10 BEST Mobile Apps for Women Safety (2022)

Best Mobile Apps For Women Safety

In today’s globe, women have more autonomy than at any other time in history. Nevertheless, accidents continue to occur, and women are frequently the targets of criminal acts. Since a large number of other tasks are being completed using mobile devices, one could wonder why not women’s safety.

We have compiled a list of some of the greatest Android applications for women’s personal safety that can be found here. These applications provide women with a variety of features that might help them feel safer, such as an SOS alert, emergency contacts, the ability to share their location, and advice from the community. So, examine the options on the list to choose which one is the most suitable for you.

Being a woman in public may make you feel quite vulnerable at times, despite the fact that you shouldn’t have to experience this feeling. Safety applications and other types of backup may help you and your family members feel more comfortable while going out in public, despite the fact that the victim of violence against women is never at fault for the abuse.

Existing safety measures are often integrated into mobile devices. If you need to make an emergency call on a smartphone, you may bring up the Emergency SOS menu by simultaneously pressing and holding one of the volume buttons and the side button.

This will bring up the option to make an emergency call. On Apple Watch, you need to push and hold the side button to do the same thing. Both choices will put you through a call to the appropriate emergency services for you. On their lock screens, Samsung Android smartphones include buttons that may be used to make emergency calls.

It’s a good idea to double-check that you’ve covered all of your bases before venturing out into the world, whether you’re going for a run or on a first date with someone you’ve never met before. Make sure that your phone’s battery is always fully charged so that you can utilize these emergency applications whenever the situation calls for them.


Noonlight Safety App

I love this app because it provides peace of mind in difficult situations. I can use Noonlight to get help from emergency services when I’m in need, or I can use it to see how the emergency services are responding.

I can also use the app to track the emergency services I’ve requested, which is really helpful when I’m not sure if the emergency services have arrived or not. I like that I can opt for text notifications or notifications on my phone, which is helpful when I’m in class or when I’m with my friends.


Be able to quickly activate your personal safety tracker so you can Livestream and send an alert to the authorities. bSafe has a unique feature that will automatically trigger the video recording if you push the SOS button and is one of the best personal trackers for women’s safety with features like GPS, text tracker, and more.

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Sheroes Mobile App

SHEROES is the first app exclusively for women. It’s an app that connects you with other women, gives you a sense of belonging, and provides you the support to be your best self. SHEROES empowers you to share your thoughts and opinions, helps women find jobs, socialize and make new friends, access health information, and get advice for anything from beauty to safety. SHEROES is here for you whenever you need it.

Letstrack app

The app lets you create a profile for yourself, which includes your location, your preferences for alert types, and your contact information.

The app is designed to help women stay safe from predators that are targeting them. It also lets you share your whereabouts with friends and family members in case of an emergency. The app also has a community-based feature where users can share tips on how to avoid being targeted by predators.

You may talk for free with friends and family using the app. You may also take advantage of incredible features like Zone notifications to find out whether your children have arrived or left school securely.

Letstrack app allows you to deactivate monitoring at any moment for safety and has received over 100,000 downloads. Tracking gadget may be used to monitor vehicles, automobiles, children, and more. You can locate nearby Letstrack users using radar view. Send immediate family members real-time images to reassure them of your safety. includes satellite maps among its several map views. accessible on Apple and Android mobile devices

It’s a very easy-to-use application that has some great features and has no ads. You really can customize it a lot and even compile pre-stored messages to notify people of problems – in case of emergencies or just so they can share in the moment.

Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety App

Microsoft Family Safety App is a digital and physical safety app that puts your family’s online activities in the palm of your hand. With the Microsoft Family Safety App, you can monitor your child’s online activities and set parental controls to keep your children safe from threats of the digital world. Without an internet connection, you can use location sharing to find out the driving activities and location of your family members.

Personal Safety

Now personal safety is at your fingertips with Pixel and Personal Safety. This app has a number of features to help you stay connected with and prepare for emergencies. With one click, you can quickly connect with emergency contacts, send a message to someone in need, get up-to-date emergency information, and more.

Take advantage of powerful new features like predictive notifications and near-daily SOS updates with our apps. Personal Safety alerts you to potential threats and; helps you to keep connected with your emergency contact.


