10 Best Logo Design Software (Online & Offline)

Hatchful Logo Maker Free Online By Shopify

The appearance of a business logo is as important as the quality of the product and service the business has to offer. This is why the price of hiring a freelance graphics designer to create one, can more often than not cost the profit you would make from two sales or gigs.

For design professionals, it’s easy to choose from the best graphic design software, as it can be used for other design projects. However, for non-professional designers, picking the best logo design software to use for branding your business can be overwhelming — being a one-time task you don’t want to choose a tool that’s too expensive or might be overkill, while you still want something looking professional enough to suit your business.

While that’s the case, these days there are numerous software and tools out there today that can help create a professional logo for your brand at a reasonable price, sometimes even free, but picking the best to use out of them can be another challenge especially if you’ve had little or no graphics design experience.

In this guide, we’ve handpicked and highlighted the best logo design software and tools you can use to design a logo for your start-up business, or even as a freelancer. Some of these logo designers are applications, some entirely web-based, there’s also the addition of a couple of crowdsourcing platforms, and others even AI — guaranteed to give the best designs regardless of your skill level in graphics designing.

That being said, if you’re a professional, beginner, or enthusiast who wishes to dive into the creative world of graphics design, you can check out our list of the best graphic design software you can use.

We have also, at the end of this guide included some things to consider before eventually picking a particular logo designer option over the other, to further reduce the chances of picking a tool you wouldn’t give up to 4.5 stars after use.


Vectr Graphic Design Tool

This vector-based graphic design software is often regarded as the easiest tool to use for logo design by beginners and occasional users. Being vector-based, all logos created are scalable without having the issue of blur effects as seen with raster graphics designers. As seen from the interface, the software was designed to satisfy the needs of designers on any level, making a perfect all-round choice for logo designs. Vectr is free and available on multiple platforms; web and desktop.

Although the program is generally criticized by some professional designers as lacking enough tools to handle extensive projects, it still possesses just enough tools to handle a standard logo design. Because it’s a free tool, there are not many complaints provided it’s able to get basic stuff done.


  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Very easy to learn
  • Support for collaborative projects


  • Absence of some complex functions available on software like Illustrator or Gravit designer

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer Graphics Software Cover Photo

Ideally, when selecting a designing software, it’s always preferred to pick one that produces vector images and supports SVG. However, a raster graphics tool can also be the first choice to handle complex designs as seen with Photoshop. Designers often face this problem of selecting the best graphic design software to handle projects, especially with the issue of the subscription — it’s absurd to subscribe to two designing tools when you can’t use both at the same time.

This issue, however, is completely solved with the development of Affinity Designer by Serif Labs. Being tagged as “the illustrator alternative”, it’s living up to expectations as it has all the functionalities necessary to produce professional graphics designs including logos. While that’s the case, it only costs $50 for a lifetime user license — quite the bargain considering you’ll be equipped with both raster and vector graphics functionalities.


  • Compactible with other logo design software
  • Customizable pen strokes for unlike branding


  • There’s no object blend yet

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer

Having vector-based graphic design software with an online and desktop version can be very handy for users who regularly work on-the-go. This is the case for designers who chose to use Gravit (an HTML based software) for their logo design projects. This software is great for the hobbyist, as it has a free version that contains all the basic tools and features needed to design any type of logo. Although, you’ll have to go pro if you choose to have access to some high-end functionality.

The free version of Gravit is equipped well enough to handle design projects like logos, icons, illustrations, and other on-screen/display designs — which is just what you need for branding your business.


  • Customizable user interface
  • Cross-platform support
  • Bezigon tool makes creating curved icons easier


  • There’s no real-time collaborative support for group design projects.


Features - Canva

Unlike being a jack of all trades like those two above, Canva is a powerful online tool focussing its strength on the development and creation of excellent logo designs. It’s drag and drop interface makes it a great tool for anyone without design experience to create a logo within minutes.

Canva is very easy to use — users only need to enter some parameters like brand name and industry before the algorithm automatically suggests a template from the library containing over 50000 professional logo templates. Customizations can be done to templates to suit your taste — including inserting pictures from your local gallery.

The software has a free and paid version which is available across platforms including mobile. The free version doesn’t imply significant trade-offs, all templates are available to be used in high resolution.


  • Very easy to use, and experience with graphic design is not needed.
  • Templates are of high quality


  • Not suitable for print designs


Hatchful Logo Maker Free Online By Shopify

Hatchful logo maker is Shopify’s contribution to the logo design-space; a logo design software that doesn’t require its user to have experience with graphics design before they can create awesome logos. It’s essentially a drag and drop tool that allows users to create nice logos with high-quality pictures.

On launch, you’re greeted with a slick interface that allows you to choose the category of business that needs a logo. A plethora of logo layouts will be displayed, and you can then insert your business name, and slogan (if necessary).

Finally, you chose the logo that you find more appealing to your business brand. You can also tweak each template or finished logo to suit your specific design needs. Other than that, logos created by the automated method is of a considerable standard to launch any business.


  • It’s free to use
  • Cross-platform support


  • Not enough customization tools
  • Won’t perform well for most print designs


GIMP 2.10.22 Released with Major File Format Improvements - OMG! Ubuntu!

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), is a free and open-source image editor. It’s an efficient graphic design tool capable of handling projects on photography, illustration, web design, logos, and more. Being open-source, it’s software that’s equipped with different plugins to enhance functionality and increase efficiency in the workspace.

