11 Best WordPress CDN Services in 2022

11 Best Wordpress Cdn Services In 2022

Which is the best WordPress CDN service to enhance your WP website? If you’re looking for answers, you’ve landed on the right page. In this post, we’ll show you the top WordPress CDN services and how they can help your site load faster.

What is CDN?

A CDN is a high-capacity sub-network of networks that are distributed geographically for the purpose of rendering web content more efficiently.

CDNs make use of nearby servers across the internet, comparing server requests with close proximity to store data on nearby servers. This reduces latency, or delays in getting information over time, which translates into faster browsing speeds.

Because these requests are spread out geographically, different locations can be used to support downed servers during catastrophic events like earthquakes and hurricanes – minimizing disruption of service across an entire country. From simple screenshots to HD video streams, CDN supports it all.

Please understand that a WordPress CDN service is not (and should not be mistaken for) a WordPress Hosting service, If you are yet to host your Website, you need to use the service of a reliable web hosting provider such as Hostinger or Namecheap which have both been ranked amongst the top hosting providers in the world today.

However, some Web Hosting providers such as Hostinger offers Content Delivery Network (CDN) services as a kind of addon to their varied Web Hosting plans which is one of the many reasons why we recommend you host your website with them.

How Content Delivery Networks (CDN) works?

The following figures are from a Google page load time study about typical website loading speed in 2017. The data for this year has not yet been collected and analyzed, but it is telling enough:

  • The bounce rate probability is boosted by 32% when the load time is reduced from 1-3 seconds
  • The bounce rate probability is boosted by 90% when the load time is reduced from 1-5 seconds
  • The bounce rate probability is boosted by 106% when the load time is reduced from 1-6 seconds
  • The bounce rate probability is boosted by 123% when the load time is reduced from 1-10 seconds

This is where CDN becomes inevitably useful, Content Delivery Network (CDN) stores copies of static files, such as images, videos, and CSS files so that when a visitor requests one of these files from your website, the CDN server nearest to them will respond with the file, instead of your web server. This in turn speeds up WordPress by reducing the amount of time it takes for your website to load its static files. Simple right?

Additionally, most CDNs also offer caching services. Caching stores a copy of the requested file on the CDN server so that it can be served quickly and easily the next time it is requested. This can further improve WordPress performance by reducing the number of requests your web server has to handle.

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In light of this here are the best WordPress CDN Services you should consider using to boost your WP site’s performance.

StackPath CDN

StackPath is a rock-solid CDN that is built on top of a steadily growing platform. Their secure CDN protects your website from DDoS attacks with load balancing and blocking features. All plans include a website firewall which further reduces server load on your website and boosts page load time. The ideal platform for developers, StackPath’s API offers a wealth of tools and programming environment that allows you to integrate your app or website into the system with little effort.


  • Real-time Analytics
  • Serverless scripting
  • Custom Rules Engine for automated behavior Delivery
  • Built-in Asset Optimization
  • Origin shield for delivery optimization and protection
  • SSL Certificate Management
  • Direct connect to reduce bottlenecks

Rackspace CDN

Rackspace is a powerful cloud-based content delivery network that can speed up your website loading times by caching your static files and delivering them from servers closest to your visitors. While it might be a little more complicated to set up than some other CDN services, Rackspace is worth the extra effort for its wealth of features and WordPress compatibility. Plus, with DDoS mitigation included, you can rest assured that your website will stay online even in the face of the most vicious attacks.


  • Cloud control panel integration
  • Instant provisioning
  • Akamai Content Delivery Network
  • Whole site delivery and acceleration
  • Multiple Interface Options
  • DDOS attack origin protection
  • Custom SSL
  • Privately managed cloud solutions
  • Access control using access rules
  • Granular control

Imperva (formerly Incapsula)

Formerly Incapsula now Imperva has strategically located servers all over the world, including a data center in South America. Imperva is a cloud-based security platform that provides DDoS protection, failover services and load balancing.

The bot recognition engine on the service reduces false positives in case of even sophisticated layer 7 attacks by identifying malicious traffic at an earlier stage to help protect your website from being taken down entirely or harmed significantly .

For those unaware, hackers often target specific areas within websites making them extremely hard (if not impossible) for you as web designer/internet entrepreneur founder who must deal with this situation when things go wrong!

Impervas extra Layer-Dos Protection serves up some pretty sweet features too–like FTP backup & email coverage so all important business processes stay intact no matter what happens out there online; plus automatic updates via our always secure CloudFront

It’s simple to set up and works well with caching and other plugins. Their globally-located servers make sure your content is delivered quickly and securely, no matter where in the world your readers are. Plus, with application firewall, SSL, and DDoS protection included in all paid plans, you can rest assured that your site is safe and secure. Sign up today and see the difference Incapsula makes!