HollaBack is a messaging application that enables users to communicate with one another based on certain #keywords that are relevant to their interests within a radius of up to 25 kilometers (15 miles). The Hollaback app is designed to gather evidence of street harassment in order to present proof to authorities all around the globe on the severity of the issue. It takes note of your location and gives you the opportunity to provide specifics on the manner in which you were harassed or what you saw happening to other people.

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HollaBack will not disclose your location to other users under any circumstances. Even though they utilize your location data to decide who will view your messages, such information is removed before your messages are shown to other users. The app is available on the Google Play Store.


You may choose your friends and family members as your guardians using the Guardian app, allowing them to receive alerts in the event that an urgent situation arises. Only your parents or legal guardians will be able to see the GPS location that you provide.

You also have the option of setting everlasting sharing, which will ensure that your guardians are aware of your whereabouts at all times. They are also able to be informed about the strength of the network, the remaining battery life on your phone, and any other information that is critical to your safety.

When we do things like going to unfamiliar areas, walking home alone, meeting a stranger, or getting a taxi late at night, we open ourselves up to the possibility of being put in dangerous situations. This is particularly true for women. In the year 2021, almost everyone has a smartphone, which means the device may serve as our first line of defense.

You may have security and peace of mind by designating persons in your life whom you trust to be your Guardians and by letting them know where you are at all times.

My SafetiPin

MySafetiPin is a personal safety app that allows you to make secure decisions about your movement based on the safety score of the location. The app uses GPS location to collect your real-time location and provides peace of mind by giving you personalized safety scores for every place you visit and possible alternative peaceful routes. SafetiPin is a service that women can use to keep themselves safe, in ways never before possible.

In the age of #metoo, safety should and can be trusted to the people. My SafetiPin is a new way to detect the level of security in any location and offer guidance for a safe escape route.

With the app you’re able to put a call through to close contacts in an emergency, you can make calls quickly to your loved ones with just one tap. If a woman is walking home alone at night, she can use this app to send out a call for help to her loved ones and let them know where she is. This application also has features like lighting, open areas to carry out a safety audit.

The app uses GPS, motion sensors, and a variety of sensors to detect the security level of your location. You also get an address of the nearest safe location as well as an evacuation plan in different languages including English.

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SOS Alert Mobile App

Sos Alert Widget

When you’re out on the street, you need to be able to reach out to your emergency contacts. SOS Alert is an app that connects you with your emergency contacts and enables you to reach out for help when you’re facing danger.

Which app is best for Girl’s Safety?

According to reliable online sources such as Hongkiat and Kiiky, these are the best personal safety mobile apps for women.

  • Letstrack
  • Rescuer
  • Microsoft Family Safety
  • Personal Safety (By Google)
  • Noonlight
  • SoSecure
  • SOS button
  • CitizenCop
  • Shake2Safety
  • Sheroes
  • WanderSafe Safetyp App
  • UrSafe
  • Smart24×7
  • bSafe
  • Sister
  • Guardians
  • My SafetiPin
  • Raksha
  • Life360
  • Sekura
  • Women Safety
  • SOS

Is there an app for personal safety?

Bsafe, Personal safety, and Guardian are some of the best and most popular safety mobile apps.

A personal safety app on Android is a software tool that helps you to stay safe. It can help you track your phone and be notified when it is stolen or lost, or it can help you keep track of your location. You can also use these apps to find nearby restaurants and shops or even get emergency assistance.

Personal safety apps are designed to make your life easier by giving you access to the information that is important to you while keeping your private data confidential. There are many different types of personal safety apps available for Android devices, but they all have one thing in common – they are designed to make your life safer by providing useful information and tools that will help keep you safe from harm.

Many people are using personal safety apps on their Android phones. These apps are designed to make sure that you are safe from different kinds of dangers.

Which Mobile app can provide emergency alerts during international travel?

bsafe mobile security app is exposed to over 125 countries in the world.

International travel is an entirely different ball game. There are many apps that can provide emergency alerts during international travel. Some of them are ones listed on this page, but they may not be available to use in all countries of the world. So before traveling you may want to find out about the mobile safety app that is working in the country that you’re planning to visit.

How do I protect myself as a girl at night?

In order to be protected from abuse and any form of criminality against the girl child, girls should avoid being out at night. This is because they are more vulnerable to crime when they are alone. They should also be careful about the people around them and their surroundings.

In order to protect themselves as girls at night, it is important for them to be aware of the people around them and their surroundings. They should be cautious of how they dress and how they carry themselves and make sure that they always have a form of identification on hand in case something were to happen.

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