9 Best Web Browser for Android TV in 2022

9 Best Web Browser For Android Tv In 2022

These are the greatest internet browsers for Android TV Box, and they work flawlessly.

Many people are unaware that you can use your Android TV as a PC as well.

There are Android TV web browsers that enable you to access certain websites, play movies from anywhere on the internet, check email, and so forth.

If this seems like something you’d be interested in, this article is for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the top web browsers for Android TV and other smart TVs.

What is Android TV?

Android TV is a version of Google’s Android operating system designed specifically for televisions. The multitude of features built into it makes it all the more interesting. For instance, you might use the Google Play Store for downloading and installing all of your favorite mobile apps. You can as well use a web browser to access them from a third-party web.

It also come with a built-in Voice Assistant, which eliminates the need for a remote controller in order simple stuffs like switching between your apps, increasing volume and lot more.

You’d can also use the built in Chromecast to you to transmit content from your Android mobile to your TV.

Among all, this does not come pre-installed with any browser to access the web, it’s quite understandable that our Smart TV is not like your regular PC where you do work related stuffs that need you to constantly use the browser, nevertheless, there are some instances you’d want to make use of the browser on your smart TV. In the light of this, we have put together the list of the best browser you can install on your Android TV.

This is a very versatile list, we made sure to add all of the finest web browsers for Android TV that operate well and are easy to use.as far as user experience is concerned.

All the web browsers on this list have been confirmed to work effectively with the remote navigation on Android TV.

Some web browsers trick their users into believing that they are compatible with Android TV, but one thing is running an app, another is getting the best of experience from using the app on a particular device. In the light of this we’ve made sure to exclude such browsers, in the likes of Opera, TVWeb, and Kiwi, etc.

1. Firefox for Android TV

Best Browsers for Android TV (December 2020)

Firefox is a fantastic browser for Android TV. It’s designed to be used for Android TV and has a card-like interface with quick scrolling navigation at the top. Here are three ways to get started with ARML: either enter the link online, search using voice command, or just open any card you like.

The coolest thing is that you can sync your Firefox account, which takes your passwords, clipboard, favorite websites to the desktop, and much more with you.
IMozilla began developing a TV version of Firefox about 4 years ago and has continued in that direction till last year.

If you want a specialized browser for Android TV, I would recommend Firefox. Also, note that the app is not currently on the Play Store for reasons know to the developers. There are quite a number of tutorials and guides on how to sideload FireFox APK on your Smart TV.

Download: Firefox for Android TV (Free)

2. JioPagesTV

jiopagesTV android tv browser

JioPages is a web browser made by Reliance Jio that aims to provide optimal browsing experience on low-end devices. The company claims that Jio pages is the first ever web browser developed by a telecom company. It has been built from scratch and is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

It supports all Indian languages and has an inbuilt data saving mode to help users save on data costs.

The browser also offers other features such as Web Push notifications, video streaming, search engines and social media support for Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Users can also avail themselves of a special feature called as “Off-line Mode” which allows them to browse without being connected to the internet, this is especially useful for people who are travelling or find themselves in areas with poor mobile reception.
More Features:

  • Hassle-free installation on your TV, just by downloading the browser.
  • No need to sideload APKs – just download and install. That’s all!
  • Works just like a regular browser, with no lag!
  • You can watch TV shows and movies on any browser at any time.
  • Discover trending videos in your region with the JioPagesTV browser.
  • Browse privately thanks to incognito browsing.
  • Read your favorite articles, watch videos and explore the latest happenings in the world with the integrated PDF reader.
  • Download all of your favorite media with ease.
  • Browse through an endless variety of TV shows, movies, and other entertainment stuff.

Download: JioPagesTV

3. TV Bro

5 Best Browsers for Android TV You Can Use

The TV Bro web browser is an open-source project that’s designed for TV screens. It only has the most popular, one hundred websites included in the browser, so you can surf the web without using up too much of your data. It is still in beta phase and now available on Google Play Store with over 100,000 downloads and 3.9 rating.

More Features:

  • It brings all the content that you need to your fingertips, without the clutter.
  • Better, more efficient way to find your favorite websites.
  • Intuitive design that lets you browse effortlessly on Android TV.
  • Completely open-source.
  • Offers a powerful, quick browsing experience.
  • Allows you to download videos from YouTube and other popular video streaming websites.
  • Unlimited, free access for all users.
  • The remote control is compatible with your Android TV and it features smooth scrolling for a better reading experience.
  • With a click of a button, you can easily scroll through your favorite blogs without having to use the mouse or keyboard.
  • Tabs are preserved when you close the browser, so you could start where you left off.
  • Support for multiple tabs, so that you can have more than one TV show episode or video running at any given time.
  • No need to rely on an extension to keep your tabs in sync. The developers have already thought of it for you!

Download: TV Bro

4. Puffin TV Browser

Best Browsers for Android TV (December 2020)

The Puffin TV Browser is a browser for Android TV that supports both Flash and HTML5 videos. The browser features a full-screen mode that enhances viewing experience, as well as a design optimized for TVs.

Puffin offers the ability to download videos from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and more. It also supports HTML5 video streaming from any website with YouTube-like player.

