20 Best React Landing Page Templates of 2022

20 Best React Landing Page Templates Of 2022

Landing page templates are the backbone of any successful online marketing campaign. They help organizations achieve their marketing goals by providing them with all the tools they need to create a landing page design that converts visitors into customers.

The landing page has a wholistic objective of capturing the attention of internet users and persuading them to take an action, such as signing up for a service, making a purchase, or simply giving their e-mail address.

A landing page should be concise and should provide visitors with whatever it is they need before sending them to another site or asking them to fill out a form.

A good landing page template should have a clear call-to-action button in a prominent place on the page. This button can be in different places depending on what offers you’re offering and how your site is structured. You want a call-to-action button that stands out from the rest of the design, either by being bright red with large text or by being an icon with an arrow pointing towards it.

Therefore, it is critical that landing pages are carefully planned out and executed with messaging that clearly conveys your company’s expertise and value proposition to your target market.

Landing pages are required to be designed in such a way that it can convert visitors into leads and ultimately customers for the company. Here’s why:

– Optimize conversion rates

– Track individual visitor behaviour

– Deliver personalized content to the visitor

React Js Landing Pages

React Js is a JavaScript library that can be used to create interactive, user-friendly web pages. It is commonly used to develop single-page web applications.

Below are some examples of modern landing page designs created using React Js; they are a near-perfect example of how to create an effective landing page.

For your ease of reference, we have compiled a list of 20 Best React Landing Page Templates you can use for – business, startup, marketing, apps, SaaS, and portfolio websites.

1. Landy 

Cover image for Free React landing page template

If you are a developer, this is the perfect landing page for your project. Build your own website with this Landy React landing template in just minutes. It’s ready to go right out of the box with unlimited pages, content blocks, and the fastest possible load time. It’s also fully responsive, so it can be viewed on any device.

This React landing page template was created to demonstrate the basics of building a landing page with React. This project gives you a chance to learn basic principles in React and Front-end Development and the best part is that you only have to work through it for a few hours.


  • Smooth animations, faster load times, and better user experience.
  • Contact form built with React Hooks and error validations.
  • Multi-lingual support: You can translate your texts into English, Spanish, French and more.
  • Contact form built with React Hooks and error validations: Get the maximum amount of visitors and the best quality of contact.
  • Set of ready to use sections and all content stored in the JSON files: Change things up as you please without any prior knowledge required.

2. Olmo

Olmo React Landing Page Templates With Next Js

Olmo React Landing Template is a Pixel-Perfect, Lovely Design. It’s perfect for showcasing your software project. It’s quick and easy to use. It’s also flexible & creative to provide an interesting high-converting website that market your Software, App, SaaS, Startup or business projects. With Olmo React Templates, you’ll have a stunning website in no time! A professionally designed templates with pixel-perfect and made out of the best components. Each template is wonderfully crafted to provide a sparkle in your eyes.

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  • Simple, clean design with perfect pixel accuracy
  • A wide range of designs to select from including business, corporate, landing pages and more
  • Take advantage of the web app to easily create your very own designs in seconds
  • Crafted with detail for an impressive start
  • fully responsive design that fits perfectly on various displays and resolutions
  • Built with Bootstrap 5.x for responsiveness
  • Well structured for easy understanding

3. Landrick

Landrick React Landing Page Template

The next big thing in landing page design is here! Enjoy the simplicity of the new Landrick React template by combining a clean & crisp design with powerful react components. This template is an ideal solution for your agency or software company, as it’s responsive and comes with many different possibilities for your business. With this template, you can choose to go ahead with a minimalistic approach.

4. Dorsin

Dorsin React Landing Page Template

Dorsin is a beautiful, clean, and slick responsive landing page template built with ReactJs and the most popular front-end framework Bootstrap. It would be perfect for an app product showcase, startups, personal websites, web agencies, clean app landing with beautiful images. This is a great product for any type of business that has an idea or invention to market.