GIMP addresses the needs of all levels of designers, as it’s free which is welcome by occasional users, and supports the use of plugins to enable professionals to handle advanced projects. Its automotive interface makes it an ideal logo designer for beginners and users with very little experience with design software.


  • Plugin supported
  • Free to use, and cross-platform


  • Aside from waiting for updates from the development community, there are not many problems with this tool when used for logo designs.


Inkscape for Mac. Download Free [Latest Version] macOS

Back to some more multipurpose vector-based graphic design software that can be used for logo creation; we have Inkscape which can be used for a variety of design projects, and not just for logo designs.

The level of functionality might make one consider it excessive if used for just logo design projects, but considering it’s free open-source software, the issue is pretty much hard to see because you’re not paying a cent to use it.

Being a vector design tool, it supports SVG making it ideal to not only create onscreen logos, but flyers, cards, and even large banners. It works on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, and Web) making it useable by anyone with a PC, although you would have to take some time learning how the interface works if you have no experience with graphic design software.


  • Plugins are supported
  • Extensive design and editing tools


  • Might experience some lags while working
  • Not ideal for amateurs who just want to make a one-time logo design

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark Review: Create a Website For Free. We Find Out If It's Worth  It. - WhoIsHostingThis.com

The Adobe group has been a significant force in the graphics design world for over 3 decades, and it’s expected to be no different when it’s niched down to logo designs.

The software representing here, however, is Adobe Spark; a designing software for creating images, short videos, and web pages. Not being an Adobe flagship, like Illustrator or Photoshop, means it’s also not a pocket digger as you’re not tied to monthly subscriptions on the Creative Cloud Suite — Adobe Sparks costs $60 for a yearly subscription plan.

Focusing its strengths on social medial branding, Adobe Sparks is the perfect tool to create images and videos advertising your brand. There are endless numbers of customizable templates (for videos and images) to choose from, although not all are completely free, the free ones available for trials are quite good for most design tasks.


  • Intuitive editing interface
  • The very short learning curve


  • You have to pay to get the best templates
  • Some editing functionality doesn’t work on all templates.


How to create Pro Logos with Designhill Logo Maker (AI logo maker)

DesignHill is originally known as a crowdsourcing platform — a website where people go to purchase readymade designs for their projects/businesses or run contests by writing a design brief and designers compete to produce the best designs, then they select what’s the best appeal to them.

However, what would interest you is its AI-powered tool that gives you the ability to create professional logo designs even without prior design experience.

You only need to enter some parameters like business name, logo style, and colour palette, and it renders hundreds of great options. Parts of the automatically generated designs can also be edited to further suit your taste if necessary, and all designs are reviewable on brandable objects like business cards, signboards, flags, etc.

Each finished logo costs from $20 to download, and up to $65 for high-end file types and formats.


  • Very easy to use
  • Variety of designs to choose from, including custom made options when you run contests


  • You need to pay more for the vector graphics file of completed designs

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands Review: Best Logo Maker With Multiple Logo Ideas

Tailor Brands is an online platform founded in 2014 to bring branding solutions to small businesses and start-ups. It is integrated with an AI logo design tool just like Deign Hill, but with other add-ons like print and social media.

Users with no design experience can create professional logos in minutes; just by entering the business name and other relevant details, and allowing the AI designer to do its job.

Trying out designs is free, and you only pay when you get a design that suits your needs and that of your business. Final designs can be gotten in high-resolution formats, or vector file formats depending on your subscription plans.

Designs are also made to fit into other brandable stuff like cards, T-shirts, up to even social media posts.


  • Tailor brand is web-based, meaning it can be used on any device anywhere to create quick professional logos
  • Finished logos can also be tweaked to further satisfy your design tastes.


  • Some keyword details are usually not added to the finished design

Things to Consider Before Picking a Logo Design Software

Well if you’re graphics design-savvy, and you wonder why the big names like Adobe Illustrator, or CorelDraw were ignored in this article, you’re about to find out.

There are hundreds of logo design software and tools out there, and generally, any graphics design software is sure to be on the list. However, there comes a time where they can’t all fit in and are regarded as an excellent pick for logo design or any branding project, especially when it’s for a start-up brand.

Picking the perfect tool, however, goes down to achieving your professional logo design needs without overstepping into overkill — having this balance, gives you the perfect logo designer or branding tool. Below are factors to consider before picking a logo designing software for your branding projects:

Pricing Plan

It’s all about balancing the budget — choosing a logo designer with a significant price tag might seem high-end, but it’s not necessary if your enterprise is still operating on a start-up level. Also, if you intend to DIY, it’s always advisable to choose software with little or no costs attached.

Professionals, on the other hand, can go for more premium logo makers or graphics designers considering most clients must have tried out other cheaper options before contacting them.

Features and Functionality

Well, this is a no-brainer — if you’re going to use a specific logo for all your branded items, it’s usually advised to go with a vector graphics designer or a logo maker that can generate vector images so your design is scalable without losing quality.

Choosing a raster graphics tool will mean having to redesign with different resolutions every time you want to fit the logo in a new frame to help you maintain picture quality.

Your Experience Level

Of course, you are the user, you should know what suits your style — it’s often advised not to choose a software or tool based on the reviews done by people not on your skill level, especially if you intend to design yourself.

Ideally, you want a logo design tool that’s easy to use, say something with a drag and drop functionality, or a completely AI design tool. Professionals, however, can opt for more advanced tools like Illustrator or CorelDraw for logo creation.

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