More Features:

  • Fully compatible with Android TVs
  • Install and run the app without hassle
  • Fast and smooth browsing experience
  • Watch videos from a variety of websites without any restrictions
  • A daily limit for free usage
  • Pay only if you love the product
  • Puffin is the best when it comes to operating on Android TV.
  • Comes with a bevy of features that make browsing easy, like in-app language translation, inbuilt video streaming service and voice search.
  • One of the most well-designed applications to ever grace the Play Store.
  • You can use your TV’s remote to easily browse through movies, TV Shows, and much more.
  • It also has an inbuilt media player for playing back all your content in the comfort of your own couch.
  • It’s a standalone app and available to install from Google Play Store.
  • It has its own QR-generating function, so you can send addresses to your TV by scanning the QR code with your phone.
  • You can also use the app as a remote control for your Android TV device (using the same wifi network)
  • Unlimited access to your project
  • User experience that is more interactive and intuitive
  • Save time and money by not having to purchase additional browser extensions or plugins
  • Limited free usage with a pro plan
  • User has the option of seeing the site that they’re browsing as it is displayed to people in the US. A great option for those who travel between countries and want to keep up with their favorite sites.

Download: Puffin TV browser (Google Play Store)

5. Google Chrome

chrome for android tv

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google, which is used to access the internet. The browser was first released in 2008 and it is currently being used by about two-thirds of all desktop users.

Chrome on Android TV is not as smooth as on a smartphone, which may come as a shock. The Play Store for Android TV does not even include Google Chrome. As a result, you can only sideload the Android TV app from your smartphone.

More Features;

  • Available on major browsers, desktops, and mobiles.
  • It will import all of your bookmarks, passwords etc. from Chrome on your PC or smartphone.
  • Connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to your Android TV to experience the full Chrome.
  • If you don’t have a mouse & keyboard, you can still use it on Android TV, but without the same level of refinement.


Download: Google Chrome (Free)

6. Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet App on Android TV

Samsung Internet Browser is a web browser developed by the Samsung Internet Software Development Center. It comes with many features like ad blocking, video recording, and fingerprint-reading technology. It also supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian and Spanish.

  • Blocks ads and trackers that may be presenting online security risk.
  • The app’s sleek and simple interface ensures that you’re able to quickly track your activities.
  • Font size automatically adjusts to the screen size!
  • With ad blocker and high contrast modes, you can enjoy a perfect viewing experience.
  • Lets you take screenshots too!
  • Healthy color mode that would help you see better in high-glare or low-light environments
  • Night mode that will let you tweak the display for a comfortable viewing experience

Download: Samsung Internet Browser (Sideload APK via APKMirror)

7. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo TV Browser

DuckDuckGo‘s another web browser that is popular for protecting searchers’ privacy. In addition, it includes several customization options for you to personalize your surfing experience as a Smart TV browser.

  • Blocks any invasive ads, videos, images – an ad-free browsing experience
  • Specifically optimizes UI for the large TV screen
  • Provides a diverse range of content that is tailored to your preferences instead of relying on algorithms
  • Lets you download any media without other people knowing what you’re viewing.
  • Provides an efficient way to learn new things.
  • You can use this for educational purposes.
  • The easiest way to get rid of pesky emails, one at a time.
  • A seamless app that lets you execute your deletion with just one press of a button.
  • Sleek dark mode that’s sure to please the eyes!

Download: DuckDuckGo (Sideload APK via APKMirror)

8. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser for Android TV OS

Kiwi Browser has found success by providing features that block ads. This could be because they provide extra security and/or make the website browsing experience more enjoyable for users.

  • Translate to your desired language (by opening them up with the built-in translator app) in the blink of an eye with this built-in translator app.
  • Give your eyes a break from those glaring lights by switching to dark mode.
  • It might not be optimized for Android TV, but the team wouldn’t stop working on it.
  • Completely ad-free browsing experience that provides uninterrupted reading experience.

  • Navigation is simplified with a clean user interface, making it comfortable to explore the web.

  • Block intrusive ads for your moments of peace and quiet without risking your browser crashing.

Download: Kiwi Browser (Sideload APK via APKMirror)

9. TV Web Browser

TVWeb Browser on Android TV OS

A respectable browser that has been specifically designed for your Android TV and the name alone tells it all. The browser is simple and quick to use, with enough functionality for an immersive experience.

The end result is a simple and clean user interface with readily accessible menus that can be selected from the left menu bar of the browser area.

More features of the TV Web Browser;

  • Switch between your desired search engines seamlessly.
  • Organize your bookmarks and browsing history at a glance.
  • Inbuilt voice search to help you find anything effortlessly.
  • Also compatible with the Android TV remote for best of experience

Download: TV Web Browser (Sideload APK via Aptoide)

Final Verdict

Yes, I hope you really do find the best web browser for your Android TV as a result of this detailed guide.

Overall, all the web browsers are fantastic, none without it’s peculiarity and shortcomings, but for us, our best picks would be puffin, Firefox and TV bro browsers.

Even though usage per day is limited on puffin browser, We love how much this nifty browser supports android TV remote and how you can use QR to automate the process of typing in your URL.

Android TV Web browser FAQ

Does Android TV come with a web browser?

Even though android mart TV don’t come eith default browser, you can install one yourself if youd like to, which is what this guide has been about; helping you pick the best web browser for your Android TV.

Can You Install a browser like Chrome or Firefox on Android TV?

Yes, you can install a browser on Android TV and here is the list of the best ones you might want to consider.

To install some of the web browsers such as Chrome, you’d have to sideload the APK file. For some others like puffin browser, you can directly download it to your Android TV from Google play store.

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