15 Best WordPress Dating Themes and Plugins of 2022

Salutation Wordpress Theme

You may have successfully created your online dating website, but you find it challenging to find the best dating plugins and themes for it. Worry not because this article will be of help.

Though these themes may be similar and may have the same aim of making your website attractive, there are still differences amongst them that may be in your favour and help you choose.

10 WordPress dating themes


Sweetdate Theme

If you need a dating theme that will help you build a long-lasting website, the sweet date could be an option. The theme builds a strong community where all users can access each other happily. They get to visit the website and leave with satisfaction. Sometimes, it doesn’t just serve for the dating theme but also works for other professional domains.

Why is the sweet date a good dating theme?

  • It is neat, attractive, and simple as well.
  • The appearance is calling.
  • It has Facebook login registration for easier access.
  • Sweet date offers to the user’s subscription-based membership packages with ease.
  • Always updated, correcting all complaints from reviews.
  • There is a  provision for monetizing the website when it becomes necessary.

The sweet date has all that you need in a dating theme for your website.


Love Story WordPress Theme

The marvellous inbuilt features of this theme make it highly exceptional. The Lovestory theme liaises with the Woocommerce plugin for help in terms of monetizing. For any web designer wanting the best for his/her website, Lovestory could do a great job.

Reasons you should consider the Lovestory theme

  • It has a search tool that allows filtering and accessing user’s profiles, messages, and even live chats.
  • It has well-customized membership levels.
  • Default settings that help change appearance to suit your taste are present.
  • Lovestory’s features allow you to upload pictures, view gifts, read messages and also edit privacy settings.
  • Lots of sidebars and shortcodes are supported.


Kleo WordPress Theme

Kleo is a classic WordPress theme. It is a multipurpose theme. By this, I mean it could not just serve the purpose of a dating theme, but a lot more than that.

The theme is user-friendly and solves the problem of a confused dating website designer. The setting options are very accommodating and have many sidebars for change of backgrounds, editing fonts, and any other necessary change.


Mingle WordPress Theme

Mingle is a WordPress theme that allows you to explore all buddy press excellent features like user profile, groups and private messages, and so on.


  • Drag and drop builder and a built-in contact form are present.
  • It has a contact form builder, a sidebar generator, and a fully functional community portal.
  • There is complete control over website designs and layout.
  • Code uses HTML5 and CSS3


Seeko WordPress Theme

Seeko is a WordPress theme powered by Elementor drag and drops website builder and Buddy press. Seeko is very attractive and easy to use. You don’t need any form of expertise before you can use the Seeko theme.

Seeko is very fast and supports SEO activities.

Other features of Seeko include;

  • It is clean and perfectly coded
  • It has a quick search function
  • Easy chat and commenting platforms
  • Nonstop customization options.
  • Perfect matching system.


Gwangi WordPress Theme

Gwangi is a WordPress theme that allows you to create an online platform where people come to find love, interact, chat and make friends. It’s not built just for dating purposes but can also achieve mentoring and social aims. There are a lot of features and options embedded in the Gwangi theme, such as the unlimited site for customization of colors, fonts, buttons, spacing, and so on.

Other features:

  • SEO friendly
  • Easy to use( no need for expertise)
  • Compatible with woo commerce.
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Performance optimization.


Razor WordPress Themes

Because of its ease in installation, Razor is a highly rated dating WordPress theme. It is very responsive and has countless colour options. Razor is simple to use and gives you multiple colour choices.

Razor could make a wonderful dating theme because of its amazing features.


Datebook WordPress Theme

The datebook theme thrives on providing all the needs of the user. You can’t help but fall in love with the theme the moment you dive into it.

  • It has a lot of features which boost its quality and makes it outstanding   such as;
  • Online messaging and chat system.
  • Reviews and comments are allowed and fully supported.
  • Compactible with woo commerce for monetization.
  • Status notifications are allowed.


Love Heart WordPress Theme

This theme promotes your dating website and gives it an attractive and hearty outlook. The theme aids interaction and is responsive as well. With the profile gallery, all members of the dating community get to see and know each other.


Salutation WordPress Theme

It is a WordPress dating theme that can be so warm and attractive, giving its users the best experience. Highly functional and can be the best dating theme awaiting your exploration.


Dating plugins help you build a reliable dating website that you may choose to monetize in the long run. The better your plugin and theme, the better your website.

Here are the best 10 you may choose to give a chance

WordPress MINGLE

This plugin uses a WordPress website and theme to create an easy and reliable social network for all.


Allows you to create an uncountable number of platforms and forums where people share ideas and socialize. It also supports customization and private messaging.


This plugin allows you to access your valued customers. It stresses achieving pay with PayPal from customers. You need this plugin to monetize your website.


It’s one of the best free WordPress plugins that can give you what you desire in a plugin. Dating websites mostly go for this plugin because it’s free and highly supportive.


Buddy press mostly works in conjunction with bb press to achieve a smooth run website. It is one of the most influential and powerful community plugins that can be great in terms of helping out in socialization.


It is an advanced plugin and brings to your doorstep so many outstanding features, this makes the plugin highly influential. It goes through most times with the Buddy press to satisfy the needs of the users. It also gives you the chance to make some changes according to your choices and demands.


Not free but worth’s the pay. It presents a lot of filters and features that trigger and attracts more users. It’s not just for dating but can serve other purposes because it’s also software. It helps people socialize with each other.


Just like the name, the plugin allows you to chat with people connected by the platform through live chat, live videos, and so on. It’s free and satisfactory.


It is a social platform and plugin to bring people together to interact and share ideas through messages, video calls, and live chats.


Though maybe alternated by gravity forms, Ninja forms remain an active and formidable plugin that can carry out more than just a function. For instance, it’s being used in the dating community.


It could be confusing to make the right choice of which dating theme or plugin to use. Haven seen the features of all the above themes and plugins, I hope it would help you make a better choice.

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