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  • DDOS Protection
  • Secure CDN
  • System minimum downtime
  • Risk identification
  • Enhanced performance

Amazon Cloudfront

Amazon Cloudfront is a web service that speeds up the distribution of your static and dynamic web content, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, videos, and photos. Cloudfront works with Akamai, the world’s largest and most trusted content delivery network (CDN).

Amazon Cloudfront securely delivers data with low latency and high transfer speeds, through 310+ globally dispersed Points of Presence (PoPs). And with the AWS Free Tier, you can get started with Cloudfront today at no cost. Plus, their traffic encryption and access controls help keep your data safe, while the DDoS protection shields your site from attack. Cut costs by consolidating requests and customizing your pricing options to fit your needs.


  • Low latency and high transfer speeds
  • Secure data delivery
  • Reduce latency with global PoPs
  • Reduced DDoS attack risk
  • Save money on your CDN service
  • Get the most out of your Amazon Web Services account
  • Leverage a global CDN


Cloudflare is a CDN service provider that offers free high-speed website application firewall protection to all its users. Regardless of how much traffic your site generates, Cloudfare will protect you against DDoS attacks and other threats with their robust offering for no cost. The best part about this proposition? It doesn’t matter what plan size suits you – any user can access the full range of features without interruption on either Pro or Free plans!

Cloudflare also secures websites from harmful activities like DDoS assaults, automated bots, and other malicious intrusions.

Without requiring prior experience as a developer, the plugin enables website operators to simply integrate applications into their sites rather than having to code them.

We allow developers to execute Javascript on our strong edge network, allowing them to get as close to a user as possible. This reduces latency and improves the experience for users like you!

They administer millions of Internet domains and provide great features like SSL and content distribution to each one. Many of the websites and services you use on a daily basis are running in the background, keeping them up and running.


KeyCDN is a reliable content delivery network that you can rely on to deliver your website’s pages quickly and efficiently. It has fully optimized hardware, so even if there are any surprises coming out of the blue (like sudden surges in traffic), they’ll be handled smoothly without anyone experiencing serious bottlenecks or delays like some other providers might cause . With its smart caching system which utilizes IP Anycast technology combined with latency based routing algorithms; this service makes sure every visitor gets an awesome user experience!

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It is no secret that customization leads to a personalized user experience. With KeyCDN, you can easily configure the essential components and add it into any CMS or custom application for desired results – which are better than Cloudflare’s offerings in this regard! One feature I absolutely love about their service? The ability optimizes images without distorting quality due its real-time reports giving insights on areas needing special attention; making them perfect if we’re looking at improving page load times across all platforms (PCs/Macs).


• A simple experience
• Allows for more customizability
• Offers real-time reporting to instantly identify problems
• Check out KeyCDN


Sucuri, the firewalls for your web presence. Sucuris WAF and load balancing service in cloudproxy can stop DDoS attacks from getting through to you website – even if it is hosted on Magento or Drupal! They also block SQL injections which could pose as a security vulnerability while allowing customers to use custom SSL certificates with higher priced plans when needed most.

Sucuri offers a variety of services to help protect your website including full monitoring, security scanning and removal options. Their paid plans are cheaper than Cloudflare’s Pro plan which includes only basic features without any malware protection or DDoS mitigation tools included in them at all!


  • Sucuri is a platform-agnostic WAF
  • Uses multiple methods to protect your website from malware, intruders, and hacks
  • Provides encryption for free with Lets Encrypt SSL certificate

Other WordPress CDN Services:

  • Bunny
  • CDN77
  • Fastly
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MaxCDN

Why use a WordPress CDN Service?

There are many advantages to using a CDN, including better performance and a better user experience. The following are some of the benefits of utilizing a CDN:

  1. Enhanced Speed – Because your site’s load time is one of the most important factors that determine if a user stays on your website or not, using a CDN can help it load faster.
  2. Better User Experience – With a CDN, your website will be faster and have a lower bounce rate. It also raises the number of pages per user that visit your site. Clearly, a quick website implies a better user experience.
  3. Improved SEO – A CDN will improve your WordPress SEO and help you rank better in search engines. According to Google, faster sites are more likely to rank well in search engines. A CDN can aid with keyword optimization and help you achieve higher ranking scores.
  4. Site Reliability – With a CDN, you may distribute the burden across many servers rather than having all traffic go to our main server, lowering the chance of it crashing.
  5. Security – CDN servers are geographically dispersed, hence, there are fewer chances of your site being affected by a DDoS attack.
  6. Lower Costs – If you have a server with higher bandwidth, it can be costly. CDNs help you save on both bandwidth and hosting costs.

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