5. Superprops

Superprops React Landing Page Templates With Next Js Gatsby Js

React Next Landing Page is a react template that allows you to quickly build landing pages for your React projects. Superprop React is the best way to build dynamic landing pages with React, Next Js, Gatsby Js & Styled Components. Tap into the React components and mono repositories to build a variety of modern apps that communicate with a common set of code and components. You can easily use this landing page to host your next project into or similar services. This is easy to deploy and comes with our complete firebase integration.

6. Trydo

Trydo React Agency And React Portfolio Template

React is the JavaScript library that gives you the ability to build user interfaces. The powerful combination of React and Bootstrap 4 makes it simple to build your site, web application or even mobile app without writing any code.

Gather the best designers and creatives with this fresh and modern template. Get your portfolio and website up and running in no time. With features such as the Creative Agency, Creative Agency Landing, Personal Portfolio, Personal Portfolio Landing, Minimal Portfolio, and Home Parallax component for your site’s homepage.

It’s time to rethink the way you’re doing your design portfolio. Upgrade your showcase with Trydo’s insanely fast loading template, which also comes with a modern design, responsive layout, and blazing-fast load times.

7. Dandelion Pro

Dandelion Pro React Admin Dashboard Template

React Boilerplate is a ReactJS boilerplate that simplifies the process of building an application with ReactJS. Dandelion Pro is a complete ReactJS admin template based on React Boilerplate. It provides you clean modern design and high performance react app with various color theme that follow Material Design concept.

8. Omega

Omega React Gatsby Next Landing Page Template

Omega React is a fast, lightweight, and customizable landing page that is built with the latest technology React, Gatsby Js, Next Js and Styled Components. React Components allow you to build more apps from within one-application. You can reuse a set of components to create a different app or website, without having to start from scratch every time. Go ahead and apply our file management system to any of your pages. You’ll be able to redo your landing page in no time! The system provides a really easy-to-use design tool which you can use to edit & change things up whenever you see fit.

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9. Imroz

Imroz React Agency Portfolio Template

Imroz React Next Landing is a powerful and comfortable product which you can use for your personal and professional projects. With Imroz React Next Landing, you have a huge range of options to choose from, including 16+ Home Variations, along with 15+ Page Variations. Imroz React Next Landing is the perfect tool for any designer.

10. FlexiBlocks

Flexiblocks React Gatsby Landing Page Templates

React & GatsbyJS allow you to create a landing page for your website in a matter of minutes. With the FlexiBlocks React template, you can start a website with a professional design and then tweak it later on to your needs.

Start building your site today with FlexiBlocks Gatsby templates. The most advanced and flexible platform for building Gatsby sites. With FlexiBlocks Gatsby template, you can create beautiful websites with a wide range of features and features without any coding knowledge.

A unique set of React hooks make it easier to rapidly build, deploy and maintain your site. You can try out the new template and build the rest of your site and assets on the fly. If you want to change anything, just update the JSON files and start working again!

FlexiBlocks Gatsby template comes with a great selection of ready-to-use templates that can be quickly integrated into your website or blog. You can also design your own template from scratch by using the JSON files as a starting point.

Innovative React hooks have been designed specifically for this purpose so you can launch faster with less code duplication.

11. Tovo

Tovo React App Landing Page

With Tovo, you can deliver your website to the world in style. It has the features you need, to work on any device. It is responsive and will adapt to fit perfectly on any screen size. With Tovo, you get a simple design that looks great on all screens.

Tovo React Landing is a clean, beautiful, responsive landing page that helps to promote your app. It’s easy to customise and includes a pre-made app showcase, app store, and an app website.

Tovo React is a modern, time-saving React landing page template that’s perfect for any service, app, or product. Use it to stand out from your competitors with style and modern design.

Want to use the same design across multiple devices, but still want to keep your landing page looking sleek and modern? Then Tovo React Landing is for you. This site is an easy-to-upgrade, beautiful, responsive landing page template that will not only work for your website but also allow you to save templates for future use.

