10 Best Tools to Remove/Change Background of Videos Online

10 Best Tools To Remove Change Background Of Videos Online 2022

Do you want to remove some unwanted background from your video? Are there things in your video background preventing you from posting it? Do not worry. Before now, the case above was a big issue, but not anymore.

Most times, you shoot your video in a poor background, and it becomes a problem posting a video with such an unattractive background. There are now so many tools available online that you can easily use to edit those videos and remove or probably change the unwanted background.

10 tools to remove background from videos online in 2022

In no particular order, here are some of the finest tools to remove background from Videos online.

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora Wondershare

Wondershare Filmora is editing software that lets you remove video background easily. As an editing tool, it has lots of features and effects that can give your video a professional outlook.

Wondershare Filmora can remove unwanted background even without a green screen in just a click using the AI portrait feature. Wondershare Filmora gives a satisfying outcome as a product from a stress-free operation. A yearly subscription with Filmora is $39.99, and a $59.99 subscription is for a lifetime.



All it takes to remove or change your video background is Kapwing. Kapwing is an amazing free and powerful editing tool that can be useful in removing the already existing background in a video and adding another one if so wished.

Kapwing does not just remove backgrounds, it also has other features as an overall editing tool that helps to trim videos, merge two videos, and add texts, images, stickers, and emojis to video.

Removing background from videos using Kapwing can be very easy. Just a tap on the screen or a press on the button can do that depending on the device used. Most of the amazing features of Kapwing is reserved for premium plan users, which could cost $17 monthly

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To use Kapwing

  • Open the Kapwing online studio and upload therein your video
  • Select the video later
  • Click on the effect tab and select the remove background option
  • Complete your editing and export a background-free video.



Removing the background from a photo can be a piece of cake, but when it comes to videos, the whole story is turned around. With unscreen, removing the video background is as easy if not easier than removing the photo background.

In a few seconds, your video background can be removed automatically, giving you a new and clean outcome. Video editors need not spend much time again trying to remove or change the video background manually when a click can solve the problem.

Upload your video now, and let the unscreen tool finish the work for you

Cutout pro

Cutout pro is also an automatic video background removal tool well known in the video editing family. Logging in to their website online gives you room to remove or change your video background without having to download the tool as an application in your phone or software on your computer system.

To use cutout pro

  • Go to “effects” located on the left-hand side of the camera side
  • Select keying. Once selected, a black background appears
  • Then upload a new photo or video on the timeline that you want to replace the background with
  • Once uploaded to the already blank background, you’ll see the initial background removed.

Cut-out pro is not free. They offer a dependable subscription plan where you can remove background, greenscreen or not, for as low as $0.099 per credit. Also, they have a pay-as-you-go option where you have to pay $0.499 per credit

Veed Io Online Video Editor App

Veed uses the pipette dropper feature to remove the non-green screen background without stress. Veed is filled with amazing filters and effects that allow you to edit your videos beautifully. It also has tools for adding texts, cropping videos, adding images, emojis and others.

Veed is free but some excellent features are reserved for basic and premium subscribers. A monthly basic subscription runs for $12 monthly, while the premium subscription runs for $24 monthly.

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VSDC is editing software that runs on desktops and laptops than smartphones. It is one of the best editing tools that can be used to remove the background in a video. The software has so many features that can remove video background, change the video background, merge videos, cut and zoom videos and even add some extra effects, texts, images, stickers, and filters. It uses a chroma key to enable these changes. It allows for immediate sharing of video to YouTube and other social media platforms after editing, but the tool is somewhat complicated and not suitable for beginners

To use VSDC

  • Enter the VSDC timeline and click on the scene 0 tab
  • Click the green button with the inscription” add an object at the top section.”
  • Select the image or video file that would be used to replace the background
  • When you select the new file, there will be a new frame in the scene.
  • To adjust this as the background, you need to right-click and select choose order one larger down to adjust the background that you selected.
  • You can use VSDC for free, but the premium plan is $19.99 per month.



Chromavid is a mobile app available for Androids and iOS that you can use to create and edit all videos of your choice using the chroma key.

With Chromavid in your smartphone, you can create professional videos with any background of your choice different from the original one.

Adobe premiere pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

You can easily use the Adobe premiere pro editing tool to remove unwanted background from your video. This tool is easy to use, but it’s better in the hands of professionals than newbies. The editing tool is not free as it costs $27.62 monthly and $239.88 yearly to subscribe to the premiere pro package.

Adobe premiere pro tools are very popular and widely used amongst notable filmmakers and professional video editors because it has high video titling and graphics, multiple formats, VR audio editing, effects and motion graphics template, and so on.

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Even a beginner can completely control this editing tool. It is mild and can be used to edit videos of less professional videos like in-house party videos, mini-vacation videos, birthday party videos, and casual video recordings

To use Movavi

  • Import tour videos and
  • Open the background tab to select the picture
  • Click on add “add icon” to add a video track
  • Make your video along the track in the timeline
  • Go to properties and click on the picture to adjust the picture in the background
  • Once done, you can edit further, preview, and export to wherever you want it



Every video editor knows kine master because of its simplicity and easy-to-use nature. Most beginners prefer to use it because, with just a tap, you can remove your video background and continue with other included professional editing features.

Removing video background with kine master is best and easier if the video was recorded on a green screen, if not, there will be watermarks, and the outcome will not be pleasing.

To properly use kinemaster,

  • Upload first the new background you’ll want to change to
  • Click on the layer
  • Enable chroma key
  • Slide along the clip to match the background

This package runs for Androids and iOS, but the monthly subscription is about $4.99 and $39.99 yearly.


You won’t have to face lots of problems anymore with video editing and changing of video background if you make use of any of the above-listed editing tools.

It is clear that some tools are free, some are expensive, and others are very expensive. It is good that you look at their key features and choose the most suitable for you.

I hope the article will help you make the best choice for your video editing.


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