11 Best Lightweight CMSs To Create Websites (2022)

11 Best Lightweight Cmss To Create Websites In 2022

So many content management systems (CMS) exist that offer various services ranging from simple tasks to complicated ones. Your choice of CMS depends on the kind of website you want to create and how simple or complicated you want the website to be.

There are indeed a lot of high features websites that handle all sorts of tasks in the content creation market, but sometimes it is better to avoid the complex and sophisticated CMS, especially when you’re dealing with simple task websites.

10 best lightweight CMS to create a website in 2022

Though Lightweight CMS platforms are not designed  for advanced content creation experience, they are usually equipped with all required tools to manage a complete content development cycle and lightweight websites.

In this article, I’ve drafted 10 best lightweight CMS to create a website in 2022.

Grav. CMS

Grav Cms

Grav. is the short term to calling gravity. Grav is a lightweight content management system that focuses on simplicity and speed rather than providing complex inbuilt features. Working with Grav for your content creations can be fun because Grav is versatile. It is also good at boosting creativity. Though Grav is a lightweight CMS it can still carry out other simple and complex tasks.

Grav won the best voted flat file in 2017, 2019, and 2020. But to properly use grav, you need to master markdown. Grav is free, open-sourced, and self-hosted. It has no database but supports amazing plugins that make configuration and content creation easy.

Why you should choose grav.

It has;

  • Enjoyable content creation
  • Onclick installs
  • Stellar performance
  • Easy theme customization
  • Powerful content filtering
  • Dynamic content types
  • Multi-language support
  • Simple backups and restores
  • Image media processing


Cushy CMS

Cushy Cms

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The cushy Content management system is a very simple and lightweight system that facilitates editing and management of contents of websites, articles, blogs, pages. Cushy CMS makes the addition of editing functionality and editing management to any website very easy. It also has an easy-to-use, simple interface that makes using the application quite easy for a content manager.

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Why you should choose cushy CMS

  • Easy to install as there are no web hosting and application installation.
  • Works on already existing websites, as you can easily edit and manage already existing websites just by adding the site to cushy CMS
  • Easy to understand and simple to use
  • Very fast and versatile
  • Highly flexible in the hands of the content creator
  • Websites can be very easily updated, altered by Cushy CMS.
  • Values its privacy
  • The website owner is in total control.
  • Produces standard-compliant search engine with friendly content
  • Cushy can be expensive especially if it is used by just a website. Other more exciting features of cushy are reserved for premium subscribers which could be about $28 monthly.


Pico CMS

Pico Cms

Pico is a simple and fast flat-file CMS that makes your content creation and web maintenance stress-free. Pico uses markdown formatting to handle its content and content editing. Pico CMS also host very few plugins and has twig templates for its themes.

Why Pico?

  • Stupidly simple
  • Blazing fast
  • Has no database
  • Uses Markdown formatting
  • Has twig templates
  • Opensource under MIT license.



Drupal Cms

Drupal is one of the best lightweight CMS for building the best working websites. Drupal might not be so easy to learn. I mean, it may not be as easy to use as other lightweight CMS, but once learned, you’ll enjoy using it more than anything else. Drupal can perform some sophisticated tasks like controlling the entire page hierarchies and URL structures.

Drupal is open-sourced, and It has so many content management tools and sophisticated APIs for multichannel publishing. Drupal is usually the plug for most web developers.

Why Drupal?

Secure and protect users

Perform tasks under pressure

Allow seamless translations

Allow accessible content to the widest possible audience

Turn customer data into one-to-one customer experience, and so on


CMS made simple

Cms Made Simple

If you need a lightweight CMS to build your website, then CMS Made Simple may just be what you need.

CMS made simple just as the name implies is a simple-to-use, simple-to-manage content management system. It is built to help editors maintain and update their site quickly and easily from anywhere with a internet. 

