imaginable; whether it’s adding new post every day like I do (my personal blog)or creating tutorials – there will always find something suitable within our range.

If you want to create a blog for your makeup artist business, this theme is well worth considering. The integrated page builder tool allows users tons of customization options and includes libraries with notification boxes/sliders; image galleries among other things which give them quick ways upgrade pages without having design skillz or knowledge about photoshop etc., making updates easy peasy! You can also make many changes from within Cosmetista’s Theme Options Panel where there are plenty more tools at our disposal including changing colors schemes should we need them (but usually don’t).

Cosmetista is a fully-featured eCommerce solution that has been built to integrate seamlessly with the powerful WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. This means you can easily add an online store on your website or list just some products alongside regular content in order increase revenue from each visitor who comes by! As digital items like makeup guides and tutorials work equally well whether downloaded physically OR accessed through www., it’s easy enough too create downloadable files specifically tailored towards mobile devices – meaning more people will be able access them without having any trouble utilizing their features.


Dalia WP Theme

Dalia Makeup WordPress Theme 768x576

Dalia is a beautiful, sleek and versatile WordPress theme perfect for artists or bloggers who want their work showcased online. Whether you need help building an audience locally or internationally – DALI has what it takes to get your name out there! There are other demos in this package too but if one catches your eye feel free change anything about them so they fit better with YOUR project needs- after all every website should be unique.

The Dalia homepage template is great for anyone who wants to promote their services and use templates that are easy. The layout of this site has a section where you can list out some examples, like makeup artist demos or personal trainers with prices on what they offer; it also comes equipped with Google Maps integration so customers know exactly where in town your business resides at!

Dalia comes with a variety of portfolio templates and column layouts that allow you the flexibility to present your content in whichever way suits best for reaching goals or targeting an audience. To make it even easier, Dalia includes premium tools such as WordPress integration so availability can be shared on site easily without any coding knowledge required!


Cosmetro – Cosmetics Store Elementor WooCommerce

Cosmetro Cosmetics Store Elementor Woocommerce

Cosmetro is an online cosmetics store that offers women’s needs in a fully responsive and customizable way. It goes with multiple additional modules to enrich content, including sliders for images or videos on posts as well post grids so you can share more than just one picture at once! With Cosmo’s six new skins integrated into the design of this theme right out-of box there are no worries about not being able find what your looking because it already has everything builtin – perfecting customer experience should always come first.

Cosmetro theme is like having an Installation Wizard and Revolution Slider plugin on board, which makes installing all the necessary plugins as easy 1-2-3. With these tools at your disposal you can display content in a stylish way using common or video sliders! The JetElements & Jet menu addons give incredible opportunity for enhancing functionality on any site of yours too.

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Cosmetro is a versatile theme with many features, such as mobile-friendly design and social media integration, variety of layout types, versatile header and footer settings you can run your mobile-friendly store linked with social networks or equipped with all the tools needed to be successful on any device!



Astra Makeup Artist

Astra is a beautiful, intuitive and customizable Free WordPress theme, impressivley this is one of the most downloaded WordPress themes on themes’ repository. You only need to pay for Astra Premium if you want one of the premium templates like makeup artist template featured above where they’ll find an amazing aesthetic in their gallery layouts as well as call-to-action inviting visitors make appointments with them! With Astra powerful tools such has custom columns builder or elementor panel for building headers/footers easily within this drag’n’drop interface–you can do pretty much everything right here on site instead going back over all those steps needed before.

Beaver Builder is a user-friendly and intuitive drag & drop page builder that can be used to make the design process of your website infinitely simpler and it is also supported by Astra, so whichever pagebuilder you’re cool with Astra is ready for you with tens of starter templates to quickly build your website.

You’ll find pre designed elements in one place giving you an easy way to add style, color or content without having any graphic knowledge at all! With so many features including blog templates with responsive layouts Astra theme has something for everyone looking forward not just those who like making their own site from scratch every time they have new ideas.


Beauty Salon Spa WordPress Theme

Beauty Salon Spa wordpress theme

The BeautyPress – Wellness Spa Salon WordPress theme is a clean, responsive and modern template specially built for beauty salons of all kinds. The design includes great features like 5 homepage designs with unlimited colors that you can choose the best one suitable your needs depending on type of shop or clinic; Appointment booking system enables clients make appointments online conveniently from anywhere at any time!

With so many customization options available including sidebar widgets – it will surely fit more into adding an elegant touch to any kind business venture.

With Beautypress, you can design your website in a matter of minutes with the most popular WP drag-and-drop page builder- Elementor. You’ll find over 20 prebuilt themes to start from as well!

It has many different portfolio layouts for treating clients, showcasing products or services offered by your business in one of their treatment programs (such as Japanese Waxing), showing off before potential new hires on the Booking Solution page with all its features including booking appointments online through email blast notifications when someone cancels last minute! You also get powerful customization capabilities so whether you’re just looking over some basic functions like adding testimonials text below each slide title -or want more advanced things such as customizing fonts & colors right down to having certain pages link back up inside other sections-, there will be something here perfect suited towards whatever idea you might have.


Kitring – A Beauty & Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Kitring A Beauty Hair Salon wordpress theme

Kitring is the perfect theme for any beauty or hair salon. This customizable website builder, designed specifically by web designers with years of experience in creating sites like yours, helps you show off your business from a professional and modern perspective instantly! KitRings makes sure that it’s responsive so visitors can view their site on devices ranging from desktop computers all the way down to smartphones; plus this integrated plugin allows usersBooked app too which means no matter what type device someone uses when browsing through websites looking at services offered by different businesses near them – they’ll be able find something suitable right then & there without having go anywhere else first (and wasted time!).

Kitring’s website design and marketing toolkit is perfect for any salon looking to stand out from the competition. Kitrings features include pre-defined layouts, color presets or page templates with WPBakery Page Builder which makes it easy create your own custom site in minutes; you can even add an online beauty store on top of that! The powerful admin panel ensures all aspects work seamlessly together without having too much confusion about how things should be done at first glance thanks soo much more information click here now!.


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