10 Best Source Code Search Engines in 2022

10 Best Source Code Search Engines

Many programmers search for the most satisfactory source codes for their work. Unfortunately, it takes more time than ever expected. To figure out the best source code to use, you need to be conversant with many source codes that exist, and that is why you need the source code search engines. It brings to your doorstep all source codes that you’ll be needing, their features, and what each can do best.

In this article, I’ll be giving you the 10 best source code search engines you can call on to when you need a source code.


GitHub is an open-source code search engine that gives you access to different codes. GitHub is otherwise known as Google search code. It is the most popular and effective code search engine.

Millions of web developers, programmers, and software designers get the chance to explore different source codes that will help in building their apps, managing their projects, or even building their software. Just with the aid of this search engine. Google is the king of all search engines, but GitHub fights to occupy that position as far as code search is concerned. It gives a wide range of results with an excellent level of documentation.


Codase source code search engine allows you to access correct results and findings as far as source code is concerned. It understands programming language and uses it to sort codes in the appropriate order.

It makes use of indexing to produce a high-quality result. With CODASE, you are sure of every line of code seen in your search results because they are sorted carefully and compiled by a powerful source code analysis engine. CODASE has a high level of accuracy in its result dispensation.

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CODASE gives you the chance to search codes and programs such as functions, macros, constants, classes, and other programming languages and details.


KRUGLE is very effective in locating open-source codes. KRUGLE does not just help you find source codes but allows you to share them with other programmers and developers. It aids the sharing by making collaboration resources available (a great feature of KRUGLE) to enhance the interaction.

Another feature of KRUGLE is the changeSit feature that allows you to set or change any operations to what suits you.


One of the most outstanding features of the SNIPPLR is that it holds up (saves) all commonly used pieces of code and HTML, and shares them with other programmers. SNIPPLR makes your code search easier by gathering you’re most often used codes and putting them together in a place. Also, allow you to log in through Facebook and proceed with your search.


Public www HTML code search engine  through affiliate marketing. But how? It gathers its results from affiliate marketing and digital trading research. This different method of unleashing results makes it highly exceptional.

Public www has a wide range of coverage and is ready to provide answers in detail on searches that seemed difficult with other source code search engines. The results that will display are those related to the code earlier searched, which could be about 1000 results per search.


OHLOH/ black duck” could also be called “O hub” It’s a much more comprehensive source code search engine. Ohloh may not accept other languages, just codes. Many programmers sought Ohloh so much because it’s free, easy, and has many source code coverage of about 10 billion lines. To give the best results, Ohloh integrates to become an upgraded form of Koders.

With the syntax highlighting support, Ohloh gives you the best access to the source code you seek. In the upgraded versions, Ohloh releases details on the composition and activities of project code bases.

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Koders belongs to Black Duck software, and it helps users locate their desired source codes. Koders is free and has a code range of about 2.5 billion lines of code. Koders help software developers to browse and search source code.

By indexing and accessing projects in open source via the web, Koders get their source codes included in the Koders source code search and releases more results per search.


ByteMyCode/Code Gravity poses as the safest and easiest medium used to get source codes transferred to fellow programmers or anyone who needs it. Not just that, with code gravity, you can share, comment and rate code snippets with ease. I don’t know how it may sound, but I’ll recommend bytemycode when you need to send your source code to the other guys.


Merobase is a search engine known for two main functions. First, locating components of the software. Second, searching for source codes. Merobase provides results for text-based queries or materials written in c sharp. Merobase has an abstract method of looking up answers. It May not just be for codes alone but also for supporting candidate matching solutions like test-driven search and keyword-based search.


In open Source software development, programmers frequently refer to source codes written by others. In this situation, Gonzui helps out. It gives the borrowing programmers an insight, and with its sensitivity to storing the frequently used codes, your wish becomes granted. Gonzui is a search engine with vast quantities of open source codes and helps programmers develop quality software effectively.

How do I find the best source codes?

Finding the correct codes is not usually easy, but few tips can be of help to you.

  1. Ensure that the codes you choose are those you can read perfectly. Avoid codes you can’t understand or read.
  2. Some codes lack maintenance and updating; avoid such codes.
  3. Endeavor to choose codes that have been well tested and are in line with the work you’re doing at that point.
  4. Choose codes that other programmers know. Codes widely used by others are better and can be easier to handle.
  5. Use properly documented codes.
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This source Code search engine aims at helping programmers develop programs more effectively with the aid of their elaborate source code coverage that may be through indexing or more.

Knowing the correct source code comes from using the right source code search engine, and I know you’ve been able to get acquainted with some of the source code search engines that exist, it will be easier for you to get through.


How to Search the Page Source Code in Chrome?

To search the source code of a web page in Chrome, press Ctrl + U (or Command + U on a Mac). This will open the source code in a new tab. You can then use the find bar at the top of the window to search for specific text on the page.

How to search source code of websites?

There are a few different ways that you can search for the source code of websites. One way is to use a search engine such as Google. Simply type in “” (without the quotes) and Google will return all of the pages on that site that contain source code.

Another way to find website source code is to use the web browser’s “view source” feature. In most browsers, you can access this by right-clicking on a page and selecting “view source” from the menu that appears. This will open up the page’s HTML code in your web browser’s default text editor.

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