  CSS Search Toggle

CMS made easy supports few plugins and is written in PHP and driven by a MySQL database. Other features of CMS made easy include

  • Up to date
  • Highly secure
  • Consistent between platforms
  • User friendly
  • Highly expandable
  • Design freedom
  • Powerful add-ons
  • Open-source


Bolt CMS

Bolt Cms

Bolt CMS is a completely open-source CMS that helps in building and running modern websites. It has a clean user-friendly design. It is as well very fast and focused.

Though bolt CMS has lesser features as compared to other CMSs, it is still a good option for completing the less sophisticated task in web development, designing, and management.


  • Symfony 5 extensions
  • Twig templates
  • Built-in internationalization
  • Out of the box API
  • Dummy content
  • Best rich content editors
  • Open-source
  • Easy content creation
  • Simple development


Pagekit CMS

Pagekit Pagekit A New Modern Cms To Create And Share Intuitive. Modular. Flexible.

Do you want to create a beautiful website for your blog or your company’s website, employ the most capable hand for the job, page kit CMS?

Pagekit is an open-source, lightweight CMS, highly intuitive, modular, and flexible that creates a clean and smooth running website. Because the Pagekit CMS was built with vue.js, it is somewhat fast. Creating content is made easier with an included HTML & Markdown editor with the ability to preview changes in real-time.


  • Symfony components
  • Simple user interface
  • Built-in marketplace
  • Open-source CMS built with awesome libraries
  • User interface powered by vue.js, the best JavaScript
  • Theme and theme extension supported with Ulkit framework.


October CMS

October Php Cms Platform Based On The Laravel Framework

October is a simple self-hosted CMS based on the Laravel PHP framework. October CMS uses Markup to manipulate templates, while the system uses Twig.

In October CMS, there are nice collections of free plugins and themes. October CMS handles carefully all approach to website creation and content development.

Why you should choose October CMS

  • A Content Management System that fits your tech stack.
  • Easy to learn
  • Time-saving
  • Keep clients happy

October CMS has a series of the plan which include

Pay as you go: free to sign up, but cost $19 per license

  • Bronze: $87/year
  • Silver: $240/year
  • Gold: $1,397/year


Page lime CMS

Pagelime Cms

Page lime is a hosted Content Management System (CMS) for designers, web agencies, and web developers. It allows you to manage text, images, and documents on your site by logging into a web app that is hosted on our servers. The easy-going CMS helps you quickly set up your website with minimal or no stress

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Pagelime CMS have up to 500000+ website templates, many icon sets, theme and design assets, and so on. With page lime CMS, you as a web designer are totally in control of all processes. You can decide to set your website to any form. You can rebrand the same website for reselling too.

Unlike many other sophisticated CMS, PageLime CMS can let your customers easily create, edit, and publish their pages.


Couch CMS


CouchCMS is a free and simple open-source content management system to be used for website development and designing. CMS is very easy to use as there is no need for coding knowledge. Couch CMS uses a database, so the installation may require some configurations.


  • No Knowledge Of Php Expected
  • Your Markup Remains Untouched
  • Clients love the simple admin panel
  • Simple But Not For Only Simple Sites!
  • Time-tested And Secure.
  • Open Source And Free


Inline CMS

Inlinecms Inline Editing Drag'n'drop Cms

Inline CMS makes creating and managing your website easier than ever before. With its built-in support for HTML and CSS templates, you can take any design and create a complete website without any coding required. Simply select the editable regions of your template, and start editing right away using the easy drag-n-drop editor. You’ll be able to build a complete site in no time!


  • Quickly customise your HTML lose page designs in one place
  • No coding required
  • Determine editable regions
  • Drag and drop inuitive editor
  • Quickly edit exisitng HTML templates
  • No backend, no databases. 
  • Multilingual
  • Free for personal Use.


Bottom line

Not every website development needs cumbersome CMS. Some less sophisticated websites can be created using any of the lightweight CMS that has been carefully explained above.

Though issues may arise from pricing, features, how easy or difficult the task they can carry out, but all these form the basis of your comparison and choice.

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