Best Mechanical Engineering Career Path

Mechanical Engineering Career Path
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Mechanical engineering is arguably the most lucrative field in engineering. This evergreen nature equally means more and better job opportunities than other fields of engineering.

With the career goldmine in mechanical engineering, of course, you won’t expect it to come cheap. That’s why millions of students worldwide seeking admission into top colleges for mechanical engineering go through tough tests.

Graduates in mechanical engineering get the chance to choose from a wide range of career opportunities. However, before we discuss some of the lucrative career paths in this field, let’s look at the meaning of mechanical engineering and what a mechanical engineer does.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is the study of energy, force, and motion. One would think it should be complicated than this, but this is essentially the fundamental basis of mechanical engineering.

What do They Do?

A mechanical engineer’s typical job is to devise a way to control and implement energy, force, and motion using human, material, and economic resources. Their job is essentially to provide mechanical solutions to meet the needs of society. Now we have a broad scope of their activities, let’s look in detail, some of these activities;

·         Research and Development

This involves carrying out a detailed research and finding innovative solutions to solve problems in society.

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·         Manufacturing

It’s no doubt that mechanical engineers play pivotal roles in manufacturing. They are tasked with developing a variety of tools and machines that facilitates mass production. They’re usually expected to draft all the manufacturing processes, paying attention to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

·         Product Design

Product designing is another crucial role being played by a mechanical engineer. It has to do with the plan and design of products ranging from complex biomedical devices to larger products like vehicles and combustion engines. They are essentially responsible for producing the schematics to be used in manufacturing products.

Career Paths in Mechanical Engineering

Below is some career path a mechanical engineer would fit in after getting a degree in college.

·         Mechanical Engineer

Of course, directly working in the mechanical engineering field is a straightforward career option for any graduate in this field. Not necessarily the most lucrative, because salary may differ depending on your location.

This is the mainstream path for every mechanical engineer. A mechanical engineer serves as an innovative creator, specialized in the design and development of mechanical devices.

Their sole job is to create new mechanical objects like automotive parts, air conditioners, and other related items. They do all these with the constant push for efficiency in energy consumption of the created machine while optimizing production costs.

·         Industrial Engineer

This is also another field suitable for a mechanical engineer. The most important objective of an industrial engineer is optimizing efficiency. They do this by applying mathematical and mechanical engineering knowledge to solve problems faced in the manufacturing process. They can also work in sectors like healthcare, transportation, or human resource management.

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·         Biomedical Engineer

For a mechanical engineer, pursuing a career in biomedical engineering is possible. Biomedical engineering is a hybrid career option for health care and engineering graduates.

Their role is to develop new medical devices and implement technology to improve the health sector. The development of prosthetic limbs and HVAC are good examples of the possible applications.

·         Technician in Mechanical Engineering

Their job is to assist the main mechanical engineers. They are likely to handle tasks like design, drafting, data analysis, and report preparation.

Final Words

There are so many career paths for engineering majors, and the list can be endless. If you’re a confident and committed student, pursuing a mechanical engineering career is a great choice.

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