12. Pagerland

Pagerland React And Gatsby Landing Page Templates

Pagerland React Landing can be customized to suit your needs with a powerful editor and quick design tools. It is the ultimate landing page template for your website. Its design is crafted in Figma by professional designers. Whether you need to create an advertising site, a startup site or just a personal blog, Pagerland will do the job smoothly.

13. Luxiren

Luxiren React Landing Page Collection

Luxiren React Landing is a beautiful landing page collection for your next web or mobile app. It’s built with React, Next Js, Material UI, Sketch files included. React.js is a programming framework for building user interface components that enable building interactive and dynamic web apps. This template is built on the Material UI library and is designed to be used with other popular libraries such as Redux, SASS/SCSS, and Node-JS. We are sure you will fall in love with this.

14. Saasland

Saasland Multipurpose React Template For Startup Business

Saasland React JS is an innovative design library built in the React framework for creating stunning web interfaces, programmers who love to work with React JS will find this one super-interesting. It’s code base is robust and developer friendly. It is purely React-based, no jQuery needed! It’s very easy to use and extend. Saasland React JS properly documented to help ease up your workflow.

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15. Evelynn

Evelynn Material Ui React Saas Product Landing Page

Evelynn React landing is a SaaS/Product landing page that comes with minimal design and built with React Material UI and create react app. Each page section has its own jsx and SCSS files, organized in components and sass directory structure. Pair ReacT and React-Material-UI to create a simple yet powerful landing page for your SaaS/Product. The result is a clean design with minimal code.

16. John

John React Minimal Html Portfolio Onepage Template Preview

John React landing template is the first React full screen slider template. It is an elegant and creative way for your visitors to explore your website. It also allows you to create a time-based animated slideshow that’s perfect for weddings, birthdays, or any other special occasion. The most advanced React landing page focused on user experience. JohnReact Landing Page was developed with latest you can build multiple apps with common components. You can use these landing for your React portfolio. It’s repurpose to fit your project needs.

17. Mojosa

Mojosa React Next Multipurpose Landing Page Template

Mojosa is a landing page template that can be used to pitch your product and it’s amazing features. Mojosa comes with the standard package of Next.js, React, and ES6+. It also includes a pre-built demo application to give you a good idea of what Mojosa can do. Mojossa comes with prebuilt customizable advanced structural components for each niche, easily customizable, inner pages, single and multipage design, 100% event-driven. The Mobile-First design of the template looks beautiful, striking, and captivating on all types of screens and devices. Landing page variations are also available such as SaaS, App, Digital Marketing, Product etc.

18. sApp

Sapp React Gatsby App Landing Page

sApp is the best React App Landing Page for your app presentation. sApp is mobile-friendly, fully responsive and looks great on all mobile devices. With this template, you can create a professional landing page to show off your app! We have been using this template to promote our product and have seen a significant boost in conversions. We have also been able to improve our SEO rankings, resulting in higher organic traffic. This Landing Page is a simple and fast landing page, Reactive, Responsive and managed by ReactDOM. It can also manage REST API call. It has 6 variations of the homepage as well as 16 inner pages. It is easy to customize and integrate with Bootstrap 4.

19. AppCo

Appco React App Landing Page Template

React AppCo is a responsive, mobile-friendly app showcase template. It is fully HTML/CSS/JS, meaning it is responsive and mobile-friendly, and the code can be changed to fit any device (desktop, tablet or mobile). The clean design of the template allows you to create great-looking pages. Powerful tools, customizable SEO friendly, App Landing Page template.

20. Appion

Appion Gatsby Home Appion React Gatsby Nextjs Landing

Appion is the best gatsby-next theme for landing pages. With React, Nextjs, Gatsby, Styled Components it is easy to build stunning websites. With the growth of front-end development, there are many new things on the market. One of them is reusable React components. These components make it possible to build multiple apps with common components Appion React is the most advanced, modern, and user-friendly development framework for Gatsby. Get started with React, Gatsby, Vercel, or Firebase. Get started with 100% cross-browser compatibility. Experience reliable performance, and comes with styled components that are easy to use and reusable.





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