10 Best mobile apps to learn sign language (iOS & Android)

10 Best Mobile Apps To Learn Sign Language

Whether you have a hearing disability or are just interested in learning sign language, there are many apps that can help.

From teaching the alphabet to vocabulary words and phrases, these apps will not only teach you how to sign but also provide examples of what different signs look like.

They’re perfect for people who want to learn on their own time!

Learning to sign is a great way for hearing impaired people and those who are learning ASL to communicate.

Learning a new language is not always easy, but it can be done. There are many apps on the market that can teach you to sign language for free. We have compiled a list of 10 of the best apps to learn sign language (iOS & Android) and we hope that they will help you with your learning process!

Android Sign apps

There are great Android sign apps suitable for learning ASL. See some real cool Android apps to communicate with the Deaf community or people who may use American Sign Language (ASL).

1. Signing Exact English

This app teaches everything from basic vocabulary words like “yes” and “no” all the way up to more advanced phrases such as “I am sorry.” It has both an iOS version and an Android version. The iOS version costs $2.99 while the Android one is free of charge.

2. ASL American Sign Language

Want to meet a whole new group of people? Learning American Sign Language will make it happen. We’re here, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know! It’s more than just the basics: with voice-to-text translation features, deaf individuals can share their message in any language they want; while texting capabilities enable those who are hearing impaired or nonverbal to communicate by typing out words on an electronic device instead for using sign language.

3. Sign Language ASL – Pocket Sign

Pocket sign is a new program where you can take ASL lessons with video and interactive questions. Just by watching the videos, you’ll be able to learn ASL quickly! And if your family has hearing difficulty, learning this language will have many advantages for them too- like being better friends with everyone else in your community.

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4. The ASL App

The ASL app is your best bet to learn a new visual language that can be tough for English speakers. For anyone who wants to communicate with Deaf or hearing-impaired people, the interface and content are designed specifically so you have access at your fingertips!

With this app, you can save any signs that are confusing or difficult to remember in your own personal favorites folder and go back for the practice as many times as needed. Even better is that when you’re ready, you can share new skills and knowledge with friends on social media! This will make learning ASL fun by looking at more of a game than just memorizing words.

5. SignSchool: Learn ASL for Free

Learning sign language is easy. With SignSchool’s app, you can learn American Sign Language wherever and whenever! Whether it be on the go or at home, this app lets you explore a variety of topics with our dictionary full of thousands of signs from multiple signers around the country.

In addition to browsing through categories like Animals & Plants or Traveling Signs, we offer games that test your knowledge as well as an interactive vocabulary builder powered by built-in audio pronunciations so you don’t have to worry about learning how each word spells in order for them make sense when spoken out loud – just concentrate on making sure they’re signed correctly instead! Stay tuned too because there are more features coming soon that will enhance your ASL skills even further.

Sign language iOS App

If you’re iPhone or iOS user and want to have an ASL app to learn sign language here are the best ones for you.

6. ASL Dictionary (English to American Sign Language)

Price: $0.99

ASL dictionary has over 15 000 signs and includes videos that allow you to see the sign being used in its natural context as well as an easy way for users of all levels from beginners to advanced speakers to quickly find the sign they are looking for.

ASL Dictionary is the perfect way to learn all of these phrases and words. There are clips with instructions on how you can sign them, as well as a quiz mode where it tests your knowledge of those signs.

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ASL Pro English to American Sign Language: Android only, $0.99 This app is a great tool for students or professionals that want to learn and be able to use sign language in professional settings as well as accommodating people who have hearing impairments and can’t rely on verbal language or gestures alone.

7. Marlee Signs

Price: Free

A visual learning ASL app for the iPhone with a focus on making learning to sign more fun and engaging.

Deaf actress Marlee Matlin’s moving lessons are now at your fingertips. She offers you ASL alphabet and phrases like “Hello,” “Excuse me,” or, if you’re new to sign language, she begins with basic words such as the prepositions of space: up/down/left-right etcetera.

You can use the slowed-down playback, it doesn’t matter how dexterous or not a person is in their fingers because they can still learn from her experience!

Signing Savvy Learn American Sign Language: iOS only, $0.99 This app has over 2000 signs that are categorized by type of sign (e.g., family, eating). The interface is designed so that it is easy to navigate and learn.

8. ASL With Care Bears

Price: $0.99

This is a great app for younger children to learn ASL. It is interactive and colorful with cute Care Bears that teach you the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) as well as more advanced signs like prepositions or colors.

ASL with Care Bears is created by the team that made The ASL App. ASL with Care Bears is designed for kids to assist them in learning American sign language.

It comes packed with over 400 signs and phrases related to feelings, hobbies, friends family and more this app will keep your hands busy.

Kids can learn common signs or popular phrases like “I’m hungry” or “thank you.” They’ll also be introduced to some general terms such as feeling sorry if someone falls down; in other words, heartbroken when they break a bone!

Kids who are just beginning their journey through ASL have an easy time thanks to our read-along feature that displays English onscreen at all times so it’s super clear what each word means during signing sessions while following along with the native speakers.

Learning a new language is not always easy, but it can be done. There are many apps on the market that can teach you sign language for free. We have compiled a list of 10 of the best apps to learn sign language (iOS & Android) and we hope that they will help you with your learning process!

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9. MaxASL

Price: Freemium

MaxASL is a fun way for parents to introduce their children, ages infant-5 years old, to ASL. It would be hard for kids this young to understand the language from watching it on screen and listening but by adding sign in with narration or storytime mode where they can watch without any words spoken at all you offer them a more immersive experience that will also help cement those early signs into long term memory which I know we as adults need too!

With MaxASL’s monthly subscription program you’ll have access not only every one of these stories including downloadable videos so your child has hours upon hours worth of video content available offline when needed but other benefits like unlimited downloads meaning no matter how many times he watches his favorite episode.

It is a reward in itself to be able to communicate with your child without using words. The app will give you the opportunity of witnessing firsthand their joy and laughter, all the while communicating through hand gestures and facial expressions!

10. ASL Study

Free, with in-app purchases.

For those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, the ASL app is specially designed for you to learn American sign language and help individuals with an auditory impairment. The ASL App will allow any person who knows how to speak English to communicate with people that use this form of visual communication.

ASL Study is the perfect app for helping you learn ASL. It’s packed with features that make learning fun and easy, including basics to advanced content. With 450 common sentences and over 8500 words on offer, this is a must-have resource for anyone who wants to connect with people in sign language!

Worthy Mention-Scripts (iOS & Android)

You can learn American Sign Language in five minutes a day with our captivating and playful lessons. You’ll sign each letter of the ASL alphabet, one by one. Scripts effective, fun, and free!


Signing with friends and family is a great way to have fun, but it’s also important for career prospects. Learning sign language can help you communicate better at work or school in the future. Here are some of our favorite apps that teach American Sign Language so you can keep up with your kids’ development as well!

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